Wednesday, 17 December 2008

update lerr

Mel text me just now and asking me to update my blog. It almost a month from my last entry. I had one interview which i guess i didn't make it. Then I failed to get what I want in KL. I dont have much choice left. There are rumors KL will be badly hit next year. Since we live in state of speculation it could be true. It used to be true at least.
Most likely I'll still be here. I just agreed to be here and my superior in Dubai promised me something new for my career. To good to be true but let's see how it goes. Let me cool down for a while, so I could sort things properly. Mel is expecting by end of January, my sister and brother in law are getting married. I need to be back and most importantly I have to be by Mel's side. Mel keeps on talking to our baby to wait for me. Mel went to Pantai Cheras last week to see 3d ultra sound. Prof at HUKM too busy to get that fancy machine. Anyhow we still prefer him as he knows details of Mel. She went there just to see Amyrah. The doctor said the baby would be a girl ;-). It doesn't matter as long the baby is healthy and cukup sifat semua. InshaAllah. Mel started to buy everything in pink. I bought a couple of stuff at Carter's sale last week.
Once decided to be here, I called my ayah, to get his restu to continue my life here. he keeps on insisting me to be back. He seemed not happy at the beginning, then I called him again to cheer him up. I used to do that to my late mom. sob sob sob. We chatted for quite sometime; talking on kakak's wedding preparation, living cost at Grik as the price of rubber is going down hell. It reached RM4 ++ once, now it is arond RM1. Then he passed the phone to my adik, and we just rambling. she convinced me to pass over her sister allowance to her instead. This little girl is like a princess in the family. Everybody in the family knows her well. There will be special entry for her later HaHaHa. i cannot tease her much, else she will scream loudly and the last resort she will use the father.
After many times having teething problem with Mel on our parents to be status, we finally agreed to be called ABI and MOMMY. no change on mommy side as mel insisted to be called that way. She wanted me to be called DADDY which i rejected it for some reason. the reason coming from Padang Jeri I guess ;-), Then Ayah, Abah, Papa wasn't endorsed by Mel, and suddenly Zapri came into picture. His daughters called him Abi. at first i didnt know what supposed to mean. HaHa. Hey studying or living in arab country doesn't make u any better in arabic LOL. Anyway Abi and Mommy is kind of match. Deal closed!!
will update u more if i have something in store :P

Monday, 24 November 2008

spice up yr life!!

dah nak bersawang? eh blom lagi.
i donno what to write. There's no color in my life lately. After 6 years of waiting, i miss the moments. I dont feel my baby is kicking. Only Mommy keeps on updating me. How many kicks for today? Perhaps I will feel at the last bit.
To be frank since last august, everything runs smoothly and once in a while there is a hick up which u can easily swept away. I have been here for 2 years and basically I'm pretty happy what God gives me. Now I'm thinking to move on. I couldn't be like this for the rest of my life or just simply follow the flow. I have to chart my future, work and pray for it. I have a big dream which is not easy for me to achieve, so at this particular moment I have something that I have been hoarding for my career advancement. I keep on looking and hunting now. KL office is not eager to have me for other posts. Just back to old post and doing the same crap just bring me nowhere. In 2 weeks time they will renew the contract here, and if things do not go well i just need to abide and keep on hunting the best possibilities back home. Yeah.. pray for me as I have one call interview from KL this week and hopefully everything will go well and will keep me going. It's a challenging job but I believe everybody can do it if they have the chance to do it.
Mel decided to stop working for at least another 1 1/2 years if I back to KL. She plans to take care and breastfeed the baby. It sounds good isn't it. I'm happy for her too. It just that I need to earn a little bit more, so there will be no money issue. Crap if you say money is not important. at least you have to maintain what you have now. Of course I couldn't expect to get the same amount like here and we got to be rational if we decide to be back. Mel as usual is a long supporting wife really understand me. She won't ask something beyond me. HaHa, so I guess "Guess" is the best brand in KL. Forget "coach" and never dream of LV or Burberry :P Unless your husband has a fat wallet.
We will keep the same car and the same house.. Living in KL is not bad at all.. Let's pray.

Friday, 7 November 2008


This was in my email, could be helpful to us. As a precaution kindly check with the doctor.


Lady Finger for Diabetes

Note: This is a mail which I have received from a friend and do not know any one who has tried the following remedy. Though you will learn, it is not harmful,

mail by: alpha-Q group

Please note that another name for Lady Finger (Bhindi ) is " OKRA ".

Last month in one of TV program I learnt of a treatment of Sugar
(Diabetes). Since I am diabetic, I tried it and it was very useful and my
Sugar is in control now. In fact I have already reduced my medicine.

Take two pieces of Lady Finger (Bhindi) and remove/cut both ends of each
piece. Also put a small cut in the middle and put these two pieces in
glass of water. Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature during
night. Early morning, before breakfast simply remove two pieces of lady
finger (bhindi) from the glass and drink that water.

Keep doing it on daily basis.

Within two weeks, you will see remarkable results in reduction of your

My sister has got rid of her diabetes. She was on Insulin for a few
years, but after taking the lady fingers every morning for a few months,
she has stopped Insulin but continues to take the lady fingers every
day. But she chops the lady fingers into fine pieces in the night, adds
the water and drinks it all up the next morning. Please. try it as it
will not do you any harm even if it does not do much good to you, but U
have to keep taking it for a few months before U see results, as most
cases might be chronic.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

new visa ruling

I visited UK once, and 3 times to EU. It is a privilege holding Malaysian passport as we did not require any visa to be there.

Frequent traveler would be more happy because they could save the pages.
Now, Malaysia is in their final attempt to convince UK, not to impose a Visa towards us. As accommodating Malaysian :P we will not retaliate if they still wanna impose a visa for Malaysians.

It would be a big loss to Malaysian because there is concern EU may follow suit.

Should we blame overstayers and the counterfeiters?

Thursday, 30 October 2008

i'm just plain gullible

it is very sad day when you came to know you just plain gullible. It's very hard to get over it but I always believe time will heal.

I have learnt my lessons....

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


it's nearly end of october and this is the first entry :-)
after spending all my time catching up with my old friends at MRSM Penang, iTTM, MMU and our close friend in Doha via facebook, i slowly forgetting my blog. This is not fair HeHe.
Fesbuking indeed the best thing to do. I don't really enjoy with those embedded applications there but my interest is to see the old friends and keeping close to a newfound friend here. Once the pictures uploaded, loads of comments would be there and we had fun over it.
Seriously, some of my friends back in mrsm penang, changed tremendously. We could notice them by the old pictures only. Then by keeping all your pictures and caption here, will not worry you in case of hard disk failure ;-). Those will be your "down memory lane"...
anyway, i just back in Qatar. i had my 2 weeks++ holidays, although i got to work remotely for a couple of days :P. I didn't manage to see all families and friends and sorry for that. We planned it very well and that the best thing I could do.
Politics? sept 16 and Oct 15 is over. I guess we could forget Anwar to become PM. I doubt he has the numbers. It's better for him to concentrate on 5 opposition states instead. The whole world is going down now and hopefully Malaysia is resilient enough to face this bearish economy.
It is good that fuel price was dropped to 2.30 although malaysian expecting more. unfortunately, the increased goods will not go down anymore. Raising fuel price will cause domino effect but bring it down will not change anything. too bad.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hello, haziran!

Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces, and measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato. The hair on her scalp is sprouting. This is a crucial time for sensory development: Your baby's brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she may be able to hear your voice now, so don't be shy about reading aloud, taking to her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you.

>> Read more about this week

A new malaysia and ISA.

I can't wait to embrace a new Malaysia, and I'm eager to see for the first time in life, Malaysia will be ruled by opposition. I would be very glad if it happens in a few more days. no more dragging. we have to save our country indeed. If it not happens in a month from now, something is rotten here, and those people up there regardless of what party they belong to must think of "rakyat" and the country. Enough said..
Then on ISA issue, out of three, Teresa Kok should be punished somehow. She did cross the line. A picture says a thousand word. If you looked at a few emails picturing her taken out the "jawi" wording from the street name is enough to spark the fire. Hey, it's not arabic. It is JAWI, and one of malay heritage. My father preferred jawi rather than "rumi". Then you tried to revoke it from us. No way!! I'm sorry for you because you can't say No to racism. You just spoilt the DAP when malays started to believe in your party. Luckily Guan Eng quite good for now to save the boat :P
There is a need for ISA to be reviewed... Thoroughly studied must be done again.

Monday, 8 September 2008


I feel mentally tired and leading a very boring life...........
How to get over it?????

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Hubungan jarak jauh

I talked to Mel yesterday and she looks happy dwelling in Ampang now :P. Her mom cooks for her two times a day, and her dad will make sure the food fits her appetite. She went to Konikuya to get a few books and all had been read. Then her sister brought her to one shop at central market where she could rent a book at the price of RM4, and she grabbed 12.
Just now I received an email from her informing me that she wanted to go to Pavillion with her sister. I advised her not to take a long stroll. I read from, she supposed start talking to the baby now since she's in her 4th month. I opened her closet here, and I could see her books nicely packed and I smiled. I tried to read one, but I have no passion when I came to know I got to finish off 300++ pages. I slept after a few pages and did not remember anything. Sometimes I read the same line a few times and tried to imagine what the author intended to say, and in the end the book would be watching me. Suffice to say, I'm not an art person and won't be.
I guess it will be good for my baby, because her mom loves to read, and a movie maniac. She shared the same interest as my nephew, watching Anime, reading MANGGA (anime comic), and never missed CONAN. in terms of this, she has not grown up HaHa. Most likely she will enjoy the hobbies with the baby soon :P
On the other hand, I'm leading a boring life and never found one good hobby. excite first and easily get bored. That was why when were alone, I would disturb her until she got annoyed just because she was busy reading novels and I had nothing to do. I used to fall asleep besides her, then she started teasing me back.
Luckily at this moment the dawgs keep myself busy. We went to Zubara fort last week and we plan to go to banana island tomorrow.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting bored..

It almost 2 weeks Mel being away from me. Being alone is not easy lah especially when it comes to "nak tidur" part. after 30 years plus breathing in this world, I've got to admit that I'm still afraid of the dark, although i never seen what was in the dark and i'm not interested to know or to see it. hahaha. When i'm alone, i just switch on all lights. I don't mind paying more bills as long as i can sleep well. It may sounds funny but that's the fact that i've got to treasure it. I hate it so much :P
Since "Own" is in Qatar, and recently zapri came over here, i invited them to stay at my house. once in a while they back to their house to get some stuff. there are two rooms only so one of them got to sleep at the living hall. I provided a very nice duvet to zapri so he would not complaint and stay there until he gets to fly off to Algeria :P
Now, i could sleep well without turning on any lights in my room :-)
Since they are here, it just reminded us in college times. everyday, each of us will take turn to shower, and go to work together. Just like we went to lecture hall. back home, starts finding food, now the food is better than last time :P. Since we have wifi, everybody just stay on the internet. Own will talk to his gf where else zapri will call his wife and daugthers over skype. I used to call mel 4 times a day when i was alone, but now i just sms or writing email at least once a day. I haven't uploaded the money into my skype or yahoo account and my 013 was barred, so i couldn't call Mel. Then she text me that she was disappointed because i was not bothered to check on her. HeHe. Sorry mommy, you know that every single minute i'm thinking of you and our baby :-)
Came to office, I would see another malaysian here. syam started to ads his x-trail because he plans to rent a car instead. Once you start renting the car, you are planning to return home actually. Then we talked about 2 of our colleagues started counting down to fly back for good. Indirectly it demotivates you to continue your life here. Then you start thinking and it does make sense. "kaya" is too subjective. Some people might having a good life, living in a big bungalow and driving a luxury car, but the fact they don't have cash in hands at the end of the month. Still they are enjoying their life before they die. Then there are some people that having a lot of money in bank and afraid to spend it wisely then he dies. Ruginya. because he can't afford to spend his money. Pity him. What am I thinking right now?
I'm thinking of settling all my debts back home. do not buy new house or car! Save some comfortable amount in bank or trust fund and let it grow. Then just spend any amount you earn every month happily. I won't be rich then but at least I have no debt. One thing for sure, once a year i need to spend my holiday with families. Since I failed to be a pilot so the countries I have been to quite limited compared to them. Still I managed to cover all continents but America. Now I'm planning to go there in 2010. Hopefully by then I will know someone there so i could pay them a visit HaHaHa. I heard they treat you badly at the immigration but it's OK i guess. I bet at least it's better than Africa :P
Guys, if you are thinking to work or do your phD there just let me know....

Anwar make sure you win, become PM and cut the petrol price 50 sen. Now people don't care lah, u did it or not. Sex is common for "org org besar" cuma depa find woman only. Dosa? depa pun berdosa. what's the big deal. You have my faith because tok guru Nik Aziz and Dato Harun Din are supporting you.

I was bored just now, and i took a look at this link...
our cina-melayu friend kawin... adrian and zaini.
i still remember the day adrian came to my kampung and snap everthing inside. my kampung toilet also was put on net :P. teruk betul mamat ni.

check their link here. u will love it.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


As planned, we had a farewell dinner for Mel on 14th after Maghrib. Main course:
1. Nasi Ayam
2. Bihun (or meehun?) goreng
3. Air sirap kenduri

Those prepared by our caterer. Kak Ika. Guys since you like it, just contact her directly if you want to use her service. The price is affordable.

Haris family and dila's were the first and I was away to get a few packs of small bottle of mineral water. The event was jovial. People came and started having their meal. Ohhh I forgot to ask someone to recite doa makan at least. Too bad. But God knows my intention.
I did not able to snap everyone in the picture. Sorry for that. I tried to upload those into my facebook but failed. I will try again at home. Mel was in happy mood, although she just had fried bihun. She still couldn't smell ayam. But seriuously this nasi ayam could sell well at pasar malam. If you market well. most likely it could beat "chicken rice shop" HeHeHe. This tiny size of my apartment at last could fit more than 60 people at one time.
The event ended before 12, and we went out for coffee. Back to flat at 2.00 am and slept at 4 just right after Subuh. Then on Friday, we woke up quite late, and spent most of our time at home. "own" had to stay too because I put him on leash. Dila came over to had a chat with Mel. Not to disturb them having mommy chat, so me and "own" went out for a while. Once back, mommies still gossipping. Hehe. a few minutes later, Dila left.
We went to the mall after maghrib, and zul joined. we headed to Jasmin house for another get-together event. We decided to go a bit late because we didn't know so much people there. there were a lot of "oil and gas" people. Headed to souq al wakif and had super duper ice cream. Then went to malaysian restaurant which is 2 blocks away and joined the crowd for Karaoke. I had no guts to sing there although some of them just a par with me HaHaHa. "Own" and Zarul sang a few numbers.
Back home, start packing the bag for Mel. and we weight the bag. it turned out to be wrong reading because the outside scale was in pounds. 20 kilo lost!!
then.... staurday came at last. Send Mel to airport and a few pictures taken with her. I kissed her left and right and bubyye.... mom-to-be already home by now :P

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Padang Jeri

While googling, I found this

mcm tak percaya, ada portal for my kampung.
I could see my ayah's name is there. pengerusi masjid and pegawai imam 2 hehe

cool cool

4 more days (sigh)

4 more days to go.. (sigh)
Mel will be flying back for "good"
It's hard for me to be away from her. That's the fact. This lady understands me very well. She knows how to handle me. She knows what are the consequences, if she says something when I am mad. She knows how to calm me. She knows what points to be added in my email if i want to write something to my boss. She teaches me not to be emotional in anything I do. If any irritating email comes, she asks me to wait at lease an hour before replying it so the answer will be convincing and in professional way. She tolerates when I say NO to her parents order. Sometimes she lies for the sake of me. She knows when I am happy, so she could get something. Still she knows what is the limit. She never ask anything beyond me. In fact she helped and shared every single ringgit when I was out of cash. She never ask for the equality. She just listened to me when I asked her to see my parents in Kampung when I was away. She drove back to Grik without me. She voted for DAP just merely because of me although she thought that the worst thing she did in life. Politically she betrays her parents. She's the only person that could stand me.
The longest was 3 months, when I got to be in Africa. One month is normal. but not 6 months in a row. Eh tak lah. Most likely I'll be flying back for 2 weeks holiday in October too. I'm gonna miss ultra sound session where I could see my baby keeps on jumping inside her tummy.
There will be a farewell dinner on 14th after maghrib. We invited all our close friends here. Hopefully Mel will see them again next year. As for now, everything is uncertain. My mother in law called me and wanted to bring her back to Malacca on 17th. I said NO because she will be arriving in KL on 17th at 3.00 am. It is a long flight. I want her to rest. My MIL will not happy with me but slowly she will understand me. I called HUKM to have Mel for check-up with Prof Zainul on 18th. Mel's record is there.
I'm back with normal notes......

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fara Fauzana ekekeke

In the old days we just depend on mainstream media. When it comes to politic, the opposition has no space at all neither on TV nor paper. Nowadays, although the mainstream plays the main role, the internet media play a significant job to counter-attack the points from them. I bet malaysia-today, malaysiakini, harakahdaily, and malaysian insider are taking the top hit compared to other portals such as utusan malaysia and agendadaily. Does it sound politic now?

Although I don't read Utusan Malaysia much, my blog still linking to that portal. I need to read some malay entertainment there. HaHa. else i wouldn't know how fara fauzana looks like now and Maya Karin is getting married. Recently there was an article about Fara Fauzana and I'm very impressed with the way she works. Wake up early in the morning at 4.30 ( i presume, she won't miss subuh prayer), and starts entertaining people on air from 6 to 2. then she goes for shooting or host and emcee any show. Then she sleeps less than 8 hours.

Back in KL, when i came to know that she moved to Hot.FM I replaced my favourite channel from Era to Hot.FM. The first day i listened to her and FBI, it sounds weird and seemed like no chemistry. Fair enough. that was her first day. then slowly they became the most wanted DJ. Then every sunday, I would see her on Melodi. I will let Mel to swicth the channel if she couldn't make it on that day. Sorry to Wahid HaHaHa. Recently, Kedah government wanted her to cover on the Nescafe Billboard. She made no fuss and obliged to the rules. Don't ever make statement that you want to wear tudung when you get married or after hajj. Just do when your heart tells you so. Later, if you made promise then you couldn't make it, you just be like Siti Nurhaliza. Poyo saja.... (mesti ada org marah aku kutuk siti)

Don't get me wrong. I just like to listen and see her on TV. at least I managed to convince Mel to like her too. I have a good friend ( back in TM and MOT. This jerk used to listen to linkin park and foo fighters. It surprised me when I found out his favourite channel was no longer Hitz.FM. Last time i checked, it was Era. landen you should switch to Hot.FM now HeHe. When Marsha Londoh used to be in AF, i used to like her too, but Landen every single day condemning her. "Ish, bosan aku tengok. gedik" Where is Marsha now??

Mel? She's more oriental. Korean, taiwanese, china, HK, Japan, and ANIME will do her day. She remembers most of their names, especially korean. She even has dream that one day her son or daugther will marry korean. HaHaHaHa. To my surprise, she just completed Cinderalla series. Try to ask her any malaysian artis (especially in drama), she could spell a few only.

Adun, some comments about politic ok lah kan. Nobody could stand Pak Lah now. Anyway we had a good argument last few days. One guy expressed his view that he didn't trust anwar because once he becomes PM, malay right will be gone just simply because he owed DAP for supporting him. Then we argued back, those thing would not happen because PAS and PKR MP would not let it be. He argued back, "so what's the point of switching the government if you want to preserve your malay rights. everything will be back to square one. You just wasted your time talking about sodomy because it would not help economy at all." Why charge him then. He has the right to defend himself too. We had a good moderator HaHaHa

Ok lah. I'm getting fed up with malaysian politic too because it is dragging for so long. If Anwar couldn't be PM on 16th September, then he will drag thing forever. He will never rest until he gets what he wants. So give him chance lah. penat lah. or you could put him behind bar and no more news from him. Be realistic lah. he has the charisma, he could pull the crowd and no one could beat him. I have faith in him to lead our country but I have no passion to wait for so long. If he becomes the PM, i don't get a penny from him anyway. I still have to work and find my own money to feed my family. majority of malaysian want to see the change but at one point people are getting fed up.

So Anwar, make sure you become PM by 16th September. else just forget it lah. by next year if you keep on saying that u have enough numbers but you don't nobody gonna believe you anymore. Pak Lah could save the boat if he steps down now and hand it over to anyone but Najib and don't beat Anwar because you are hurting more. Try Muhyidin or Kuli. PKR will go down if Anwar is gone. But if he becomes PM, he could grow more leaders to be like him. Tun felt Anwar betrayed him last time then he forgot to groom anyone else. we have a lot in PAS like husam musa for instance, but quite hard for them to convince non-malay. Basically we are OUT OF STOCK.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

suke sama suke

Just came to office and did some routine stuff and checked on malaysian news.

Anwar dituduh mengikut Seksyen 377B Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman penjara sehingga 20 tahun dan sebat.

seksyen 377B adalah kes luar tabie suke sama suke. Tapi yang kena dakwa seorang saja.
saiful yang suka itu pula di beri protection oleh Kerajaan Malaysia???

erkkk. awal awal dah fishy...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

a lil bit on politics....

I just couldn't hold it.....

A lil bit about politic. Now there is another repeat of 1998 case. If you read main stream news you tend to believe that Anwar did it. Then if you use your conscience by checking the fact revealed by Malaysia today especially, you have no doubt they want to kill him politically. Read this

It shows the SD from the first doctor checking on Saiful. It pretty strange isn't it? Then what happened to Bala SD? in less than 24 hours, he changed everything and all najib's name had been taken out. then this guy has been missing. It scares me indeed. I rather selling noodle from being opposition politician.

How are you going to believe in UMNO, if they start bickering just to fight for the post of ketua cawangan. you read from the main stream, it told us there was money politic involved. I lost my trust in Pak Lah, so does Najib to lead our country.

Now we heard of malay unity. UMNO would never gave a glance to PAS if they won the election handsomely . To Malay malaysian if you have doubt in PKR, why don't you support PAS. UMNO is no longer relevant.

Let's wait for the court begins. and more will be revealed and let's see if they manage to convince people like me that "He did it again" :P

Sunday, 3 August 2008

mom-to-be gonna be home soon.

The check up went well yesterday. We glad to see the baby is active and keeps on jumping. Everything is fully formed, moving very well and the heart beat shows that he is healthy. But his mom doesn't look well. eat less and nauseate all day long. At this moment we are not sure either boy or girl, but we refer it as "he" first ;-). After 6 years of waiting, we just pray that Allah will give us the best zuriat to us. As of yesterday, he's exactly at 13 weeks and 4 days. ( 3 months ++ ). Mel's weigh is loosing. it started at 49 then slowly decrease to 47 and yesterday it was 44.5 . According to our gyne, it's normal for the first trimester, and hopefully her all-day-long morning sickness will be over soon. Mel kept on asking the doctor. "so the baby is healthy?" ."you see, he's jumping" We spent for quite sometime checking the baby on ultra sound. The doctor has been nice too, explaining the fully formed baby to us. It's miracle because the size of the baby just 2++ inches.
Then after the check-up, the doctor advice Mel to take more water because she looks dehydrated by looking at her dry lips. I pity mel because it's very hard to get malaysian food. I tried to cook but it didn't taste good and Mel said "tak payah masak dah abang. tak sedap".
So far I'm OK with all comments from her :P. Luckily i don't have to sleep outside, we just need to have some border and I'm trying my best not to cross the border. She conquered all the pillow and left one with me. Once in a while she will push my face aside because she smells garlic?? Huh !!. HeHe. Sometimes it's funny looking at her. Some friends reminded me, it will be 9 months of hell for you. HaHaHa. No lah. when we played card, she wanted me to lose, and would stop the game if i won. We have a board game that we used to play every weekend with our friends here, and I will remind her not to play if her intention is to win. else everybody could see your pregnancy emotions. Not everybody has the empathy feeling. So be carefull !! ;-)
Then, the next question from Mel."am I safe to fly now? I want to fly back in two weeks times". "OK you are safe to fly now. 2 weeks times should be fine because you just passing the first trimester. Take aspirin on the day of flying. stop folic acid and start taking materna. you may get all the lab report and bring it home. I'll be taking leave too." Ok mom-to-be gonna be home!!.
Once home (rumah kat sini laa), I got Mel's year end ticket and her "no-show" ticket to bahrain and went to Qatar Airways. I checked the price from the internet first and 16th august is the best date to fly. HeHe because the price is a bit low ;-) i save a bit because i just need to top-up the difference by canceling the year end ticket and getting some refund from "no-show" ticket. She will be flying on 16th August at 2.20 pm and InshaAllah will be arriving at KLIA on 17th August at 3.00 am.
I believe every parents-to-be would have a plan what "title" to be called. Mel has been planning for years to be called Mommy :P and I insisted to be called "Ayah" only. But every single day now, Mel is calling me "daddy". "Daddy, nak air.. baby nak air" How am going to turn over him soon :P. It would be funny if the baby address me "Daddy, nak ayaq" HaHaHa. It's a long way to go, let's see who will win the battle.

Just couldn't imagine, back to Padang jeri and my baby call me "daddy, lapaaa laaa" Hahahaha. At this moment let the mommy wins because that is the best for her. Seeing her happy is the best thing in life. It just that, since she got pregnant, Mel no longer dress up like she used to be. No make up, and simply clad any "indon" tudung when going out. for the next 6 months everything is OK for you lah ;-). Once baby born, don't look "slebet" anymore :P

Here, I would like to thanks to everybody for praying for us, and keeps on praying and hopefully we will be having a healthy baby and the best zuriat from Allah. To our families, we have no intention to hide but we have our own reason to do so. Although we are very happy now, we still couldn't get rid of butterflies from our tummy until the baby is born. Let's pray together....

Sunday, 27 July 2008

dah rasa malas balik?

The first month being here, i felt going home. After 6 months, i decided to go home, and nearly end of the contract, i signed a new one after they raised up the price a bit. Same goes to this year. I said 2 years would be enough and just lead the normal life in Malaysia next year. Then, 2.70 came up and political instability that directly impact on Malaysian economy, I decided not to return home so soon. Tip said, i just gave an excuse because politic has nothing to do with me :P
Last month, my boss from Dubai came, and we discussed my plan for next year. He prefers me to be here, and I had no objection on the proposal. I kinda like the place. Really?? That's clearly an excuse. The fact is people be here just because of money. It is true that money is not everything to some people. But for me, i still need more money as I have a lot of things to do in life. But I should have plan B as well, if things do not go as planned. I rejected customer offer last year and most likely I'm going to apply again this year. Then What IF, they reject me for turning down their offer last time :P. What is plan C then?
The worst case, i have to pack and return home in January 2009 and goes to Bukit Jalil every morning. Does it sounds worst?

Monday, 21 July 2008

menyihatkan badan

After 2 months of “hibernating” I forced myself to be at Qel sport club to play badminton again. I was exhausted in the first game and seemed not enough air to breathe in that hall. As usual, I would win the game if I pair up with Din, and win and lose some with others. The victory here is I managed to be back to the club. Once home, Mel asked for dinner. Goshh.. I tot our lunch at 4.30 pm would do for dinner as well :P . So I picked up my phone. “Hello… I would like to order, satu roti telur and tiga roti canai. I will come in 10 minutes. Bungkus OK” . Sounds in Malaysia isn’t it. It means you will never miss roti canai here. There is one restaurant selling Malaysian mamak’s food. Some of them could speak malay because they worked in Malaysia before. It’s a bit pricey compared to KL but still the cheapest in Doha. 2 roti telur and 2 roti canai will cost us QAR 10. For the past few days I have been “feeding” mel with roti canai/telur only :D.

What’s for lunch today?? Fenin fenin…

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Musim durian

I did promise b4 that i wouldn't write about politics. Hopefully, the previous one would be the last entry for it as I'm getting fed up with malaysian politics. Donno whom to believe anymore :P

Since politics could mess up people relationship, let's forget and forgive and just pray for better Malaysia.

Apparently, for the past one month, i keep on calling my Ayah and Umie and updated them our lives here. Last 2 days, called them again and it happened my eldest brother was there. My sis in law picked up the phone and with her kegedikan (jgn mare), telling me about durian next to mak's room. I haven't tasted for the past 3-4 years i guess. it just started to grow back since last year. Everybody has their preferences and that one is the best of them all. I don't like manggis (mangosteen), - i donno how to spell :P, much, but i started to have concern over it just because my other half just love it so much. We will miss it again this year.

I bought a durian last year, and it cost me around RM60, but it disappointed me very much. The isi sungguh keras macam batu and mel started teasing me. "ada orang nak menangis rindu kampung la tuh". Yes yes i was so sad that time :P HaHa. If nasi can jadi bubur, so does Durian.
The taste of bubur durian was good anyway. I saw durian a couple of times at carefour, but i will never ever buy it again here. I don't swear OK :P

And, for the past one month, I still get butterflies, and it's very hard to make it go away. I hope things will go well, and will update more next month. InshaAllah.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Butterflies in my tummy

I wrote below entry a month ago.......

I'm having a mixed feeling now. I still get butterflies and it's hard to make it go away. Of course we were so happy when we came to know that Mel is pregnant. We have been married for 6 years and this is our first experience. It was too early and we are not ready to tell anybody but our parents. Somehow, we need some advice after the doctor said Mel is having subchorionic hematoma. I started googling and found out in lament term it calls "threaten abortion". It scares me and Mel. Mel has been on "duphaston " for the past 2 weeks and has been on bed rest since then. We went to another doctor to get second opinion. He didn't tell much but just giving us the same drugs with more dosage. Mel visa was expired. Since the 1st doctor did not allow her to fly, we just forfeit our ticket to Bahrain, and asking help from Malaysian Embassy. I had a hard time to get her visa extension. I felt very sad and almost crying there when that stupid officer could say. "I donno. if she's pregnant why she comes here" To make it short, the embassy staff managed to get one week extension and now we are in the process to get 6 months visa without flying out of the country.
This morning we went for third check up and the baby (fetus) looks fine. It is 9 weeks and 4 days. We could hear the heart beat very well, and the doctor explain the formation of head and hand. Still a small clot still there. Mel still has to be on duphaston but with less dosage. 2 times a day with one tablet each. Flying still forbidden until next check up. Hopefully thing goes well and she could fly back to KL and continue the check up at HUKM as planned.

It has been 6 years. It's not easy to be us. I haven't told my brother in Penang. May be he will find out later from my dad. The only reason we called them first because we wanted them to pray for us.
Anyway, thanks to everybody that pray for us and keep on praying for the mommy and baby.
Doakan kami dapat zuriat yang terbaik dari Allah s.w.t

Saturday, 28 June 2008

apa nak jadi dgn malaysia

I just couldn't believe what gonna happen to anwar. will it be worse than 1998?
arghh betapa bencinya aku dgn ahli politik malaysia. They are so evil.
apa kita nak buat? org mcm kita nak buat apa?? mampu doa sajalah.
porak peranda bikin malaysia. Havoc. dari satu issue ke satu issue. penuh dgn kekecewaan.
kecewa, geram.. tensen. huh

Aku hanya mampu doa, semoga DSAI berada di pihak yang benar dan berdoa pada Illahi membuktikan segalanya..... Amin.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

it's true

"Repetitive self-suggestion can help to successfully instill in you positive thoughts."It's true hehe.

Everything was decided at the very last minute. from ticket to backup and to get exit permit. Lufthansa code shared fully taken, they got to buy QA seat and lufthansa separately that would make it very pricey. Here i am.. in Helsinki.
I spent a few hours riding on their trams. I guess it is a quiet town, and most people enjoying their evening by riding on bicycles. It is summer now, but the weather just like what we had back in Doha during winter :P . They have very long sunny day. You could tell, by checking Helsinki prayer time. Maghrib at 11.00 pm and Ishak at 12.26 am, then Subuh at 2.33 am. I just couldn't imagine, if ramadhan falls in summer. Sunrise at 4.08 am and mahgrib at 11.00 pm?? In this sense we are blessed to be in Malaysia. Oppss!! We'll talk about 78 sen hike later. at this point i just want to congratulate all BN staunch supporters for raising up the price indirectly :P
I left mel alone in Doha and that 1M is all yours for this week ;-)

Friday, 23 May 2008

We Lost

It is very sad that Malaysia once again lost its territory. Having read below judgment, Pulau Batu Puteh clearly belongs to Johor. The only reason why it favored Singapore just because of the letter written on 12 June 1953. I don’t know who was that Acting State of Johor that could write such letter. Since Singapore thinks 100 years ahead of Malaysia, they started controlling the island by installing military equipment. No response from Malaysia at that time. Perhaps, they didn’t think much, what we could do with that island.

My analogy as below:

I have a car. Suddenly without my authorization my personal assistant sends a letter to my so called “good” friend that I would not claim that car anymore, so he/she could use it. Then my friend used that letter to JPJ to get his name stamped on the car certificate. I lost my car!!!

Reasoning of the Court

The Court first explains that the dispute between Malaysia and Singapore concerns sovereignty over three maritime features in the Straits of Singapore: Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh (a granite island on which Horsburgh lighthouse stands), Middle Rocks (consisting of some rocks that are permanently above water) and South Ledge (a low-tide elevation).

Having described the historical background of the case, the Court notes that the dispute as to sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh crystallized on 14 February 1980, when Singapore protested against the publication in 1979 by Malaysia of a map depicting the island as lying within Malaysia’s territorial waters. It further observes that the dispute as to sovereignty over Middle Rocks and South Ledge crystallized on 6 February 1993, when Singapore referred to the two features in the context of its claim to Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh during bilateral negotiations.

-Sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh

Malaysia contends that it has an original title to Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh (dating back from the time of its predecessor, the Sultanate of Johor) and that it continues to hold this title, while Singapore claims that the island was terra nullius in the mid-1800s when the United Kingdom (its predecessor) took lawful possession of the island in order to construct a lighthouse.

- 2 -

Having reviewed the evidence submitted by the Parties, the Court finds that the territorial domain of the Sultanate of Johor did cover in principle all the islands and islets within the Straits of Singapore and did thus include Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh. It establishes that this possession of the islands by the Sultanate was never challenged by any other Power in the region; and that it therefore satisfies the condition of “continuous and peaceful display of territorial sovereignty”. The Court thus concludes that the Sultanate of Johor had original title to Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh. It adds that this ancient title is confirmed by the nature and degree of the Sultan of Johor’s authority exercised over the Orang Laut (“the people of the sea”, who inhabited or visited the islands in the Straits of Singapore, including Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh and made this maritime area their habitat). (MAS 1 SIN 0)

The Court then looks at whether this title was affected by developments in the period between 1824 and the 1840s. In March 1824, the colonial Powers in the region, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, signed a Treaty which had the practical effect of broadly establishing the spheres of influence of the two Powers in the East Indies. As a consequence, one part of the Sultanate of Johor (under Sultan Hussein) fell within the British sphere of influence while the other (under Sultan Abdul Rahman, Sultan Hussein’s brother) fell within a Dutch sphere of influence. In August 1824, Sultan Hussein ceded the island of Singapore, together with its adjacent seas, straits, and islets to the extent of 10 geographical miles from the coast of Singapore to the English East India Company in the so-called Crawfurd Treaty. Finally, in a letter of 25 June 1825, Sultan Abdul Rahman “donated” certain territories, which were already within the British sphere of influence, to his brother, thereby confirming the division of the “old” Sultanate of Johor. After careful consideration of the legal effects of these developments, the Court finds that none of them brought any change to the original title. (MAS 1 SIN 0 )

The Court turns next to the legal status of Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh after the 1840s to determine whether Malaysia and its predecessor retained sovereignty over the island. It observes that in order to do so, it needs to assess the relevant facts, consisting mainly of the conduct of the Parties (and of their predecessors) during the period under review.

The Court examines the events surrounding the selection process of the site of the lighthouse and the construction of the latter, as well as the conduct of the Parties’ predecessors between 1852 and 1952 (in particular with respect to the British and Singapore legislation relating to Horsburgh lighthouse and in the context of the Straits lights system; constitutional developments of Singapore and Malaysia; and Johor regulation of fisheries in the 1860s), but is unable to draw any conclusions for the purposes of the case. (MAS 0 – SIN 0)

The Court notes that in a letter written on 12 June 1953 to the British Adviser to the Sultan of Johor, the Colonial Secretary of Singapore asked for information about the status of Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh in the context of determining the boundaries of the “Colony’s territorial waters”. In a letter dated 21 September 1953, the Acting State Secretary of Johor replied that the “Johore Government [did] not claim ownership” of the island. The Court considers that this correspondence and its interpretation are of central importance “for determining the developing understanding of the two Parties about sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh” and finds that the Johor’s reply shows that as of 1953 Johor understood that it did not have sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh. (MAS 0 – SIN 1)

The Court finally examines the conduct of the Parties after 1953 with respect to the island. Having reviewed all arguments submitted to it, it finds that certain acts, inter alia the investigation of shipwrecks by Singapore within the island’s territorial waters and the permission granted or not granted by Singapore to Malaysian officials to survey the waters surrounding the island, may be seen as conduct à titre de souverain. The Court also considers that some weight can be given to the conduct of the Parties in support of Singapore’s claim (i.e., the absence of reaction from Malaysia to the flying of the Singapore ensign on the island, the installation by Singapore of military

- 3 -

communications equipment on the island in 1977, and the proposed reclamation plans by Singapore to extend the island, as well as a few specific publications and maps).

The Court concludes, especially by reference to the conduct of Singapore and its predecessors à titre de souverain, taken together with the conduct of Malaysia and its predecessors including their failure to respond to the conduct of Singapore and its predecessors, that by 1980 (when the dispute crystallized) sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh had passed to Singapore. The Court thus concludes that sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh belongs to Singapore. (MAS 0 – SIN 1)

⎯ Sovereignty over Middle Rocks and South Ledge

Malaysia claims that the two maritime features have always been under Johor/Malaysian sovereignty while Singapore’s position is that sovereignty over the features goes together with sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh.

With respect to Middle Rocks, the Court observes that the particular circumstances which led it to find that sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh rests with Singapore clearly do not apply to Middle Rocks. It therefore finds that original title to Middle Rocks should remain with Malaysia as the successor to the Sultanate of Johor.

As for South Ledge, the Court notes that this low-tide elevation falls within the apparently overlapping territorial waters generated by Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh and by Middle Rocks. Recalling that it has not been mandated by the Parties to draw the line of delimitation with respect to their territorial waters in the area, the Court concludes that sovereignty over South Ledge belongs to the State in the territorial waters of which it is located.

I don’t read law, but my assumption, this middle rock just want to please Malaysia :P

Thursday, 22 May 2008

mari kita berfikiran positif

I just got confirmation from my customer that he will be taking leave in June for a month and not allow me to be out of Doha during his leave, unless if there is someone to replace me. Huh. Most likely I have to cancel my Helsinki trip. too bad.
Actually, i should plant positive mind. I should say, someone is going to replace me on that day, i'll be able to be out of hot weather for a week :P
Repetitive self-suggestion can help to successfully instill in you positive thoughts. Let's see how true it is :P

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

back and Updated!!

Hello readers.. hehe

I'm back. "once you go black, u never go back" idiom is only a myth, but "once u blog, u never stop" probably the right idiom for now. I guess, only a few keeps on refreshing my page to see anything new here. Oh, if you have google reader, it will update you automatically. For the past one week, I have a lot of sleepless night. The alarm from my server wakes me up almost everyday at 2.00. It annoys me but I have no choice. The first thing I would do, shutting down the alarm, and restart the running application. I had no idea what kind of ghost sneaking into my territory now. It has been running well for the past 1 ½ years, and suddenly it rings the bell. “hello, I’m dying”.

If it happens to be your java program takes the highest load, I could tell you now, how to point the location of the problematic code. It happened to be our third party code, most probably that company no longer exist. Shit, those “white trash” shot me back in the email and asking more analysis. Ok I have been snooping all angle now, hopefully I could see something there. In proper way, I asked them to find a way to check the code. Reviewing the code to find the leak isn’t an easy job. The guy supposed to help me still on vacation, perhaps next Monday I could ring him. I’ve got to settle this, else the probability that they gonna cancel my training quite high. If thing goes well, I’ll be flying to Helsinki for a week. Sad to say, this time, I’ve got to leave mel alone in Doha. No worries dear, I will bring you to your dream place this year. InshaAllah.

Enough about the job :-)

I still miss my day back home. I was happy to meet up with my families. On Zai’s wedding day, I didn’t realize that my family came. I was busy talking to my friend’s mom, and suddenly I noticed umie was sitting there as well. Then I found out all my families conquering the back seat already enjoying their meal, and never to bother who was around. HaHa. Grik came and conquer. Who cares anyway. They are my family :P

Then a few of my friends came at the last hour. Thanks to Mohen, Munir, Jeri, Mon, Nyace, Hemsem, Tip and own. The rest just gave a deceive reasons not to turn up. I managed to meet Pit later, and siput all the time over the phone only. Iym SMS me to come to her house, but I just had 2 weeks only. 1 week off to Grik, so I had to spend it wisely. I had a two day trips to Penang via Sg Petani, to meet up with eldest nephew. He changed. Physically HeHe. I bought some stuff for him as promised before. Long overdue UPSR gift.

Kakak’s engagement day was tiring. I guess we are growing old, and we tend to forget the “gotong royong” spirit. So majority decided to get caterer for wedding. I guess we are not going to spend much; ladies will be getting money anyway HaHaHa. It is everyone dream to get married, but not everybody wants it in the best splendid event. As for me, it depends how much you have. I recalled my day, it was simple, but the most important thing was to feed all the invitees. To be frank, I didn’t have much money, I collected every single ringgit they put into my pocket. I opened all unopened ang pow to survive. I still remember on my wedding day, Mak Teh gave me 50 bucks like giving me life on that day. Then I owed RM1K each from my 3 closest cousins, then paid them back on their time. A few months after married, mel asked me “kenapa tiap2 bulan kena pergi Citibank bayar hutang.” During honeymoon year, of course I wouldn’t reveal everything and she found out later that I had a bad debt with Citibank. She helped me to close one ;-). Thanks to her good pay in Shell before. Anyway, having a bad debt with credit card basically taught me a good lesson. I do have credit card to serve my needs but neither gold nor platinum. Eh apa cerita lah ni, dari kisah tunang sampai cerita hutang kredit card.

I added a new tag into my google reader. This blog belongs to Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. No no no. It belongs to my uncle. He wrote a couple of entries, and the latest one about Rafidah Aziz in making ;-). All her children have grown up and I still remember the day I used to “stop over” before heading back to Mara Language Academy or MMU in Malacca. There is no direct bus from Grik to Malacca anyway :P. Stopping over was good because at least I would get RM50 to chip in into my pocket HaHa. I guess my cousin Jem also used to do the same thing. Indeed we were scared of him. He had fierce face but he has a big heart for families. (50 ringgit sekeping!!)

What happens to Malaysia politic now? Tun Mahathir quit UMNO, Pak Lah will not back off, some expert says this will hasten rise of Anwar to become PM. Or will he becoming PM in waiting forever? My only concern, please accommodate Rakyat with jobs, don’t increase tax, toll, gas, and fuel. I’m not inclining myself to any political party but I do believe in check and balance system. Majority of Malaysian muslims will be very happy, if UMNO + PAS could work together and believe that “Islam is the way of life”. Islam never oppressed Muslim or non-muslim.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

via rocky's bru by Rocky's Bru on 3/30/08

Remember Sufiah Yusof, Malaysia's child prodigy in the UK, the girl who gained entry into Oxford at the age of 12? She is now a HOOKER. The following British newspaper article quotes her as claiming that she is studying for a Masters degree in Economics. Perhaps our Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin wants to stop whining and help her (see link after this main story).

SHE was a child maths genius who won a place at Oxford University aged just 13—but now the only sums Sufiah Yusof is interested in are the ones she earns as a HOOKER.

For sad Sufiah the daily equation she has to solve is simply sex equals £130 as she sells her body to punters over the internet.
The gifted girl with the winning smile had the world at her feet ten years ago and should be a rich woman by now—but last week she was busy subtracting her underwear for our undercover reporter in her dingy back street flat.
"Would you like to start your half hour now?" said Sufiah, 23, as she danced on the bed, displaying her body for examination.
Then she listed all the sleazy plus points she would throw in for our man if he took up her offer...

Read the entire story HERE.

Can't wait to get HOME

this is my third post for this week :P. Nothing much to tell but i'm very excited to tell the world that i can't wait to get BACK home to Malaysia. To be exact i miss Grik so much ;-)

my colleague asked me to apply exit permit tomorrow, but i insisted it to be done today. they advised, if the flight delays, i will have some buffer. I'm very positive there will be no delay, and if there is, i will make sure QA will route me anywhere as along as i could touch down at KLIA on 4th april :-) So i went to see my agent today, and got things done in 30 mins. Alhamdulillah.

my SIL is getting married on 6th and there is a plan for my sister to tie the knot on 13th april. I guess i have invited my friends to attend my SIL wedding. Guys just email me if you want the updated map. and i never changed my phone number, so it remains the same. just call or text me if you getting lost.

See you when I see you ;-)

Saturday, 29 March 2008

alo alo

hari ni dah hari sabtu. esok dah ahad. satnya masa cuti nih. own singgah sini 2 hari masa nak balik mesia, so aku bawak dia pi shopping. oklah masa dia dok morocco bukan dia leh beli apa sgt pun :P. aku hanya window shopping sambil meracun2 dia beli barang. Syok gak tgk org beli. Tapi aku tau own suka tgk barang2 sini sbb mmg tadak kat mesia pun. Beli sini pakai mesia mmg cun lah. tapi kalau pakai sini, mahu ada sama ngan org kat sini wakaka. Sini mmg byk sgt pinoy. tapi aku rasa muka own mmg muka pinoy betui la kot, sampai dia kata tamau dok lama2 sbb kena cop pinoy wakaka. pi mana sini org cop pinoy. sampai la nak check in kat epot semalam. minah tu dgn selamba. good evening sir. Manila? wakakakak. suka hati mak nenek dia ja. lps own huluq passport dia siap dok tanya. betui ka org mesia. pastu tetiba minah tu cakap bahasa. rupanya org indon minah tu. then dia kata kami dok cakap tagaloq. Dia ingat bahasa utara bunyi cam tagaloq kot wakakakakaka. Dok kat qatar kena cop pinoy. nak buat lagu mana, kalu dah muka cam tu, tak pinoy, muka siam la. takkan brit kot :P

So lps hantaq own, aku pi beli ayaq favourite aku 3 botoi, tropicana orange tuh, pastu balik. zul tepon ajak kuar. aku suh dia amik sbb aku rasa cam dah flat drive satu hari pusing2. aku ingat dia nak ajak pi minum, tapi dia ajak pi lulu. uik dia beli kad ngan bunga. ulangtahun katanya kui 12 malam satgi. lagi 30 min. Syok lah tuh.. bagi bunga bagi kad, dapat main spesel lah tuh wakakaka. Tapi shambek dia bangang sikit, dia kata dia sambut ulang tahun, dia ikat reben kat kepala kadok. aku rasa sesuai panggil dia kadok la.

pastu malam tadi aku tertidoq kat atas sofa luaq. aku malas nak masuk lam. aku dok buzz buzz bini aku tapi dia tak jawab. sibuk kot nak kenduri minggu depan. aku bangun lambat. ingat nak mandi, tapi rasa cam malas lagi. tunggu zohor lah. la ni dok pk nak makan apa. nak masak pun malas. lagipun peti ais aku dah kosong dah pun. ada teloq 2 biji ja kot, ngan ikan bilis. ermmmm

petang satgi nak pi souq sat lah. nak beli pistachio nak wak balik mesia. beli 5 kilo cukup lah. lagipun aku punya flyer kad aku dah kena downgrade. tak leh nak bawak lebih2 kilo :P. ada lah satu dua pakcik dan makcik aku sms personally nak souveniour. aku pun tatau nak beli apa. aku beli ja lah. kalau aku pk nak beli semua tak larat lah, sbb aku ada berlambak pakcik makcik. since depa sms aku secara peribadi, aku kena lah carik apa nak beli. tapi aku balas inshaAllah pada depa. kalu dan ada lah. Kita ni manusia biasa, mana mampu nak memuaskan hati semua org kan.

Sekang pukui 11.14 pagi, aku nak pi dapor sat, tgk apa yang ada, yang bley aku masak, pastu aku nak mandi. aku dah email dah nak mintak exit permit. lawak sungguh lah negara ni, nak keluaq pun kena apply exit permit. bila la dia nak hapuskan konsep hamba nih :P

ok calo.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


Election is over and hopefully the winner will walk the talk :P
agak bosan citer pasal politik dah, so tunggu lagi 4 tahun lah plak.

Dah 22 hari membujang. boleh hidup lah jugak. tapi hari2 dah pening nak makan apa, sbb selalu balik rumah ada org masak.
nak makan kari kat kedai mamak tu pun dah bosan, sbb kari dia tak sama cam kari mesia :P

nak makan spagheti pun dah jemu, sbb aku punya spagheti asik kuah sama jer. aku kene beli perencah lain lah bagi rasa lain. siang2 aku dah malas keluar. malam jer keluar. tapi asik minum kopi jer. aku rasa kopi kampung kat grik lagi sedap. tapi ok lah cuci cuci mata :P

lagu 2 minggu nak balik, nak kerja pun dah bosan. aku asyik kira hari saje. tapi rasa cam tak cukup jer. 2 minggu saje. so kene plan betul2. dah lama dah ni tak kumpul ngan abg2 aku, adik2 aku mak bapak aku dan anak anak buah aku. dok terbayang kumpul ramai2 kat kampung padang jeri nih.

lps makan pagi dgn zul tadi aku dok rumah jer.. pastu petang aku gi kedai sukan tgk tgk baju. aku nak beli tapi bila aku tgk made in thailand, malas lah aku nak beli. dah lah mahal. jadi aku tgk tgk benda lain. aku rasa kedai tu mcm banyak barang ciplak lah. aku tgk bulu bulu ayam, tapi ada lagi stock last week so tak yah lah beli lagi.pastu aku gi kedai buku. aku pun tak tahu nak cari buku apa sbb aku bukan kaki buku. aku dok pusing dok pusing last last aku balik.
alamak laparnya.. ingat nak makan kat opera tapi sorang2 malas lah plak nak gi. nak singgah kedai mamak nak beli beriani tapi takde parking, so aku stop kat satu kedai beli shawarma 2. balik rumah aku makan satu. pastu aku tgk ada nasi lebih, pastu ada ayam kari lebih dalam peti ais. aku panaskan dan aku makan. ohh nampak ikan bilis. aku goreng. kruk kruk sedap jugak. pastu aku call mel sat, tapi dia dah tido, so malas lah nak kaco. pelik lah minah tu, balik mesia asik sibuk bawak kete ke hulu hilir buat apa ntah :P

Sekang aku dah tatau buat apa. tapi tak rasa nak keluar dah minum kopi. tapi kalau ada org amik aku pi kot :D

lagi 2 minggu nak kerjaaaaa

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Lim Kit Siang yang Bodoh

I asked my wife to fly back to KL just to vote for DAP. She was refused but I got to dictate her. She did just because she is loyal to me. I feel disgusted when the CEO of DAP (that the best position to suit him) did not allow DAP YB to attend the MB swearing-in ceremony, just merely because our Sultan chose PAS YB to be an MB. Your YB did sign the letter and made a press conference that they would abide to Sultan's decision.

Then when our Sultan made a choice, you made a press statement to defy it. I'm very disappointed in you. This clearly shows your true color. Although you have apologized to the Regent of Perak, but you have messed up the whole thing. You keep on saying UMNO is racist but you are no different from them. Gila kuasa punya orang. Yes everybody knows that in the opposition camp, you won 18 seats out of 31. But don't you realize who hold another 28 seats?

you should listen to this guy

“In the spirit of sincere openness, we stress that the composition of the exco must reflect the composition of the population of Perak and represent the interests of all ethnic groups fairly,” said Syed Husin.

Please look at the bigger picture if you want to manage our state. If this is the way you behave, don't expect it to get a single exco seat in the next PRU13.

It's better for us to deal with the devil we are familiar with.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Congratulations to opposition. PKR did a good job to have a "loose" cooperation between DAP and PAS. You managed to capture 5 states. From today onwards, pls prove that you could do better to Rakyat.

To all malaysian, pls calm, and give them chance to rule. They have 4-5 years to prove.

My assumption why BN lost those states, just because of one naughty boy. Yes you had brain but you haven't matured enough.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Home alone :-)

HeHe. Mel flew back to KL last Sunday night. I tried my best to have the best day ever with her that day. We spent our time at souq to buy a kilo of pistachio, then we had our dinner at malaysian restaurant there. We bumped with Din and his gorgeous girl friend. He has the look so he deserve it :P. My lady is gorgeous too!! ekeke Chatted for an hour with them until i got a call from my customer. The rater was down and all MMS wouldn't go through. I used to bring my notebook around but stop doing that for the past few months :P. So i got to rush back home and checked on the system. It became my routine job already. kinda boring. Thinking of moving to Dubai next year but they wanted to give less package. Shall I go home next year? Hard to say now. everything looks vague now.

I'm alone now sitting in front my notebook and thinking of something to write. Most of porn sites were block and I had to use the proxy to access it. I don't intend to do that at this moment as i feel a bit religious at this moment ;-). Looking at those just reminded my college day where to burst. Just forget it. Does it sounds lonely or horny? :P

No worries my dear, i'm doing OK. go out almost every 2 nights, and i tot of doing the same too now. but calling all my close friends with no luck. Zul having family dinner with Fisher's, syed refuse to go out, syam sent amad to airport. Wait for shambek to make a move, as i'm damn lazy to drive and do pick up. I wish anybody out there sms me and tell me they are waiting for me downstairs. Most likely it won't happen tonight.

Tomorrow night one birthday invitation and the next day rizal of aljazeera invited us(me) to have dinner at his house while watching malaysia election result. His parents pay him a visit now, and I wonder how much we could comments as they are "dulu kini dan selamanya". i wish miracle will happen. Opposition will get more seats, and i will be damn happy if they can deny BN 2/3 majority. Never happened before. It is not easy being opposition in Malaysia. hard for them to campaign as they got total black out from mainstream media. Only urban and young people able to have fair news by accessing the net. I kinda love reading as they are being pretty fair for both sides. I pray for malaysian to vote wisely.

I hate that Beruk. . what to do.. he has the safe seat and he has protection from our PM no matter what he did. He was nobody but he could speak like he was a minister.

Life has never been fair...

off to bed now..

Monday, 25 February 2008

Mari Kita menafikan 2/3 majoriti BN

To all my families and friends,
let us vote for Opposition this time. This is our last hope. We have been manipulated by BN for the past 50 years. They have been fighting for their own benefit, and put a little for their Rakyat.

If we could deny 2/3 majority that they have been enjoying for the past 50 years, we could make something different.

Those living in KL, you will be damn happy, if they do not increase this shit

1. Toll
2. Gas

If you remember correctly, when PAS won Terengganu in 1999, they abolished toll, and BN won it back in 2004 but they had no reason to bring back this shit. A simple thing happened but benefited us a lot.

If you keep on voting for BN, "Jangan buat bising" if the toll and gas price keeps on hiking.
Bila tol naik bising, bila minyak naik bising. marah2 tapi still pangkah BN.

We must have a good opposition in the parliament to "check and balance" for Rakyat.

If you vote for BN, is like giving them a new gift, new mercedes, new BMW, or Big Bangalow for them :P, what did you get in return?

VOTE For Barisan RAKYAT!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Shooter :-)

What I did yesterday?

It cost me QAR 50 only for this. I had 50 bullets to shoot. and no license required ;-)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Biar mati anak Jgn Mati BMW :P

Aku dapat email ini dr cousin aku nama Faizal/Iron/Jem. 3 nama tapi org yang sama.

[forwarded email]
Ini adalah sketsa keluarga seperti yang dilaporkan oleh wife aku tadi.
Berlaku hari ini (1 Feb 2008). Masa rehat jumaat tadi, wife aku pegi Shah
Alam Mall.
Setelah lunch kat situ dengan member dia, depa berjalan menuju ke car
Car park yang mengadap DEMC tu..
Kelihatan lebih kurang 50 orang manusia sedang mengerumuni sebuah BMW.
Kelihatan di sebelah BMW seorang perempuan sedang menangis...alahai
Wife aku mendekati kumpulan orang ramai dan mendapati ada seorang budak
lelaki berumur 1 tahun sedang menangis meronta-ronta dalam car seat kat
belakang (dalam BMW tu).
Perempuan yang menangis di tepi kereta adalah mak budak tu. Depa laki bini
terkunci anak dalam kereta rupanya ...
Terdengar orang sekeliling sedang memarahi perempuan tu...
Pompuan A:
umpil aje la pintu kereta ni
Mak Budak tu:
tak boleh ...(sambil menangis)... nanti suami saya on the way balik ambil
kunci spare...
Pompuan C
: Isk tengok tu, sengsaranya baby tu menangis, u sanggup biar anak u mati
Mak budak tu:
(sambil menangis)... nanti suami saya marah...
Pakcik B:
isk kalau saya punya anak, kalau tertinggal kunci, saya takkan patah balik
rumah, saya pecahkan aje cermin kereta ni...
Pakcik C:
"Mana bapaknya???"
Mak Budak tu:
"Dia balik Meru ambil kunci"
Semua orang:
"Apa! Meru!!!"
Suasana menjadi kelam kabut sebab orang ramai menjerit-jerit memaksa untuk
pecahkan cermin kereta tu. suasana gamat macam perhimpunan haram...
Tapi mak budak tu tak berani buat keputusan. Dia asyik kata..."saya takut
suami saya marah" "Tunggu suami saya datang"...Tetiba ade sorang akak
tampil dan jerit: pegi ambil kapak, pecahkan cermin kereta ni... biar saya
yang jawab dengan suami awak. Awak tak sayang nyawa anak ke?
Sambil beberapa orang pergi mencari tools utk pecahkan cermin keta,
beberapa orang pengawal keselamatan sibuk ambil beberapa baldi air dan
menyiram kereta BMW tu kerana kasihankan anak yang sedang kepanasan dan
kelemasan dalam kereta tu...
Seorang mekanik cina dari bengkel berdekatan dipanggil untuk umpil pintu.
Cina mekanik memberi komen " aiya ini keleta tak boleh umpil, kena kasik
picah cermin juga baru boleh masuk!"
Tak lama kemudian seorang mamat tiba dengan kapak keselamatan, maka
dikapak cermin tepi sebelah pemandu...praannng. ...!!!! Selesai masalah...
Tak lama selepas itu baby tersebut berjaya dikeluarkan. ..kesian baby
tu..berpeluh- peluh dengan kulit pun pucat dah naik biru....
Seorang lagi lelaki menjerit "biar saya periksa dia.... saya doktor". Si
doktor mendukung bayi dan bergegas ke DEMC untuk memeriksa bayi tu...
Sehingga bayi tersebut dibawa ke DEMC...bapak dia masih tak muncul-muncul la Meru tu kan jauh.... mungkin bapak dia singgah makan sate kambing

P/S:pasangan tersebut adalah pasangan Melayu.

Selamat Mengundi

My leave has been approved, and i'm gonna buy the ticket today :-). I know it's about 2 months to go but i'm worry Doha-KL route will be fully booked. HiHi

Our general election is around the corner, and most likely it will be held in March, and for sure i can't cast my vote. Hopefully, the vote different is not "1", so i won't feel guilty :P
Since Mel is going to be in KL in March; she could cast her vote. I remember in 2004, a day before election day, she got sort of reminder from her mom. "Nor, ingat nak tanda apa. Jangan lupa". Back to my house, i reminded her "tak payah nak ingat2. ikut jer cakap abg" What she did? one for her mom and one for me :P. My in law is die hard supporter of BN. Just say what you want, name any bad minister in cabinet, but they will remain "dulu kini dan selamanya". But a good thing about them, they are very close to their PAS supporter neighbor. They close to each other like one family but when it comes to vote everybody has their own stand. What to say. They subscribe ASTRO but most of her time, watching RTM only ekekeke. Mati aku depa baca nih. Lupa plak, mak tiri aku pun, BN die hard fan jugak. in 2004 she was a wanita head at her kampung. then after the election she kept on calling her colleague to ask the vote status. Then alas she said... "Alhamdulillah... menang beso" :P
Then everybody in the house teased her "Rafidah Aziz tak call umie ke". she just gave us a happy smile and I guess that was her happy day.

This year election, most probably... and i'm quite confident that Mel will vote for "me". We live in democracy country, so it is everybody choice. jadi jgn gaduh nak cerai2 yer pasal nak mengundi nanti ;-). If my in-law read this, they will remind her again :P

Haaaa. last Thursday we joined our friends for BBQ, which we intended to cancel :P , I met a few new guys and one of them happened to be Faizan's brother. my ex-colleague at MOT. About 30 people were there but the food seemed for 100 ppl ;-)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

TGI Thursday

Thank God. It's Thursday again :-). welcome WEEKEND!!
Just completed a simple script to refresh "autossh tunneling" as a work around solution. at least i could be in bed in peace.

I don't have any interesting story lah to tell. Last night i went to FFC, and bought 16 enerygy saver lights. Once home i called our "watchman" to replace all "yellow" dimmed light. it cost me QR10 each and I found that OSRAM brand was made in Malaysia. Then I bought a new heater fan for Mel, because the one we bought at souq was broken and the oil heater wasn't able to keep her warm.

apa lagi? we have one invitation today but we don't feel like going. There will be BBQ and I guess they will have karaoke session. Those guys are nice friend to be with but we don't click enough. Let's see lah this evening! I might SMS them, that we couldn't make it. Anyway, in life we could not please everybody. we just a normal human being and would like to stop being pretentious in anything we do.

Mel starts counting down number of days, as she will be flying back to KL on 1st march. So I will be alone for a month before flying back to KL on 3rd of April. My sis in law is getting married on 6th. and most likely my sister is getting engaged too. I asked her to make it on 13th April, so everybody could be home at that time. I chatted with my eldest brother and telling her "sacred" intention :P. Then I asked my sister to speak to him or sms him personally as she has to get blessing from him. You know, it is a norm in our family, the eldest should be informed first, else they will screw up the things :P HeHe.

I guess she got mr hamimi's consent already and I'm excited to attend the event as well. Most probably my father also getting excited because his first daughter is getting engaged. And this gonna be his first time to host such event. I can't wait to be in Grik.

We have one little problem. We haven't decided where should we leave our car. It has been in Ampang for the past one year, and there is parking problem there as everybody is having a car. They are busy too to take care of the car. I'm thinking to let it be at Padang Jeri. The only problem, we have been servicing the car at Honda, and there is no Honda service in Grik. may be just go to normal workshop. Anyway, that almost 4 years old car is quite OK to be serviced there isn't it? I wish i could let my second brother taking care of that car. But looking at his wira, I have no faith in him. My old wira is older than his, but mine still looking new. Sorry.. it was mine but now belongs to Pak Din. Pak Din is indeed a snappy guy and i inherited a lot from him. But he knows how to keeps his stuff well. Very well!! i would say. Then i was thinking to ask my cousins, jusoh, zack or jem to take care of that car. As of last year Jusoh or Zack is better in taking care of stuff. Sorry jem :P. But it will not be fair for my brothers and sisters right?? So let Pak Din takes care of it then everybody will be happy :-)

I'm working now. GTG

Friday, 25 January 2008

Amalan Bidaah Budaya Melayu

I thought of explaining this based on my log book =)) but below explanation is more details than mine. I got it from

Tazkirah: 'Perlukah saya buat kenduri arwah?'
Azamin Amin
Fri | Jan 25, 08 | 2:51:32 pm MYT

"Perlukah saya sediakan makanan dan buat kenduri arwah kepada orang kampung sedangkan keluarga saya tengah sedih sangat sebab baru sahaja kehilangan ayah tersayang?" tanya seorang remaja kepada saya yang baru kehilangan ayahnya yang tercinta kerana sakit kronik.

Terkedu dan pernah juga terfikir dalam benak hati, namun kerana kenaifan saya di bidang agama saya diamkan sahaja sehinggalah muncul kembali soalan yang terbit daripada anak muda belasan tahun ini yang datang daripada keluarga yang susah.

Lantaran itu, walaupun sedikit kesibukan dengan tugasan, saya meluangkan masa mencari jawapan yang mungkin atau mengundang pelbagai pandangan dan polemik serta emosi kurang senang banyak pihak.

Namun atas landasan mencari ilmu termasuk mahu berkongsi bersama, saya kutip beberapa pendapat yang boleh dijadikan panduan kepada semua khususnya kepada anak muda yang bertanya itu sehingga saya membiarkan dia termanggu tanpa sebarang jawapan sebelum ini.(segala kesilapan dan kelemahan mohon tunjuk dan maafkan)

Amalan membebankan keluarga si mati

Dalam laman blog dikenali sebagai Institut Al-Imam Syafie (Intis) seorang Pensyarah Jabatan Tilawah al-Quran Pusat Bahasa Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) Abdullah Bukhari Abdul Rahim menulis amalan kenduri arwah ini sudah pasti menyusahkan keluarga si mati yang masih lagi bersedih dengan kehilangan orang tersayang.

Katanya Rasulullah s.a.w ketika mendengar berita kematian Jaafar ibn Abi Talib, baginda bersabda: "Persiapkan makanan untuk keluarga Ja'far, kerana sesungguhnya mereka telah didatangi dengan apa yang menyibukkan mereka (kesusahan)." - Hadith riwayat al-Tirmidhi & Abu Dawud.

Keluarga si mati yang baru ditimpa musibah(al-Baqarah:155-157) perlu disokong dan dibantu.

Amalan di sesetengah tempat ini adalah salah, kerana katanya kesedihan keluarga si mati akan ditambah lagi dengan kesedihan lain seperti bebanan kewangan kerana perlu membayar upah orang membaca al-Quran, sembahyang jenazah dan kenduri arwah.

"Budaya mengadakan kenduri arwah bersempena kematian pada malam pertama, malam Jumaat, malam ketujuh, malam ke-40 dan malam ke-100 juga tidak mempunyai asas sama sekali dalam Islam," katanya yang dipetik dari laman web tersebut

Amalan itu membawa kepada pembaziran jika membabitkan penggunaan harta si mati tanpa jalan yang betul dan membabitkan penganiayaan harta anak yatim malah Majlis Fatwa Mesir pada 1947 memutuskan bahawa amalan berkenaan perlu dihentikan.

Ulama mazhab Syafie melarang kenduri arwah

Rujukan katanya boleh dibuat terhadap Kenyataan bekas Mufti Mesir Syeikh Hasanain Makhluf di dalam akhbar al-Ahram bertarikh 27 Julai 1947 dan Fatwa ini kemudian disahkan oleh Majlis Fatwa Mesir dan dikeluarkan dengan rasminya pada 14 Ogos 1947, bilangan 377.

Katanya lagi Ulama mazhab Syafie melarang budaya ini sebagaimana dipetik daripada buku Feqah Mazhab Syafie, al-Fiqh al-Manhaji.

Antara petikan kitab tersebut yang berbunyi:"Daripada bidaah apa dibuat keluarga si mati ialah dengan mengumpulkan orang ramai kepada makanan dengan upacara dinamakan berlalunya 40 hari dan seumpamanya."

"Sekiranya perbelanjaan makanan itu daripada harta peninggalan (si mati) dan di kalangan waris ada yang belum baligh, maka itu adalah dari perkara lebih haram.

"Ini kerana ia memakan harta benda anak yatim dan melenyapkannya bukan untuk kepentingan anak yatim itu. Terbabit juga dalam melakukan perbuatan haram ini setiap yang memanggil dan memakannya." ( rujukanjil 1/ ms 263, Damsyik: Dar al-Qalam).

Dalam pada itu pada Jun 2005 blog tersebut turut memetik ruangan Tazkirah di bawah tajuk 'Amalan Jahiliyyah Disangka Ajaran Agama' oleh Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang merujuk kepada pengarang kitab at-Tazkirah iaitu Al-Qurtubi berhubung isu kenduri arwah.

"Dengan jelas mengatakan bahawa diantara amalan jahiliyyah ialah mengadakan suatu himpunan beramai-ramai diperkuburan, di masjid atau di rumah dengan berzikir dan juga lain-lain bacaan, serta mengadakan jamuan makan minum dengan tujuan untuk orang mati, disebut orang sebagai kenduri Arwah.

"Dengan jelas perbuatan itu tiada Nas yang menjadi rujukannya dan tiada petunjuk sunnah yang menjadi ikutan, " kata Nik Aziz.

Kenyataan pahit dan mengejutkan

Kenyataan ini kata Nik Aziz mungkin agak keras dan pahit serta boleh jadi suatu penjelasan yang mengejutkan terutama terhadap mereka yang mengamalkan perkara tersebut secara ikut-ikutan dan membuta tuli tanpa mengkaji dari sudut ilmiyah.

"Tetapi inilah hakikat Islam yang mesti diakui oleh penganutnya yang sedia kembali kepada al-Quran dan Sunnah," katanya

"Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa amalan tersebut telah berakar umbi di dalam masyarakat melayu, sehingga sebahagian dari mereka menganggap bahawa amalan tersebut adalah merupakan amalan agama yang mesti dilakukan setiap kali berlaku kematian," katanya lagi

Kata Nik Aziz lagi sungguhpun Nabi terlalu sayang terhadap umatnya terutama terhadap para sahabatnya yang sentiasa membantu Nabi di dalam suasana damai dan perang namun Nabi tidak pernah melakukan majlis zikir atau tahlil untuk sahabat-sahabatnya r.a yang mati.

"Orang yang paling sayang terhadap Nabi s.a.w. adalah para sahabatnya yang sentiasa berada di sisi Nabi siang dan malam, namun pernahkah terdapat para sahabat berhimpun dan berzikir dan bertahlil untuk Nabi s.a.w.?" katanya membangkitkan persoalan. Soalnya lagi jika perkara itu tidak dilakukan oleh Nabi dan juga para sahabat maka dari manakah punca amalan itu diambil.

"Apa yang paling mendukacitakan, mereka menganggap amalan tersebut sebahagian dari amalan Islam, padahal Rasulullah sa.w. tidak pernah menunjukkan contoh seperti itu dalam sunnahnya," katanya.

Bagi umat Islam marilah berlapang dada dalam menghadpi persoalan agama dengan menghayati petikan ayat daripada surah An-Nisaa' 4:59 :"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, taatilah Allah dan taatilah RasulNya dan ulil amri di antara kamu. Kemudian jika kamu berlainan pendapat tentang sesuatu, maka kembalikanlah ia kepada Allah (Al Qur'an) dan Rasul (sunnahnya), jika kamu benar-benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari kemudian. Yang demikian itu lebih utama (bagimu) dan lebih baik akibatnya." - mks.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

maggi goreng

We woke up soooo late...
Aku baru habis buat maggi goreng. Sedap jugak aku menggoreng.
Nak tahu aku buat mcm mana

Selalu aku goreng takde sequence
aku rendam maggi dalam 2-3 minutes, lps tu aku tos kan. lps tu aku biar jer lah dulu

aku letak kuali atas dapur dan panaskan letak no 1 dan letak minyak.
pastu aku start bukak peti ais. ada bawang putih. aku potong2 aku masuk dalam kuali.
aku nampak bawang besar aku potong2 aku masukkan saja. aku masukkan 2 biji cili api.

pastu ada ayam, aku potong2 pastu aku masukkan. pastu aku letak sos tiram. aku letak kicap cap kipas udang sikit. pastu aku nampak tuna, aku masukkan tuna dalam tuh. dan aku masukkan kobis dan cendawan yang telah di potong. aku goreng2, dan masa untuk masukkan magi yang telah di tos.

masukkan maggi, dan goreng kan sekali. pastu aku nampak ada pepper tepi dapur tuh. aku pusing2 kan. dan aku rasa sikit.. dah secukup rasa.

Yanggggg maggi dah siap :-)

mel: abg pakai perencah ke?
aku: sorry aaa. ini gua buat sendiri. tak letak garam pun
mel: tak masin la..
aku: rasa lah dulu.

tuna tuh dah rasa masin dah.. kalau aku bubuh garam terlebih masin.
cuba lah buat hik hik.

aku nak mandi... dah 1.30 ptg ni hehe

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hello, Tell Me!!

Hello. Tell me!!

What the fooook. Here it is common if somebody picks up the call and says that thing to you. Yes, it is very irritating at the beginning but slowly you’ll get used to it :P

Yea, yesterday I received an email from Nurazlina bte Zulkefli. She wrote me like she knew me very well. It took me sometime to figure out who she was. Later I found out, she is my niece. A daughter of my cousin at my “kampung”. Of course she knows me and I know her well because I used to call her “poreng”. Wakakaka. She is working as a secretary now at LTH, and made me realize that I’m getting old now. 10 years back she was in high school and she might transform herself a lot now. You know those girls graduated from iTM majoring in secretarial. HaHaHa. Poying mesti tgh marah baca nih.

Thursday is always the best day for me. It is the last day of the week and I could wake up late tomorrow HiHi. Mel has to fly to Bahrain tomorrow to renew her visa, so I will be alone tomorrow. May be Syed will come over because I just asked him to download Golden Compass, so we could watch it tomorrow.

For the past few gloomy days, I had nothing much to do. This morning, I just chatted with my cousin Jem/Iron. We talked a lot of things. our family, my house in Bangi, and how to improve in bed. Oh we talked about bidaah and how to purify our heart also. Last week unintentionally I attended one usrah. It was lectured by Ustaz Ali. He explained about bidaah.

Then after the session, we Malaysian asking him about bidaah hasanah. That’s what we learned in school. The he asked us back who taught you bidaah hasanah. Any hadis to support the claim. None of us could answer it. then he started to explain to us one by one. He began with “nasra” influenced in our daily life. For instance celebrating our birthday. Christians observe Jesus birthday and Malaysian followed the same way by celebrating our prophet Muhammad birthday. Then about “kenduri tahlil” and so on. During prophet days, they never had tahlil for 3,7, or 40 consecutive days. Then I was thinking, if we didn’t do it, people will say bad thing. “Kesian org tu mati, takde org baca tahlil”. I guess I will write more about this later. I need to check my log book :-). after talking to Jem for quite sometime, there was no response from him. Then I buzz him by saying “Aku tak sesat la”

Then once in a while after zuhur prayer, we have tazkirah with our imam (manager). He is local and he advises us a lot of things. and he told us people here realize that Malaysian used to label them wahabi. In fact they never care what wahabi is. Their concern is to follow al-quran and sunnah. That’s the only way to unite all muslim, which is undeniably true.

Ok I’m going to bed now… sing me a lullaby.. HuHuHu