Monday, 30 April 2007


aku rasa fenin kepala. ujian betullah 3,4 hari ni. aku call agent tadi pasal letrik, dia tetiba cakap flat aku ni nak kena jual dgn owner baru. pastu dia tanya tanak pindah ka. saiko aku rasa. aku habaq dia company dah bayar setahun, dia boleh cakap dia lupa.
tapi aku rasa cool hari ni. aku rasa mungkin aku banyak dosa kot. aku kena bermuhasabah sekarang. aku email kat bos hari ni cakap baik2 dan dia balas pun dah tak sarcastic. masa utk bermuhasabah.
semalam aku call jernk. aku suruh dia beli kasut boling dekat aku. nanti aku suruh wife aku amik sebelum dtg sini. Sini tadak jual lah kasut boling. kasut yang kat tempat boling pulak berlapikkan kulit lonyok. eh silap kulit tonyok. jernk cakap dia akan beli tepi dia suggest aku beli yang mahal. aku cakap tanak. aku nak yang biasa saja. aku nak main suke suke jer lah


This is KWSP respond on their investment. Living in multi races and multicultural country, it is impossible for them to invest big amount of money into Shariah counter only. More than 100 billion belongs to muslim contributor and currently there is no islamic investment instruments could take that huge amount of fund. and they are trying their best towards that. I’m neither an expert nor an Ustaz to judge this. Better find out yourself :-)

Sunday, 29 April 2007

wake up malaysian!!

I’m less worry now because my wife safely arrived in Gerik. I kept on sms’ing my sister not to fall asleep during their journey back home. My umie laughed at me. “Riso bebeno kamu ni. Udah selamat semue”. Hehe

I have no mood reading Utusan Malaysia today. BN wins Ijok with a big majority. Those people there really have no brains. They know who is better, between those 2. A good thing having by-election is their area is flooded with new development. New road is a must then suddenly the MB announced 36 Million project for that area. How desperate. Seriously I’m really fed-up with Malaysia politics. Go to hell with NEP as obviously we could see who benefited most. It just go to UMNO crony and later they will become Ali Baba and their MCA Chinese will do the job. It’s pretty hard to see they use it wisely.

Nobody can deny UMNO struggled for independence in the early days. Indeed those people are truly Malay warriors. But now, everything is different. They will be damn happy if they can be state exco or MP for one term. That is enough to be rich!!!

Their life is full of hypocrisy. When it comes to election, they start with all stupid propaganda. We will lose our malay right if we do not support BN and only BN can bring development. Then if you happen to live in Felda or PPRT they started to threaten you. “If you do not vote for BN, we have to kick you out. If you do this is 50 ringgit”. What a cheap ploy!!

Then if the by-election is in Kelantan, they know how to dress nicely. Those blonde Putri UMNO starts wearing head scarf and those Datuk claimed they used to Kampung live before. But back to KL they are those who inclined to social exclusiveness.

There is no way to defeat BN. But we have to deny their 2/3 majority. So we can have check and balance in our government. Else, they could do whatever they want. Nobody dares says NO to Prime Minister. In this case, I’m touched to see someone highly respected corporate figure willing to fight on opposition camp at his own constituency. But I’m very sad because Ijok’s people did not see this. Most Malaysians are not ready for change and we get cosy in our comfort zone. Guys wake up!! You have to challenge your balance!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

It's Friday

I missed subuh prayer today :-(. I woke up at 5.15 and the sun was shining through curtain into my room. I felt a bit guilty but I blamed my mobile ringing tone. It used to be sarcastic jingle but it turned to be my lullaby. I got up, brushed my teeth, took ablution, and did the prayer. [qada-an lah ;-)]

The first thing I always do while being alone is getting my computer connected. I checked my hsbc and glad to see my salary is there. Transactions done with a few clicks and called wife to update her. I have been married for almost 5 years, and I don’t have my personal savings and all go to my beloved wife account. What left in mine enough for my meal ;-). If she runs away, so does my money. InsyaAllah she won’t :-) I trust you darling. Those feel to vomit, just throw it and get your mouth washed out. Haha.

After doing some transactions, I called my parents and we just chatted a few minutes because the line was not really clear. When it reaches 8 million users, the communication will not be far better. Then, I just browsed my favorite pages and get news updated from Malaysia.

Then suddenly, I was ym’ed by “suzana_nenas” and she asked my electricity. Sounds that she just read my blog :-). Then we started chatting as both of us not working today. It is holiday here but I have no idea why she was at home in KL hehe. We talked a lot but I couldn’t recall much. A good thing to hear that she is happy, enjoying her life and she has someone special now. She couldn’t imagine that I was married and being a husband. I couldn’t believe it too but being a husband is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a man.

I’ve learned Mel is a better wife than I am a husband :-). She is not like me and she doesn’t think the same things I do but she taught me a lot. What I am today, pretty much because of her.

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Sampai ofis aku call agent nak tanya apa plan dia. Dia boleh jerit kat aku cakap aku tak bagi copy visa. smlm dia tak mintak. naik darah aku. aku cakap kat dia datang amik sekarang. Dan aku pun dah bengang aku hantar lah email ke bos dubai dan cc ke bos finland. aku cakap lah awat teruk sgt arrangement nih. mamat dubai tu boleh balas cakap, "this is normal and part of the "package" we are paid for". Naik darah aku baca email dia, aku pun click reply all, tulih "living in the dark is not part of the package". Aku nak buat kerja pun tadak mood.
pastu agent tuh baik pulak bila sampai sini tadi (dah kena call ngan org putih la tu), panggil aku habibi aja. ya habibi ya habibi. aku malas nak layan. aku bagi ja document dan belah.
Darah aku makin menurun sudah.

aku rasa ok dah kot. dia mesti buat keja sungguh2 dah. siap cakap tu, i'm not going to take even a penny from you. poyo lah. hang dah kapo byk dah. ppp ra mabuk.
aku call isteri aku, aku mengadu lah kat dia. lega sikit lps mengadu. hehe

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Successfully downloaded Qabril kerusi Qabril Gam. My ratio at still OK, so a lot more can be downloaded. Anyway while watching this movie half way (not even half pun, quarter kot), i received a call from customer saying that was problem on my server. It was the same issue and i have no idea what else to tell them. the application was running but the logs started to complaint that was broken connection. There was no way to solve this, so i just backed up those logs and restarted the machine. It is up and running now but what am I gonna tell them. I really hate writing incident report but I was left with no choice. Too much shit to be cleaned and my ass is not safe and never has been :-(. "Grep"ing all logs and compiled in one report then sent out to support team (they have yet to answer the 1st issue)

This evening I called the agent again, and seemed impossible to change into my name. He said he will find the solution for me and insisted not to report this issue to my manager. Should i just report it? they are good at talking but seriuosly they donno how to walk the talk.

Today's been a bad day for geegrik and he seemed to have no one to lean on. In times of need, this middle-age man can be physically and emotionally vulnerable.

Off to bed now. bye bye .

Letrik Kena potong

Semalam masa pulang, aku pi hantaq syam ke rumah dia. Dia ajak soru kat rumah dia. alahamdulillah sbb aku pun dok nak makan apa lah hari ini. habis fast food aku dok pusing. mcD, KFC, hardeez, Burger King. Nasi beriani kicap rasa cam tak selera plak nak makan hari ni, walaupun ayam goreng dia mmg sedap. ada rasa masin sikit2. depa kata peluh peluh kicap tuh. Haha.
Uik aku masih bergembira. lepas tuh aku pun balik rumah. sampai dekat bawah, Guard tu cakap rumah aku api kena potong. terkejut katak aku. Terus aku jadi maharajalela. aku naik atas, mmg kena potong. tapi aku tahu org tuh matikan suis kat luar tu ja. cuma dia seal ngan read tape. aku nak bukak, dia kata "NO, Police coming", aku rasa nak pelangkung ja. dah lah panas. Aku pun dgn angin call agent aku mengamuk. "what happenned to the 2000 money that we paid you before?". dia cakap " no no no.." apa ntah dia cakap, aku pun tak paham. Sbb aku dok bebel sambil dia cakap. Dia cakap dia nak mai rumah aku, last last dia suruh aku amik dia kat mall. aku pun pi lah amik dia, marah marah pun aku nak letrik aku ada. takkan aku nak tido dalam gelap. Aku mmg takut kegelapan. lps tu kami pi tempat letrik. dia dok deal ngan minah arab tu. so aku boleh bayar current bill 318 tapi esok kena tukar nama kena bayar 2000. hantu sungguh. maknanya 2000 yang bayar dulu dia buat apa tatau. Aku bayar jer lah sbb aku nak letrik. Lepas bayar kena pi customer servis. dah lah jem maghrib2. sampai sana solat sat, then jumpa org api. dia dok deal deal, dapat lah on balik. tapi kena tunggu sejam.
aku pun balik rumah duduk dalam gelap. dalam sejam lepas tu , org tu datang dan hidupkan suis tu jer. Aku pun pandai. Dapat aku tgk TV, cerita korea kat KBS world channel tu.

Tetapi pagi ini, aku pergi nak tukar nama. tapi tak boleh, sbb contract atas nama company bukan nama aku. ish angin nya. mau kena potong lagi nanti nih. aku pun call agent tu lagik. dia tak angkat. aku sms. cal lagi. lama sgt baru dia angkat. aku bagi tau dia tak boleh tukar nama. dia dok cakap. "easy easy. u come to me" hek dia. aku cakap aku sibuk. datang amik document kat opis aku. kalau kena potong aku report kat dubai opis. dia takut aku report sbb depa ni bersujud dekat mat salleh. aku pun menggunakan ayat tu ja lah.

Sekarang aku tgh tunggu dia. aku tak tahu mcm mana dia nak selesaikan. kalau kena potong aku nak hantar email kat bos aku kat dubai tu, pastu nak dish dish bos tu jugak sbb buat arranngement yang bangang ini. Aku akan email cakap nak dok hotel kalau kena potong. sapa nak dok dalam gelap. kalau dia tak bagi aku cakap nak balik malaysia sajalah.

Tapi Bos aku tu pun dah nak berenti sbb prestasi buruk dia. malas lah nak pk. dok naik darah saja dari malam tadi. tengok cerita blue nyace pun dah tak stim. Dah la semalam aku call bini aku, cakap hello terus dia marah sbb meletakkan perbualan lucah bersama nyace. jadi aku dah buang.

Sesungguhnya krisis bawah umur, eh silap, pertengahan umur ini memang satu cabaran.

Satu lagi nak bagi tau, nabi kata di akhir zaman ada 70 jenis golongan islam dah. Hanya satu golongan saja yang masuk syurga. Jadi mula lah mencari kita ni duduk golongan mana. Kalau duduk sini golongan syiah cakap dia lah satu golongan tu, tapi aku tgk depa solat pun pelik, siap ada batu. pastu azan depa bunyi lain. banyak sangat nama Saidina Ali.

Tapi bila kita tengok dari segi nak lawan amerika, golongan syiah lah yang kuat lawan, macam iran, hezbullah dekat lebanon tu. tapi golongan sunni mcm arab semua ni dok melutut ja kat mat salleh. Kita rakyat malaysia ni golongan sunni lah tahu.

eh aku pun kena belajar lagi bab bab ni. mari kita sama sama mencari.

Haaa agent aku dah call. aku keluar sat....
dah pas semua dekat dia, aku cakap, kalau tak settle aku kena report. report tuh tak penting. yang penting letrik aku. Huh

mungkin dosa dapat email nyace kot.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Kampung Padang Jeri

Sebelum saya meneruskan cerita mengenai kampung di atas, saya telah putuskan untuk membiarkan perbualan saya dgn nyace dibawah. Saya rasa ianya amt sesuai dgn tajuk blog saya. Krisis Pertengahan Umur [akhirnya saya telah removekan sbb isteri saya amat berang sekali; maaf kan saya]. Untuk pengetahun semua umat nabi Muhammad dalam linkungan 60-70 sahaja. Jadi kalau lebih pada itu mmg satu bonus. Selalunya yang otak pandai2 umur dia panjang spt Tun Mahathir. (aku cakap pasal otak yer...) kalau bab2 politik tidak sesuai dibincangkan kerana saya lebih suka ada pembangkang berkualiti supaya ada check and balance. Nampak sgt aku tak pandai bercerita.

Tip (Bukan nama sebenar) amat berminat dengan nama kampung saya sbb ada nama Jeri. Dia ingat Jeri itu adalah nama boifren dia, seorang pekerja TMI (bukan company sebenar). Jeri ini disukai tip kerana dia mmg jambu. Sori lah jeri. Ko hemsem lah tapi aku sudah ada kawan nama HEMSEM. Walaupun dia tidak hemsem tapi semua org suka dia. Saya tidak sabar hendak ke Kulai menghadiri majlis perkahwinannya pada tahun ini. Mengenai jambu dari sekolah sampai tenpat bekerja ada jambu. Sekiranya anda berpeluang bekerja di TAB (company yang berjaya menghasilkan insan berguna) baber telah menglevelkan org org jambu. Adik Lan atau adik ipar kak Eza (panngila manja lan terhadap kakak iparnya) telah diskodeng oleh baber dan nyace kerana kejambuannya. Adiknya telah selamat diijabkabulkan so selamatlah dr baber dan nyace.

Eh nama kampung aku Padang jeri disebabkan ada banyak pokok jering. Tapi ketua kampung telah membuang ing bagi bunyi sedap sikit. Jadi lah Jeri. Sesungguhnya kampung ini tidak ada sangkut dgn kehidupan yang berakal.

Aku dah lama tak dengar Farah fauzana pagi pagi lah. Apa cerita dia ek.

Saya mengdoakan tidak ada saudara2 saya seperti adik adik ipar saya membaca blog saya. Kerana saya amat khuatir dgn kredibiliti dan kualiti anak menantu yang bagus saya akan hilang.

Agak lambat hari ini

I woke up at 4 for subuh prayer and get connected :-). While checking the share index and my portfolio, I recieved two emails from Nyace. Both 3G porn short movies. I know he has plenty of it and sent a few of those to me. He did it on purpose because he knows that I am alone now :P
Anyway orgasme clip quite nice and it aroused me a bit hahahaha. Eh nak buat kerja lah. sat...

Eh sambung.

Masa dok tgk tu YM lah dgn nyace. Sambil2 dia dok forward clip2 tuh. Dia pun masuk lah blog aku. “Standard aku ja English ko. Mcm darjah satu”. Hahahaha.

It’s not that bad. Graduated from local university and English is our third language (slps bahasa gerik dan bahasa Malaysia), I consider it good lah. There are a few people could write well. They use simple and smooth English (Bai and hartini dewi bini mat kent). I love the way they write. They know how deliver points in a pleasant way and it easier to read by people who do not speak English well :-). I read Giant’s too but his 1119 English requires me to read it twice :D. That’s why I prefer reading The Star instead of NST. [hint: sape2 grad dr UK tuh make sure your English is better than me kwang kwang kwang - no offence OK ;-)].

Monday, 23 April 2007

Babi masih banyak.

I was so disappointed. I went to Bowling center again just now at 7 because I promised to Rusna that I wanna bowl with her. So we could sharpen our skill together. Tetapi sampai saje di kaunter, we asked for one lane and the shoe size. We told them, “make sure no pig skin”. They noted but only Rusna got the size. “Just buy your own shoe”. Then I told that kicap. This is serious matter and this is Islamic country. Don’t simply say that to me. Sooner or later people will find out. Just tell your management. “I told already. No stock”. I’ve been living here for almost three months and I can read them well. They used to give false promise. So end up I just watched Rusna play and became her coach coincidentally. I just share the basic theory, and she managed to get 116 but her third game was below 100. Her hand couldn’t be straight anymore. She told me to buy one so we could play again tomorrow.

But I just couldn’t understand; those Qatari people just use that shoe with no worries. At first, I thought of buying socks there, so it could cover my skin but I guess it wasn’t fair at all because I already knew, it was a pig skin.

Jadi esok kene beli kasut bowling. That’s the only game I can enjoy here. A few guys here asking me for snooker or “jolok telur setan”. It was so boring, because it took me hours to finish the game and too much smoke. People like Hemsem could breathe that air. Sbb dia bangun pagi sarapan dia benda tu lah dgn tak gosok gigi, tu gigi dia lawa.

Kenapa nama hemsem ada tetiba. Tetapi hemsem halal disentuh. Dengar cerita dah pakai lantis. Cayalah dah ada kemajuan.

Bowling dan kasut Babi.

Last week, aku dgn kwn kwn di sini pergilah bermain bowling. Saje jer. ada 24 lanes, Baru siap masa asian game hari tu. Kami pun bermain lah dengan riang rianya. Mmg tak store lah, dapat bawah seratus jer. Kalau jerk tgk dia gelak. Tapi aku cuba mempraktikkan apa yang jernk cakap tgk arrow, so next game tuh ok lah sikit.

The next day, aku bosan, aku pun pergi bermain lagi disitu seorang diri. Aku main 3 games. Aku mempraktikkan theory jernk. Aku dapat avg 140. not bad lah after so long not playing bowling. Cerita pasal bowling nih byk cerita tapi itu tujuan utama untuk dicerita.

Next day dekat opis, aku borak dgn satu mamat mesia nih. Dia cakap kasut bowling tu diperbuat kulit babi. Ada 3 dot. Aku baca dkt jakim, dia cakap 3 dot ada yang babi ada yang tak. Aku baca hmetro soal jawab agama dgn dato’ masitah tu. Dia kata tak payah jamak. Eh silap tak payah samak sbb kering. Tapi jgn lah pakai lagi.

Rusna ajak aku main lagik hari ni. Aku suruh dia check ngan kawan mat salleh dia. Sbb mat salleh sah sah tahu kulit babi mcm mana. Mmg sah itu adalah kulit babi. Tapi depa ada kasut yang tak kulit babi.

Persoalan di sini. Ini adalah qatar dan sebuah negara islam di timur tengah. Babi tidak dijual dimana2 supermaket atau kedai. Tetapi mereka berjaya memasukkan babi seperti ini. Tapi takkan lah depa tak tahu. Aku pun tatau lah apa nak jadik.

Aku nak main lagi, tapi lps ni kena make sure tu bukan kasut babi. Sesungguh babi itu haram. Dah lah buruk rupa dia. Huh.

Driving license

Broken Line (overtaking allowed)

Recently i took local driving test because my international driving permit is no longer valid after getting my residence visa. what a stupid rule. but i have to live with it. speaking to most malaysian here, none of them giving me encouraging words. "ala 2 kali tu normal lah for malaysian. ada setengah tu pergi amik kelas bayar sampai 2 ribu lebih". mmg saiko.

Luckily, I came to know nuar quite close and he helped me a lot. He trained me how to do side parking and lend his signal book to me to be memorized. Basically all signals are international standard, it just that you have to remember it in correct way. You could speak English, but the tester just listen to specific word only. Most of local gov officer don't speak english.

the first test: Eye test

i passed this test, however i just got 6/9 for my left eye.

second test:

we woke up at 4.00 and arrived at the test centre at 5.30. I was in the queue waiting for my turn and i could see a few people try to do last minute reading. Unlike in malaysia, we had written test but here they will ask randomly and you must say it correctly.

When it came to my turn, that officer started with "no waiting signal", followed by "no parking", "highway starts". then came to broken line like this


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


I couldn't recall what this supposed to mean. i just said "Normal way". then he pointed it there again. "Normal way", again , "Normal way", then he said "Action", I said "Going straight" by showing my hands. Hahaha. then he went to next with "slippery road" and "double bend" signal.

After the test, i checked the manual back and it should be "broken line" and "overtaking allowed". haha

Am i finished?? Luckily I passed the test so i could proceed with L and bukit test.

i was very very very nervous. My leg was in auto shaky mode. I tried to take a deep breath for 10 times and recite some doa, but it still shaking. Then slowly, I climbed the hill and stopped at the white line. Turned off the engine and pulled the hand brake. Started the engine again and going forward, then put reverse gear, slowly reversing and did the L parking. My car did not set correctly and obviously it was uneven and a bit zigzag. That guy just came to me and said "mafi mafi" and took out my seat belt. i just showed my hand signal what supposed I do next. Then he said. parking parking. and handed over the test paper to me. Thank God I passed.

Then I went to do side parking. I just followed exactly the theory being taught to me, and I did perfectly for that. The officer took the paper from me, and i waited for the official result. I still feeling butterfly in my stomach until he called my name. Everybody has to be in the van and followed the test car. we will take turn one by one. I was the only malaysian and the rest was kicap. i know that i couldn't stand their odor before but during that time i just focus what shall i do.

When it came to my turn, i was so innocent. i gave assalamualaikum (bodek) and passed the paper to him. adjust my seat, mirror and side mirror. i had to practice back what i learnt for more than 10 years. We got to be hypocrite if we want to pass. i started with Bismillah, and slowly drove the car. Then the tester said "faster, faster, my wife is waiting for me". I said " i see and bismillah again" and drove it faster. i guess i recited Bismillah a few times and he could hear it well. am i a good muslim? But i did it spontaneously because i was so nervous and tense. After the second roundabout he asked me to stop and i said "syukran and assalamualaikum". i could see he marked my paper and everything was ticked with right sign. I felt release.

About 30 minutes after that, official result announced and I passed the test. Now i belong to a few malaysian that pass for one taking only. In anything we do, do not listen to negative opinion, and have faith in whatever we do. Practice and do not forget to pray to God. i did solat hajat that morning, and I believe God helped me on this.

After driving more than 10 years, i had to go through this again and it was something special and one of the obstacles to be remembered!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Pictures Only

Some of pics taken during the trip.

Sand dune bashing

I'm trying to upload a few pictures here. Picture say a thousand words, so i don't have to write much haha. That's why most of my collegue they can watch porn movies without a sound. while trying to upload the pictures, let's talk about man and porns. I hope none of my related family read this. else i'll be screwed. I told my wife all mens watch porn at least once. She started asking me, all my close friends, did they watch it too? I said yes. they are Man. she named a few and i said YES. haha. who belongs to once? i said most probably ajis or pakdin. the rest just love it.
Guys, if you happen to be my fren, she knows that you watched it at least once. opsss. Anyway i limited myself not to look at static pictures. if i do i have to "puasa". then all my usj collegues said movies is a collection of frame pictures, then you have to Puasa. Haha. this is my rule.

1st picture successfully uploaded. That Nissan pathfinder belongs to my friend. The journey begins at sea line beach resort. May be you have to zoom a bit to see that resort at the back there. There were two cars. pathfinder and Hummer. Most malaysian would love to be in Hummer and at least i've got to be in it here. It belongs to that Italian Guy ( a fren of Rusna - she was taking our picture)

We didn't have enough tools (GPS, compass, etc) so we just followed fabio and pray to God that everything will be fine. If you come to middle east, make sure you do this activity. If you follow the tourist guide they will charge you Qr500 (RM1 = QR1). But we got it free :-)

The scenery was nice, but i don't really know how to appreciate the nature :P It just like climbing hill, i started asking myself, when we gonna reach there haha. no patience at all.

at last we manage to reach the inland sea and had our picnic there.

eh dah sampai hujung punya cerita. Pusing jap, on our way to inland sea, we stopped here for an hour. we had fun on top of this sand dune, we climbed up and down, taking pictures and enjoy the air.

I luv to see this picture. it becomes my wallpaper at this moment :-)

Lps dah makan, haripun dah petang, kami pun nak balik. tetapi mamat itali tuh dia gatai, nak masuk dalam mud tepi pantai tuh, last last lekat. kami berusaha nak tarik tapi malang lah.
so kami balik tinggalkan hummer dia nak ditenggelami air itu. sampai sea line mintak tolong qatari, then kena bayar QR2000. habis duit dia haritu.
tapi takpa, mat salleh gaji byk nak mampus kat sini.

Aku berpoyo ikat kereta tuh (dalam hati: habis lah kotoq seluar baju aku nih haha)

Next trip ada lagi pergi sand dune. sekali ni dapat kutip clamps. dapat 10 kilo. tapi trip tu dgn mel. nanti lah cerita.



I used to start with 'hi' in any email. sometimes I change it to "hey" or hello. Anyway, those intros have nothing to do with any subject i'm gonna say here.

I used to blog before but only a few knows my link. I told every single thing of my life until i couldn’t afford to share it with anybody. Those lucky people found it from the net or I do trust them. I'm not gonna tell lies or exaggerating anything but I will try to write what people want to hear.

I’m currently in Doha having a job assignment for a year. I suppose to be back in KL next January even though I’m hoping that my contract will be renewed so I could stay here for another year at least J. Everybody loves Malaysia, but I wouldn’t get this pay if I’m in Malaysia. Here I am !!

I came here exactly on Maal Hijrah Day, (20th Jan). Normally, I go to the airport myself by calling Limo, but this is totally different. Most of my close family accompanied me to the airport. Not much emotional, I just hugged everybody and say good bye J

Safely landed in Doha Airport at 6.00 am. Get the car at Sixt Rent Car. Shit!! my wife swapped my international license with hers. I was pissed off being told I can drive legally for 7 days only. I sms’ed my wife asking her to courier my license and as usual I will nag at her a bit ;-)

Off we go. I just had google map and the car to find the apartment. It was cold and I had to drive on the left side for the first time in my life. I’d got honk by a lot people. I guess I was near to the apartment but I didn’t know exactly where it was. They gave me coordinate but it was useless, as I didn’t have GPS system. I called the landlord agent and he asked me to park anywhere and he will find me. Not convincing at all. I found one nice building and just had my self in there because I was freezing standing outside. I bumped with one Indian guy and asking him. “Do you know Mr Sallah?” “Yes..bla bla..”

“ok ok I show your apartment. U free time speak to me”. Whatever. I asked him to carry my 50K bag to 3rd floor and gave him QR50. That was my first day.