Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back to ...

With a heavy heart i got to fly back to doha. i'm going to miss ameerah and Mel for another a month at least. Ameerah doing well now although she had jaundice for a couple of days. We managed to do aqiqah for her on her 5 days old, and we were very happy to see our families and friends coming to celeberate the joy. Ameerah must be very happy with the gifts and angpows that she received that day.
From my side, cik kim's family was the first, and almost all my cousins in Klang Valley managed to come. No excuse for abg jan and happy to see adik and abg mi turned up that day. They came all the way from pahang and penang respectively. Kakak missed the event as she starts living in the jungle far away in Sabah ;-) and abg Dan for number of years didn't see him. Perhaps he just knew the news from Ayah that he just got another niece. As told by Ayah, he hasn't changed and remains as he is. It seems like no way to change him unless he has his own will to do so.
Yesterday Mel brought Ameerah to see pedectrician and was informed that she is growing and doing well. Then she met breastfeed consultant to get details on getting more milk. The next check up will be on 4th march for vaccination and InshaAllah they will fly to Doha on Mac 15. I can't wait to see them.
Back to work, I was quite busy downloading all the emails on my first day and answering some questions from customers. It all done in a day, which today I manage to blogging. I wish i could write more or a few lines a day, then it won't look dead.

Monday, 16 February 2009

ameerah tasneem and me

I love this pic very much...
After 6++ years of marriage, she came to us on 3rd Feb 2009 at 1.10 pm at HUKM.
Of course we are happy and so does everybody around us. My pray that she will always be healthy, and be a good muslimah and hopefully we are able to guide her.

Today, she just 13 days old, and still a long way to go. ....