Friday, 22 July 2011

lazy friday with ameerah

mommy is becoming abaya tokey lately. she has been updating her blog and uploaded all colourful abaya at her fb and blogs. i could see this her one time business since she's gonna fly back home in 2 weeks time to deliver the baby in malaysia. i got to remind her to return the capital to ensure that she's really doing business :p haha. anyway good luck for her.
Sha has been spending time with us for couple of days since her new house is yet to be ready. ameerah is kinda happy to have her as well. mommy too as she could gossiping at home :p
anyway today sha went out with her bff and mommy left us at home for souq naif again. seriously nothing much i could do when both of us alone; ameerah would be all the time around me and forcing me to play with her haha. i tried to ask her playing in the bedroom in hoping she would fall asleep :p but it didn't help. probably this could be her revenge after 3 days missing in action to doha; so i decided to bring her out and heading to the jumeirah walk. it was great indeed; we run chaisng each other until we reached the beach. time to watch sunset and time for abi to cleanse the eyes keh keh keh. we stroll along the beach together while watching people having fun in the water. i checked the price for banana boat and it was very pricey. 65 dirham for each person is too much compared to what we had in PD. no intention to ride ameerah; it just so happened we met the place while strolling the beach. the water seemed nice too; it's warm which i could think of bring her again and we could swim together. as if i would be rajin after this. the sunset was over so we decided to go home; arghh i tot to drop by juice stall but they just accepted cash and i had 20 dirham in the pocket haha. we changed the plan by heading home and drop by Starbucks to have mocha frappucino and whice choc cheese cake. ameerah just had mineral water only. hehe. after spending 15 minutes there and suddenly said cheers and hit her glass with mine. one emirati was smiling and said "aaa cheerss... not good for her" deep inside i was a bit malu la; tapi i guess that guy must thought we were pinoy haha so i just asked ameerah to go home. hey don't blame me about that cheers ; it was her aunty sha Ok.
back home i let her playing with the bubbles in the tub while i was cleaning the shoes that has been dirt with sands. i joined her to wash... i need to have dinner for a while.. will conmt later

Monday, 18 July 2011


hello.. i woke up at the wee hours for isyak prayer. 2.45 am to be exact. we were forced to sleep to ensure ameerah went to bed before 9 pm. she had a very long nap in the day time and it was hard for her to go to sleep again. she was singing, rolling all over over and once in a while kissing us to melt us in hoping that we would play with her. the only reason she has to go to play school today at 8 am. if we keep her awake there's no way show would be fresh and excited to be in school. this lil princess is very talkative and everything she does at home basically would melt my heart. forget about how she flies and sweeping on the floor at the shopping malls. that really irritates me :p ; i just presume that her normal growth process HaHa that hunger for attention when she couldn't get what she wants.
She talks a lot although most of the words only she herself could understand it. seriously when she does something to us and says " say thank u ameeyah" and definitely we'll do so and promptly she replied "u're welcome" is a big thing to us. pretending crying in front of her; she'll pat you and says "no worry" abi would make me "cry"ing more just to tease her. she loves to imitate her mommy when she plays with her "katie" and "baby".. "clean up everything" she orders them :-) She does love music. she knows very well to dance to the music. her tokwan in grik would be shock HaHa looking at her dancing the no wonders number "nobody but you".
she's more than 2 years now. she's the best thing happening in front of my eyes now. Soon she'll be having adik. can't wait to see what's gonna happen next.

what about me? honestly nothing interesting in my job. i love this city. yes dubai is fantastic. everyone has changed their expat contract to local here, and that doesn't excite me. for now i've no plan to renew once expires. by end of this year I'll reach my target to be away for 5 years. i believe i should stick to my original 5 years plan. let's pray subuh now, and i have to take some sleep again :-)