Thursday, 30 October 2008

i'm just plain gullible

it is very sad day when you came to know you just plain gullible. It's very hard to get over it but I always believe time will heal.

I have learnt my lessons....

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


it's nearly end of october and this is the first entry :-)
after spending all my time catching up with my old friends at MRSM Penang, iTTM, MMU and our close friend in Doha via facebook, i slowly forgetting my blog. This is not fair HeHe.
Fesbuking indeed the best thing to do. I don't really enjoy with those embedded applications there but my interest is to see the old friends and keeping close to a newfound friend here. Once the pictures uploaded, loads of comments would be there and we had fun over it.
Seriously, some of my friends back in mrsm penang, changed tremendously. We could notice them by the old pictures only. Then by keeping all your pictures and caption here, will not worry you in case of hard disk failure ;-). Those will be your "down memory lane"...
anyway, i just back in Qatar. i had my 2 weeks++ holidays, although i got to work remotely for a couple of days :P. I didn't manage to see all families and friends and sorry for that. We planned it very well and that the best thing I could do.
Politics? sept 16 and Oct 15 is over. I guess we could forget Anwar to become PM. I doubt he has the numbers. It's better for him to concentrate on 5 opposition states instead. The whole world is going down now and hopefully Malaysia is resilient enough to face this bearish economy.
It is good that fuel price was dropped to 2.30 although malaysian expecting more. unfortunately, the increased goods will not go down anymore. Raising fuel price will cause domino effect but bring it down will not change anything. too bad.