Tuesday, 28 July 2009

ameerah will be flying back.....

i'll be having training in kl for a week. mommy and ameerah will be follwing me back and they will stay until raya. i will retun to doha alone and will join them back later a week before raya.
... just bought the ticket and first row and bassinet have been reserved..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

ameerah is on solid food now...

a quick update. we went to dubai last weekend. mel kept on pushing me to be there. she wanted to shop for ameerah and of course for her as well. I intended not to buy any for myself but i bought a few working shirt. almost colateral damage after heavenly shopping in doha last month :P.
Back to doha, after recalculating, i kept on nagging at mel and reminding her not ask any special gift for anniversary. Oh well she knew me very well when I got hot due to money, she just kept quite or obliged to what i said :P. Then Ameerah was ready for solid food. so she offered to use her 'hidden' money to buy the hand blender and comforting me by buying a juice maker :P. I was happy. but thinking it back, she could comfort me by giving me a juice maker? very strange indeed. From that day, i keep on buying fruits and starts blending anything. Just name it. mango smoothie, ice blended horlick, mango + kiwi smoothie.. anything. my neighbour must not be happy at night now listening to the blending tune.
I'm not saying i'm stingy or running out of money. But i'm quite particular in savings. anything less than my target will change my mood instantly.

For the past few weeks, i keep on thinking of going home for good. Mel prefers not to give any more input and the best she could say "i'm OK if u want to be back, and back to my work". and she starts thinking of decorating Ameerah's room. I know I have to make a pause and thinking it wisely again. We know the grass always looks greener on the other side. Once we step on it, the look could be another way around. That's normal and that's human. My immediate boss gave me a call and confirm that i'll starting doing a new thing from next week. So i decided to see what's gonna happen in a few weeks time. After all only a few monts left before year end. Times flies so fast isn't it?
Ok fine, i should be thankful what i have now. Indeed I am. But it's a human nature to treasure a new thing that has been hunting for years.
And the fact is i'm no longer happy what i am doing now.

running out of idea for now.. will update more soon ;-)