Saturday, 8 September 2007

Still alive

HeHe, I have to admit that i'm not a good blogger, and i have less desire to write. i might need to be in other places to have more ideas. the fact is i'm not a good writer too. Still, i have no problem to communicate with people.
Anyway, today is the best day for Mel, we had 2 invitations. Lunch and Dinner. right after Jumaat prayer, we went to zul's house to have our brunch there. We do not mingle much with people, but we do have our close circle. So when there is "makan2" we could see more malaysian. Mel asked me to bring her to landmark, because mark and spencer still on "sale", but i refused to go there. as usual, i need good justification from her :-). she had no good reason, so i just drove ourselves to City Center. We went to nike outlet, and bought herself one sling bag. she didn't realize that she is growing old now. that kind of thing just for young girls. but she had a good justification to buy it so i had no reason to say no.
i feel sleepy by now... i supposed to sum up about our dinner at normah's house. will continue later. anyway i can't wait to be out of Doha again for two weeks from 13th Sept ;-)