Sunday, 30 December 2007

I bought a new watch

I have had a Guess which i bought at 50% discounted price at KLCC and after 6 years
of hesitation I bought a new watch :-)
TISSOT T-Load Valjoux T54.1.487.31 

Sunday, 16 December 2007

We just moved :-)

We just moved. The flat is nice. located at the second floor. bad view but the interior is better. Mel likes the new place too. Oh yea, we have a "watchman" now. Very helpful. But don't forget to tips them once in a while :-)
The process of getting this new flat wasn't easy. The marketing lady was so sexy, showing her cleavage every time i see her. She was so nice and i easily accept the flat. Don't get me wrong OK. There is nothing wrong with the flat. But this lady wanna play a game. It is a furnished apartment but she did not want to give us kitchen utensils, dining set and iron. All tenants in those building received it without asking but this lady really pissed me off. Besides, I got to use my own money first to pay the water and electricity deposit because they refused to use theirs while my company transferring the money to their bank account.
The fact is, i'm a snappy guy, and only mel knows it well. I lost my temper, so i just bombarded everybody in their office, then this sexy lady started being nice again :P. Don't ever think, customer is always a King here. They just knew how to get the money, and once done, don't expect much on after sale service from them.
Mel kept on calling them too. alas we got what we want :-)
.... and don't count on sexy lady. don't stare at their valley too much as it will distract u :P

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Perkembangan Terbaru

My contract comes to the end, and surprisingly my customer offered me a job. I met their HR, but the package wasn't so good, so i rejected the offer. a few people coming over asking my stand, so after having a lengthy discussion, i agreed to continue my current contract with a few conditions. Basically, i will move to a better maintenance flat, a little increment and extra holidays. I could fly back to Malaysia two times next year, so it will be nice. Maybe i could use one for Malaysia and another one for somewhere else. I'm fantasizing now as the official contract has not been signed. Dream on...
Living here quite OK, of course we miss everything back home. But we have to plan for our future. after all we are growing old. On one fine day we will return home. Mel feels bored too; she misses her Unit Trust thingy, so i need to reward her like she used to get. One free ticket to Qatar hahahaha.
If we are talking about life, we never satisfied with what we have. That's why we must have our own objective and never compare ourselves with others. The only thing you could do, just check your present condition. If it is better, than you have improved. If we tend to compare, hatred feelings will come. Hate hurts but never heals and hate is the very worst choice for those who want to be happy.
Dah lama tak update ek. next entry nak tulis pasal kawan kawan lah.