Saturday, 5 September 2009

ramadan kareem

Dah separuh ramadahan. secara jujurnya terawikh tahun ini begitu hancur sekali.
apa aku nak update tak tahu. will try to write something lah. here we go.

i'm alone in doha for now. mel and ameerah in KL. they followed me back when i was having training in KL before.
the schedule was very tight and i could't step my foot at KLCC at all. Since my training was in bandar utama and staying at one world hotel, i went to my brother's place a couple of times. after all his house just on the crossing of the main road.

I didn't manage to pay a visit to my uncle's place :-) so i just asked mel to go there with ameerah a week after. Well, my wife could go to my family place without me but NOT another way around hehe.
So back to doha alone, and ramadahan began. I realized that i have been spending my puasa abroad since 2005. back in KL, in 2005 and 2006 i was in jakarta and hongkong. 2007 spent a week in mekah and the rest in doha. AND never complete my 30 days (is it 29 or 30)? with Mel around. My wife love to leave me during Ramadan. hehe. For some very good reason, we have to be apart. For instance for this year. they followed me back for training and it happened to be close to ramadan, and we plan to have raya in malaysia. what's the point of spending unnecessary flight ticket just to be in doha for 3 weeks right. atok and nenek ampang could spend more time with Ameerah too. well ameerah just back to grik for 2 days ;-). To make it fair, we'll be spending our raya at Padang Jeri. That's how my fair rules work hehe. don't be so petty lah. when it comes to marriage there must be give and take. 60 for u 40 for wife oso OK (or vice versa) as long as mutually agreed by both hehe. don't be so rigid to have 50-50 all the time.

puasa in doha bujang2 ni oklah. dah ada advance plan. sometimes go to friend's house or having iftar together with all close friends at the restaurant. the bad thing here, no cheap restaurant that could fit yr appetite or sedap your tekak. Holiday villa just started their operation in doha since may. and they provide iftar buffet in malaysian way. the price a bit pricey lah jugak 130 each. the variety not so much lah compared to malaysian hotel. tapi you are no longer young that so excited to fill up all edible foods inside your tummy. CANNOT GO anymore!! remember the old days when u started your first job and u were invited to free buffet at any hotel and yr stomach was gonna bloat...mcm nak pecah perut makan. today nak makan mana? it looks like we gonna have it at penderossa. the price is very reasonable. 50 satu kepala. i guess that's the cheapest in doha. and someone has to be the macai to book the place. reserve by call will not help. so the macai has to be there early, seat and wait for all the gangs. org bujang selalu diarah jadi macai. tapi hari ni aku malas hahaha.

nak mandi lah