Thursday, 31 December 2009

another year

we tend to abandon the blog once all the update could be done via facebook. fb is the in-thing now where we could get connected to our friends and families. Now with having bb in your hands u could always update on the move. yes people are buying technology. to recall back, i started to use cellphone in my first year job.

anyway, once u abroad it's kinda hard to be back unless u r forced to at least too bad to be true for me. I keep on saying to finish off till the year end and decide to be back. the fact is, i'm still alive and kicking in this foreign land.

We just moved to a new place and pretty happy to be here for the last 2 days :P
will plan for next vacation later. plan to be back during raya too. perhaps before that, we'll travel somewhere.

i would like to wish happy new year to all my friends and families Happy twenty ten !!

Friday, 4 December 2009

safely back in DOH - fr istanbul

Now i have something to jot down here. nothing much. just simply to update that we just safely back in doha from our short vacation to istanbul. 5D4N was not enough to cover the whole istanbul. Our free and easy trip seemed to be hectic, and we almost canceled bospharus trip due to ameerah's condition. she had a very bad fever and me and mel took turn to check on her. paracetamol for every 4 hours in 12 hours time seemed did not bring down her body temperature. after checking with the reception the nearest clinic in town that could speak english, ameerah was getting better. we made a consencus decision for bosphorus trip and alhamdulillah we made it. The rest of the trips, i believe Mel will update it later in her FB. check it out ;-)
I would say, Istanbul is really a great city to visit which u'll never regret it. One thing u probably didn't like when it comes to bargain on the price of taxi fare or things that u wanted to buy at the bazaar. They might be sarcastic with their words towards you ;-)
although i reminded mel that we would go there for sight-seeing but as usual, we would not be able to change back the money that we bought it before :P all gone until at the very last minute ..
..lupa plak.. we went there with asyraf + zura and their 2 lovely kids.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

ramadan kareem

Dah separuh ramadahan. secara jujurnya terawikh tahun ini begitu hancur sekali.
apa aku nak update tak tahu. will try to write something lah. here we go.

i'm alone in doha for now. mel and ameerah in KL. they followed me back when i was having training in KL before.
the schedule was very tight and i could't step my foot at KLCC at all. Since my training was in bandar utama and staying at one world hotel, i went to my brother's place a couple of times. after all his house just on the crossing of the main road.

I didn't manage to pay a visit to my uncle's place :-) so i just asked mel to go there with ameerah a week after. Well, my wife could go to my family place without me but NOT another way around hehe.
So back to doha alone, and ramadahan began. I realized that i have been spending my puasa abroad since 2005. back in KL, in 2005 and 2006 i was in jakarta and hongkong. 2007 spent a week in mekah and the rest in doha. AND never complete my 30 days (is it 29 or 30)? with Mel around. My wife love to leave me during Ramadan. hehe. For some very good reason, we have to be apart. For instance for this year. they followed me back for training and it happened to be close to ramadan, and we plan to have raya in malaysia. what's the point of spending unnecessary flight ticket just to be in doha for 3 weeks right. atok and nenek ampang could spend more time with Ameerah too. well ameerah just back to grik for 2 days ;-). To make it fair, we'll be spending our raya at Padang Jeri. That's how my fair rules work hehe. don't be so petty lah. when it comes to marriage there must be give and take. 60 for u 40 for wife oso OK (or vice versa) as long as mutually agreed by both hehe. don't be so rigid to have 50-50 all the time.

puasa in doha bujang2 ni oklah. dah ada advance plan. sometimes go to friend's house or having iftar together with all close friends at the restaurant. the bad thing here, no cheap restaurant that could fit yr appetite or sedap your tekak. Holiday villa just started their operation in doha since may. and they provide iftar buffet in malaysian way. the price a bit pricey lah jugak 130 each. the variety not so much lah compared to malaysian hotel. tapi you are no longer young that so excited to fill up all edible foods inside your tummy. CANNOT GO anymore!! remember the old days when u started your first job and u were invited to free buffet at any hotel and yr stomach was gonna bloat...mcm nak pecah perut makan. today nak makan mana? it looks like we gonna have it at penderossa. the price is very reasonable. 50 satu kepala. i guess that's the cheapest in doha. and someone has to be the macai to book the place. reserve by call will not help. so the macai has to be there early, seat and wait for all the gangs. org bujang selalu diarah jadi macai. tapi hari ni aku malas hahaha.

nak mandi lah

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

ameerah will be flying back.....

i'll be having training in kl for a week. mommy and ameerah will be follwing me back and they will stay until raya. i will retun to doha alone and will join them back later a week before raya.
... just bought the ticket and first row and bassinet have been reserved..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

ameerah is on solid food now...

a quick update. we went to dubai last weekend. mel kept on pushing me to be there. she wanted to shop for ameerah and of course for her as well. I intended not to buy any for myself but i bought a few working shirt. almost colateral damage after heavenly shopping in doha last month :P.
Back to doha, after recalculating, i kept on nagging at mel and reminding her not ask any special gift for anniversary. Oh well she knew me very well when I got hot due to money, she just kept quite or obliged to what i said :P. Then Ameerah was ready for solid food. so she offered to use her 'hidden' money to buy the hand blender and comforting me by buying a juice maker :P. I was happy. but thinking it back, she could comfort me by giving me a juice maker? very strange indeed. From that day, i keep on buying fruits and starts blending anything. Just name it. mango smoothie, ice blended horlick, mango + kiwi smoothie.. anything. my neighbour must not be happy at night now listening to the blending tune.
I'm not saying i'm stingy or running out of money. But i'm quite particular in savings. anything less than my target will change my mood instantly.

For the past few weeks, i keep on thinking of going home for good. Mel prefers not to give any more input and the best she could say "i'm OK if u want to be back, and back to my work". and she starts thinking of decorating Ameerah's room. I know I have to make a pause and thinking it wisely again. We know the grass always looks greener on the other side. Once we step on it, the look could be another way around. That's normal and that's human. My immediate boss gave me a call and confirm that i'll starting doing a new thing from next week. So i decided to see what's gonna happen in a few weeks time. After all only a few monts left before year end. Times flies so fast isn't it?
Ok fine, i should be thankful what i have now. Indeed I am. But it's a human nature to treasure a new thing that has been hunting for years.
And the fact is i'm no longer happy what i am doing now.

running out of idea for now.. will update more soon ;-)

Sunday, 28 June 2009


most ppl call it tepung pelita. but our family call it limas. we decided to give a try so mel asked the recipe from Kakak and i prepared the "sampan" keh keh keh.
not bad for 1st attempt. the taste quite nice but the texture a bit hard. we'll try again tomorrow.
i'm quite good though in making the sampan compared to mel
1st row done by me and second row.. who else. mommy did it. keh keh keh

no worries mommy. i believe after a few hands on, u'll beat Kakak soon...
go mommy go!!

this kuih reminded me my late mom. this is my fav besides ikan bilis and telur when i was a kid. the day where i never shared glass/cup or plate with anybody. keh keh keh.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

New update ngeh ngeh ngeh

It has been a while. a couple of times writing a few notes but did not able to upload or i purposely deleted it. I checked the shoutbox, could see the message from cik kim asking me alive or not. anyway i do open and read my uncles and cousins blog frequnetly. somehow u stuck with the idea what shall you pen down here.

My working life is a bit change lately as I'm busier than used to be. a lot of migration need to be completed in june as everybody plan for summer leave starting from july. personal side, i kinda like it and i would say living in KL is more hectic. Ameerah, Alhamdulillah growing well. she bubles a lot and her shirt easily get wet. she knows how to face down and trying hard to crawl. she's making noise every now and then and behavin well when we go out to the mall. probably it was due to her mommy window shopping habit during pregnancy.

I called kampung 2 days ago, and umi complained the same thing too. i haven't called them for quite sometime. Like Adik said, we probably busy playing with Ameerah HeHe. Seriously we miss everything and all families back home. ayah and umi sounds OK and happy to know they have no problem with health. Umi updated me that Adik went to Sabah to visit her beloved sister there. I came to know that she is a blogger too and at least we know they are happy there. Anyway to keep on blogging and updating any issue is not an easy way. Mine still survive till this date ;-) although it looks like i'm no longer frequent writer.

Doha is having sale since last 2 weeks. Most wanted stuff by Doha mommies on 50% sale . poyos.. june and december is the best way to be out of doha so u won't spend much on those. the fact is human is human; the temptation is hard to resist. Mel gone wild by spending all her special gift for bringing Ameerah to this world. Shall she thanks to Ameerah :P

Yesterday was June 19, and it was mel's birthday. I kept on wishing it 3 days before and i believe she wouldn't expect any as she got her birthday gift in advance. I was busy at the office too doing load testing and suddenly shambeng asking me to be in leo's place. I told him that i couldnt go anywhere as it was mel's birthday. Then he suggested to make surprise birthday party for Mel. I was quite reluctant to do it because i never done it before. So i just passed the money to him to buy the cake and coordinate the event. At home before heading to leo's I was quite good in acting HaHa. Being sarcastic to anything that her doing would do a job well. She nagged me all the way to leo's. Reverse physcology by saying "yang mesti perasan kan, kot kot lah depa tuh buat surprise party kat yang". i really pissed her off. HaHa.

Once we arrived there, the plan was not so well. one of our collegue had punctured tyre and some of them had to go out and rescue her. The guys had to hide the cake first. A few minutes later, everybody home. I went to the kitchen, and lights off and everybody singing Happy besday while I carried the cake to Mel. keh keh keh. Sebenatnya gua pun malu2 jugak since i never done before and it all well planned by our friends here. Mel was blushing and as usual, she couldn't react and stunned with the event. she was clueless. I knew deep inside her, she must be happy then. Then the party began.......... well nothing much. we just had makan2 and borak2 while kids playing all around the house.

yeahh Opera Cake



Mommy, abi and Ameerah :-)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

ameerah - baby talk

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

i'm working

so everybody does.. anyway it's quite rare for me to work at this hour. i woke up at 2.30 am to do another round of testing. tapi tak setel. aku test jer, but my colleague from Finland were the one updated the code :P Cool gak. u just did the test and tell them, either is working or not. but u have to make sure it's working else u have to repeat the same process again and again. Bosan lah citer pasal keje.
Haha, nyace menakutkan aku konon ada hantu. I work remotely, just a 5 meter from Ameerah.
di sbbkan mamat tu tgh fix sbb tak jalan, aku nak gi makan makaroni sat yang mel buat malam tadi. ciao.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

update on ameerah

sudah pastu tgh tika ini sepupu2 aku dan pakcik2 aku tgh sibuk tgh MU lwn arsenal. donno much about the game though, but will be nice to hear if gunner wins the game :P
dok tahu la bila nak kelik kapung. plan raya, tapi tiket dok beli pun lagi.

tadi baru kawan mai melawat ameerah. so ameerah dapat baju lagi. thanks to aunty dila, diba, and sha and the CO.

Here are the pictures of ameerah on her 2 months old ++
untuk tatapan semua terutama keluarga. che pakcik dan opah cik di pandan, mak2 dan bapak2 sedara ameerah di merata2 tempat. atok dan nenek ampang selalu skype. atok dan opah padang jeri susah nak kenal ni. since ameerah blom balik padang jeri lagi, hopefully we can make it this raya. apa2 pun hanya mampu merancang.

ameerah dah cukur...

aktiviti minggu lepas

ini group bujang. so semua isteri kena tinggal. kami pi inland sea dan tangkap kupang.
balik masak sedap..

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

what a bad day...

2 hari berturut2 ni agac hectic lah. rasa mcm dah tak sesuai dah aku nak kerja2 malam.
woke up at 2.30 am and did the testing and went to work by 6.10 am. back from work, we had a group of visitors, which is our good friend indeed and off to bed at 12.00 am. then by 2.30 am again woke up heading to airport, off to dubai. surprisingly i was denied to enter dubai, and was asked to get the copy of visa from the visa section which i followed bluntly and was told no visa required for malaysian. so i chose different lane and went through without a problem. i had my breakfast at the airport, then made a move around 7 am. I was second in the office, which i only knew a few. of course i am, since i live in the isolated island. the workshop was quite short and had a plenty of time to mobile. had a discussion with my VP and manager on my family visa, and no firm decision being made. then got a cab all the way to mall of emirates to do window shopping . buat muka konfiden sikit :P ada 500 dirham ja nak beli apo. then i was damn sleepy like zombie. so drop by at coffee bean for mocha and unconciuosly slept there for 30 mins. i couldn't hold anymore so got a cab to airport. tried to change to early flight and was advised to check at the boarding gate. i was the 1st in the queue and quite confident to get the seat then suddenly 3 man in white robe came in. f***!! they got the seat so i got to stay on my orig flight. then found out the flight was delayed. so here i am, writing this .
dubai and doha just pretty the same because we live in hierachy system. ya ya ada hukum kasta

Thursday, 9 April 2009


yesterday, mommy and nenek went shopping while me and ameerah stayed home. like before i wish she wouldn't poo poo, or at least she could hold it until they came back. my prediction was wrong. Suddenly while watching cartoon she started to cry, and i gave her bottled milk, which she refused at first. i persuaded her and she suck it slowly and kept on making noise. Ok ek ok ek. once done she continued merengek. She must be baking then. goshhh. I put her on bed and had to change her diaper. I was a bit panick haha looking at that spoilt cake and with the smell. erkk. I took a bowl of water which ended up pouring on my bed, and decided to wash her in the toilet. Then sudddenly, ding dong, ding dong, the doorbell was ringging. Thank God mommy's home. So the job had been taken over. hehehe.. will try again next time :P

Monday, 6 April 2009

Wee wee and poo poo

OK, now everybody is here. mommy, ameerah and mama. Ameerah is 2 months 3 days now. she is growing well and so manja la. she cries for milk but they way she cries will melt you. sounds manja or benyek hahaha. I love to tease her and let her be especially in the morning. kiss her until she cries before left for work.
the beauty of living here, you have so much time to spend with your family and it means not much job at work HeHe. Although i find it pretty bored at work, it changes me once home. Cuddling Ameerah and do baby talking with her such a lovely thing to do now.
I can change her "huggies" if she wee wee only for the time being and never tried when she poo poo. HaHa. Later lah mommy. The color so yellow now HaHaHa.
I just received SMS from abg jan and my parents safely return from Umrah. Alhamdulillah.
if you want to see the collection of photos mom at Doha, just check at Mel's facebook. a picture says a thousand words, but there a lot of pictures, so millions of words are there ;-)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

apa nak jadi...

State paid for MB’s wife to visit son in Melbourne

By Neville Spykerman

SHAH ALAM, March 25 — Permodalan Negri Selangor Berhad (PNSB) chief executive officer Datin Khairiyah Abu Hassan testified before the legislature today that the state subsidiary was ‘instructed” to pick up the cost to Melbourne for the wife of former menteri besar Datin Zahrah Kechik to visit their son who was studying there.

Khairiyah told the Special Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) that she received the instructions directly from Zahrah and was “told” to accompany her on the three day visit, in 2007. (continue..)

Thursday, 12 March 2009


hari ni spm keluar, so pun terus bukak blog pak cik aku sbb nak tgk result izzati. as expected she scored A1 for all papers. Sungguh menakutkan melihat keputusan budak2 sekarang. Huhu
penuh piggy bank dia lepas ni hehehe

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sabar itu separuh dpd Iman keh keh keh

i donno so much ppl in doha, but i do have my own circle here and we pretty close to each other. I do realize that some people are comfortable be friend with me although my life quite dull with no interest to share. I found it funny too. Sometimes they do share their personal life which I listen and understand it well but no advice to be offered. Firstly they did something that i never did and how could i advice them? still they love to share it with me.
With not so much friend around, i found my life quite occupied though. I'm temporarily single for the time being and people would love to invite me for brunch, lunch or dinner which i never rejected it. Besides having free food, i could pass my lonely time easily. But it would give another problem for my other half far away in malaysia. She is currently busy taking care of Ameerah and has little time to be on net. Once she has the opportunity to do so while Ameerah is sleeping, I'm away with my friend. I do understand her feeling but to rush back home to be on skype or YM is something hard for me to do. I would text her back by saying, I'll be home soon. How do you define soon anyway.
Once home, i text her again with "i'm home" then she replied "great, then" which i found it amusing because i know, she is sulking now and no easy way to calm her. I called her but the call was rejected. It is like a cold war right. To me, i don't take this seriously as i believe time will heal. Having long distance relationship is not easy and both of us know it very well.
Life is like that. When your life is occupied with happiness you wont feel depress whereas when you have so many things to do with so little time to rest you need a shoulder to cry at a right time. When you don't get it you will blame your other half for no any good reason.
Oh Mel will be reading this and perhaps she doesn't like it. Anyway, there are 8 more days to come, and she, Ameerah and mama will be here. I can't wait to have more responsibility although i know it is a challenging experience for new father like me. Ameerah's mommy bad feeling will be over soon. No worries ;-) Wish me luck ..... hehehehe

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back to ...

With a heavy heart i got to fly back to doha. i'm going to miss ameerah and Mel for another a month at least. Ameerah doing well now although she had jaundice for a couple of days. We managed to do aqiqah for her on her 5 days old, and we were very happy to see our families and friends coming to celeberate the joy. Ameerah must be very happy with the gifts and angpows that she received that day.
From my side, cik kim's family was the first, and almost all my cousins in Klang Valley managed to come. No excuse for abg jan and happy to see adik and abg mi turned up that day. They came all the way from pahang and penang respectively. Kakak missed the event as she starts living in the jungle far away in Sabah ;-) and abg Dan for number of years didn't see him. Perhaps he just knew the news from Ayah that he just got another niece. As told by Ayah, he hasn't changed and remains as he is. It seems like no way to change him unless he has his own will to do so.
Yesterday Mel brought Ameerah to see pedectrician and was informed that she is growing and doing well. Then she met breastfeed consultant to get details on getting more milk. The next check up will be on 4th march for vaccination and InshaAllah they will fly to Doha on Mac 15. I can't wait to see them.
Back to work, I was quite busy downloading all the emails on my first day and answering some questions from customers. It all done in a day, which today I manage to blogging. I wish i could write more or a few lines a day, then it won't look dead.

Monday, 16 February 2009

ameerah tasneem and me

I love this pic very much...
After 6++ years of marriage, she came to us on 3rd Feb 2009 at 1.10 pm at HUKM.
Of course we are happy and so does everybody around us. My pray that she will always be healthy, and be a good muslimah and hopefully we are able to guide her.

Today, she just 13 days old, and still a long way to go. ....

Thursday, 8 January 2009


If i remember correctly i never got any fever since i came to doha since january 2007. it has been 2 years anyway, and i never claim insurance on my name. I was fasting yesterday and got back home early and prepared my meal. I had sup tulang and the fried rice. I invited Khai to join me for bukak puasa. Then i just be in front of my notebook and kept on browsing while chatting with Mel and stop once we started word fighting. so bad isn't it? Then i decided to sleep at 10pm as i planned to wake up early this morning which i did. However i was shivering at 4.30 am; not because the temperature was very cold but i was having fever. I went to toilet for a while and back to bed again. Then i woke up at 6 for Subuh and looking for Actifast panadol, which I failed to locate it. I called Mel and being sissy to her by telling that i was having fever. She just said, it could be god punishment ;-) which i guess very true for a few things I did. I apologized to her and praying to God to get better. I had my shower and stopped by at pharmacy while on my way to work. I had my nasi lemak too at taste of asia. 2 tablets of Actifast for me and i'm hoping getting better. I bought 3 nasi lemak for my malaysian friend as well as a repentance. Poyo ja.

I was second to reach this room today, and started my daily routine. Usually it just last for a few minutes and I had nothing much for the rest of the day... No more to update because I have nothing interesting to share today.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

sudah sejuk..

yesterday, i started my day quite late. I settled 2 months in advance of my tida (latio), handed over the house contract and browsing doha looking for pet shop. The first shop was closed so i decided to google at home. I read a few review about the pet shop and none of them recommended any. I really dont care as my intention was looking for tortoise to replace the dead one. It wasn't mine. it belongs to my friend's daughter and they asked me to take care of it while there were on holiday. It survived for 4 days in my hands, and perhaps it was fated that it just had a short life :-)
I buried him peacefully crossing over of my parking lot. So I managed to get replacement today before their return on 10th. HaHa. I will tell them later ;-) or they manage to find out by looking at it.
The weather was nice and my favorite sweater could not be used anymore as the temperature getting colder. It is around 11-12 degrees now and i should be thankful because "own" left one due to excessive luggage that he had last week. He asked me to bring it back which I will but let me use it first. For ladies, it could be good time for them to look fancy and funky with your winter jacket now :P Surprisingly the guy sits next to me just have T-Shirt over him. Me my self starts thinking of having glove. HaHa