Friday, 19 November 2010

i'm writing

i'm writing.. let's see how it goes. we went back for Raya holiday on the last day of ramadhan. i managed to to get air tebu at least. 1st raya in kl, and followed by malacca on the second day. Ameerah was not comforatble at the beginning. she kind of refused to get close to any of families and she was being cranky all the time, probably due to jet lag. we headed back to kg and spent the whole week in padang jeri. the whole week was very relaxing and i'm pretty lazy to describe those feeling haHa.
Back to KL, just a normal routine. hang out with siblings and we managed to escape 4D3N to Krabi while leaving Ameerah with her atok + nenek. the last day was disturbing when nenek called and said ameerah was cring and calling abiii abiii abii. i felt like going to the airport and get the instant flight. unfortunately the flight just once a day, so we got to wait till tomorrow. i could felt the moment ameerah was running towards me when looking at me at the airport. I miss that moment. I guess i'm not going to share anythings on vacation day. I just miss my Ameerah pretty badly. Mel used to leave me alone for 6 months when she was pregnant. Ameerah just been away for 2 months now. i cant wait to hug her on 23rd next week. I'll be traveling to Doha from 21-23, and would be meeting them at the airport. I purposely cut short of Doha trip. my story ends :-) Sorry to bore u guys.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


I have a house in Dubai now. i don't own it. I'm renting it. although my company stated in the contract that i should get 2 bedroom furnished apartment but they set the max limit i could go for. With that limit I couldn't get at my preferred location. I found one which we are staying now. we love the place but it was not fully furnished. We decided to go for it and use some settling allowance to furnish it :P Yes I have to say my company is a cheapskate :P Have to argue for the things that you deserve. anyway the new deal quite OK. still within my target for the next 2 years.
Ameerah is happy too. the moment she stepped into the house she was singing and murmuring. We had one bed on the first day and the rest was empty. that was enough to sleep well ;-) quite lucky because the owner provided the curtain and blind so we safe some money there. we spent almost 3 weeks to furnish the house. we have good amenities too. the landlord paid 26k a year for the maintenance. I don't bother to know the price when he made it loud. I appreciate it however the rent price has been dropping more than 50% anyway. The fact is a lot more of empty flats and a lot more on construction. for some reason they cant bring the price down to sustain an elite surroundings. Hopefully they will maintain the same price next year so I don't have to bother to make a move until my contract ends.
I guess i should be back for good after 6 years which means by end of 2012, Ameerah should be living in Sutera Kajang. I know it's kinda hard to be back after spending so many years abroad. I have this kind of feeling inside me. I wish none of my close family especially my father will leave me when I'm away. I don't want that to happen. I keep checking on him. asking for blessing to continue my work here. I'm happy to hear that he's happy. we had a good chat this morning anyway. I plan on January 2013, I'll be back for good and spend my time in Malaysia. I can make a frequent visit to kampung. Ameerah and wish she'd be having a brother/sister by then ;-) could spend more time with their tokwan, opah, atok and nenek. not to forget all our close families in Grik. Of course I have to make sure I don't have much liability to sustain. That's reality.

Let's pray for the better day! Ramadan Kareem....

Saturday, 17 July 2010


half of year 2010 gone. gosh. this is my first entry of the year. looks like abandoned blog :-)
blame FB and blame BB!! try to figure out something that i can share at this wee hour. 1.17 am to be exact. Mommy is sleeping and Ameerah went out for sleep over at her god-parents ;-)
Shall I summarize what had happened, is happening and gonna happen?
I was at dead end in the beginning of the year. browsing the internet and tried to catch any good job back home. same lame story every year. always want to be back. In the end remains as it is. This year I could see myself grow a bit. Since I got the offer I decided to terminate the contract. Make it the long story short, I signed a new contract to be based in Dubai for another 2 years. I would say the new terms apparently fair for both parties. I managed to get a good house at a very good location and amenities and 90% secured. why 90%? surely it has to be signed by the management. Next morning a guy from mover company will come and do the assessment on our personal belongings so they could provide a correct quote :p
Pros: Officially based in Dubai and all families will be having proper residence visa. On top of that Dubai is so much to see compared to Doha. I no longer need the exit permit to leave the country
Cons: My job still in Doha, so i've got to come here on business trip. whatever it takes, I have to be back every week to see my princess....and not to forget my Mel ;-)
Later once 100% the unit secured ;-) I'll recommend my house agent to you. as of now she has been doing a good job to me. Alhamdulillah.
Let's start a brand new story for Q3 of 2010!! fingers crossssing.....