Thursday, 28 August 2008

Hubungan jarak jauh

I talked to Mel yesterday and she looks happy dwelling in Ampang now :P. Her mom cooks for her two times a day, and her dad will make sure the food fits her appetite. She went to Konikuya to get a few books and all had been read. Then her sister brought her to one shop at central market where she could rent a book at the price of RM4, and she grabbed 12.
Just now I received an email from her informing me that she wanted to go to Pavillion with her sister. I advised her not to take a long stroll. I read from, she supposed start talking to the baby now since she's in her 4th month. I opened her closet here, and I could see her books nicely packed and I smiled. I tried to read one, but I have no passion when I came to know I got to finish off 300++ pages. I slept after a few pages and did not remember anything. Sometimes I read the same line a few times and tried to imagine what the author intended to say, and in the end the book would be watching me. Suffice to say, I'm not an art person and won't be.
I guess it will be good for my baby, because her mom loves to read, and a movie maniac. She shared the same interest as my nephew, watching Anime, reading MANGGA (anime comic), and never missed CONAN. in terms of this, she has not grown up HaHa. Most likely she will enjoy the hobbies with the baby soon :P
On the other hand, I'm leading a boring life and never found one good hobby. excite first and easily get bored. That was why when were alone, I would disturb her until she got annoyed just because she was busy reading novels and I had nothing to do. I used to fall asleep besides her, then she started teasing me back.
Luckily at this moment the dawgs keep myself busy. We went to Zubara fort last week and we plan to go to banana island tomorrow.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting bored..

It almost 2 weeks Mel being away from me. Being alone is not easy lah especially when it comes to "nak tidur" part. after 30 years plus breathing in this world, I've got to admit that I'm still afraid of the dark, although i never seen what was in the dark and i'm not interested to know or to see it. hahaha. When i'm alone, i just switch on all lights. I don't mind paying more bills as long as i can sleep well. It may sounds funny but that's the fact that i've got to treasure it. I hate it so much :P
Since "Own" is in Qatar, and recently zapri came over here, i invited them to stay at my house. once in a while they back to their house to get some stuff. there are two rooms only so one of them got to sleep at the living hall. I provided a very nice duvet to zapri so he would not complaint and stay there until he gets to fly off to Algeria :P
Now, i could sleep well without turning on any lights in my room :-)
Since they are here, it just reminded us in college times. everyday, each of us will take turn to shower, and go to work together. Just like we went to lecture hall. back home, starts finding food, now the food is better than last time :P. Since we have wifi, everybody just stay on the internet. Own will talk to his gf where else zapri will call his wife and daugthers over skype. I used to call mel 4 times a day when i was alone, but now i just sms or writing email at least once a day. I haven't uploaded the money into my skype or yahoo account and my 013 was barred, so i couldn't call Mel. Then she text me that she was disappointed because i was not bothered to check on her. HeHe. Sorry mommy, you know that every single minute i'm thinking of you and our baby :-)
Came to office, I would see another malaysian here. syam started to ads his x-trail because he plans to rent a car instead. Once you start renting the car, you are planning to return home actually. Then we talked about 2 of our colleagues started counting down to fly back for good. Indirectly it demotivates you to continue your life here. Then you start thinking and it does make sense. "kaya" is too subjective. Some people might having a good life, living in a big bungalow and driving a luxury car, but the fact they don't have cash in hands at the end of the month. Still they are enjoying their life before they die. Then there are some people that having a lot of money in bank and afraid to spend it wisely then he dies. Ruginya. because he can't afford to spend his money. Pity him. What am I thinking right now?
I'm thinking of settling all my debts back home. do not buy new house or car! Save some comfortable amount in bank or trust fund and let it grow. Then just spend any amount you earn every month happily. I won't be rich then but at least I have no debt. One thing for sure, once a year i need to spend my holiday with families. Since I failed to be a pilot so the countries I have been to quite limited compared to them. Still I managed to cover all continents but America. Now I'm planning to go there in 2010. Hopefully by then I will know someone there so i could pay them a visit HaHaHa. I heard they treat you badly at the immigration but it's OK i guess. I bet at least it's better than Africa :P
Guys, if you are thinking to work or do your phD there just let me know....

Anwar make sure you win, become PM and cut the petrol price 50 sen. Now people don't care lah, u did it or not. Sex is common for "org org besar" cuma depa find woman only. Dosa? depa pun berdosa. what's the big deal. You have my faith because tok guru Nik Aziz and Dato Harun Din are supporting you.

I was bored just now, and i took a look at this link...
our cina-melayu friend kawin... adrian and zaini.
i still remember the day adrian came to my kampung and snap everthing inside. my kampung toilet also was put on net :P. teruk betul mamat ni.

check their link here. u will love it.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


As planned, we had a farewell dinner for Mel on 14th after Maghrib. Main course:
1. Nasi Ayam
2. Bihun (or meehun?) goreng
3. Air sirap kenduri

Those prepared by our caterer. Kak Ika. Guys since you like it, just contact her directly if you want to use her service. The price is affordable.

Haris family and dila's were the first and I was away to get a few packs of small bottle of mineral water. The event was jovial. People came and started having their meal. Ohhh I forgot to ask someone to recite doa makan at least. Too bad. But God knows my intention.
I did not able to snap everyone in the picture. Sorry for that. I tried to upload those into my facebook but failed. I will try again at home. Mel was in happy mood, although she just had fried bihun. She still couldn't smell ayam. But seriuously this nasi ayam could sell well at pasar malam. If you market well. most likely it could beat "chicken rice shop" HeHeHe. This tiny size of my apartment at last could fit more than 60 people at one time.
The event ended before 12, and we went out for coffee. Back to flat at 2.00 am and slept at 4 just right after Subuh. Then on Friday, we woke up quite late, and spent most of our time at home. "own" had to stay too because I put him on leash. Dila came over to had a chat with Mel. Not to disturb them having mommy chat, so me and "own" went out for a while. Once back, mommies still gossipping. Hehe. a few minutes later, Dila left.
We went to the mall after maghrib, and zul joined. we headed to Jasmin house for another get-together event. We decided to go a bit late because we didn't know so much people there. there were a lot of "oil and gas" people. Headed to souq al wakif and had super duper ice cream. Then went to malaysian restaurant which is 2 blocks away and joined the crowd for Karaoke. I had no guts to sing there although some of them just a par with me HaHaHa. "Own" and Zarul sang a few numbers.
Back home, start packing the bag for Mel. and we weight the bag. it turned out to be wrong reading because the outside scale was in pounds. 20 kilo lost!!
then.... staurday came at last. Send Mel to airport and a few pictures taken with her. I kissed her left and right and bubyye.... mom-to-be already home by now :P

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Padang Jeri

While googling, I found this

mcm tak percaya, ada portal for my kampung.
I could see my ayah's name is there. pengerusi masjid and pegawai imam 2 hehe

cool cool

4 more days (sigh)

4 more days to go.. (sigh)
Mel will be flying back for "good"
It's hard for me to be away from her. That's the fact. This lady understands me very well. She knows how to handle me. She knows what are the consequences, if she says something when I am mad. She knows how to calm me. She knows what points to be added in my email if i want to write something to my boss. She teaches me not to be emotional in anything I do. If any irritating email comes, she asks me to wait at lease an hour before replying it so the answer will be convincing and in professional way. She tolerates when I say NO to her parents order. Sometimes she lies for the sake of me. She knows when I am happy, so she could get something. Still she knows what is the limit. She never ask anything beyond me. In fact she helped and shared every single ringgit when I was out of cash. She never ask for the equality. She just listened to me when I asked her to see my parents in Kampung when I was away. She drove back to Grik without me. She voted for DAP just merely because of me although she thought that the worst thing she did in life. Politically she betrays her parents. She's the only person that could stand me.
The longest was 3 months, when I got to be in Africa. One month is normal. but not 6 months in a row. Eh tak lah. Most likely I'll be flying back for 2 weeks holiday in October too. I'm gonna miss ultra sound session where I could see my baby keeps on jumping inside her tummy.
There will be a farewell dinner on 14th after maghrib. We invited all our close friends here. Hopefully Mel will see them again next year. As for now, everything is uncertain. My mother in law called me and wanted to bring her back to Malacca on 17th. I said NO because she will be arriving in KL on 17th at 3.00 am. It is a long flight. I want her to rest. My MIL will not happy with me but slowly she will understand me. I called HUKM to have Mel for check-up with Prof Zainul on 18th. Mel's record is there.
I'm back with normal notes......

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fara Fauzana ekekeke

In the old days we just depend on mainstream media. When it comes to politic, the opposition has no space at all neither on TV nor paper. Nowadays, although the mainstream plays the main role, the internet media play a significant job to counter-attack the points from them. I bet malaysia-today, malaysiakini, harakahdaily, and malaysian insider are taking the top hit compared to other portals such as utusan malaysia and agendadaily. Does it sound politic now?

Although I don't read Utusan Malaysia much, my blog still linking to that portal. I need to read some malay entertainment there. HaHa. else i wouldn't know how fara fauzana looks like now and Maya Karin is getting married. Recently there was an article about Fara Fauzana and I'm very impressed with the way she works. Wake up early in the morning at 4.30 ( i presume, she won't miss subuh prayer), and starts entertaining people on air from 6 to 2. then she goes for shooting or host and emcee any show. Then she sleeps less than 8 hours.

Back in KL, when i came to know that she moved to Hot.FM I replaced my favourite channel from Era to Hot.FM. The first day i listened to her and FBI, it sounds weird and seemed like no chemistry. Fair enough. that was her first day. then slowly they became the most wanted DJ. Then every sunday, I would see her on Melodi. I will let Mel to swicth the channel if she couldn't make it on that day. Sorry to Wahid HaHaHa. Recently, Kedah government wanted her to cover on the Nescafe Billboard. She made no fuss and obliged to the rules. Don't ever make statement that you want to wear tudung when you get married or after hajj. Just do when your heart tells you so. Later, if you made promise then you couldn't make it, you just be like Siti Nurhaliza. Poyo saja.... (mesti ada org marah aku kutuk siti)

Don't get me wrong. I just like to listen and see her on TV. at least I managed to convince Mel to like her too. I have a good friend ( back in TM and MOT. This jerk used to listen to linkin park and foo fighters. It surprised me when I found out his favourite channel was no longer Hitz.FM. Last time i checked, it was Era. landen you should switch to Hot.FM now HeHe. When Marsha Londoh used to be in AF, i used to like her too, but Landen every single day condemning her. "Ish, bosan aku tengok. gedik" Where is Marsha now??

Mel? She's more oriental. Korean, taiwanese, china, HK, Japan, and ANIME will do her day. She remembers most of their names, especially korean. She even has dream that one day her son or daugther will marry korean. HaHaHaHa. To my surprise, she just completed Cinderalla series. Try to ask her any malaysian artis (especially in drama), she could spell a few only.

Adun, some comments about politic ok lah kan. Nobody could stand Pak Lah now. Anyway we had a good argument last few days. One guy expressed his view that he didn't trust anwar because once he becomes PM, malay right will be gone just simply because he owed DAP for supporting him. Then we argued back, those thing would not happen because PAS and PKR MP would not let it be. He argued back, "so what's the point of switching the government if you want to preserve your malay rights. everything will be back to square one. You just wasted your time talking about sodomy because it would not help economy at all." Why charge him then. He has the right to defend himself too. We had a good moderator HaHaHa

Ok lah. I'm getting fed up with malaysian politic too because it is dragging for so long. If Anwar couldn't be PM on 16th September, then he will drag thing forever. He will never rest until he gets what he wants. So give him chance lah. penat lah. or you could put him behind bar and no more news from him. Be realistic lah. he has the charisma, he could pull the crowd and no one could beat him. I have faith in him to lead our country but I have no passion to wait for so long. If he becomes the PM, i don't get a penny from him anyway. I still have to work and find my own money to feed my family. majority of malaysian want to see the change but at one point people are getting fed up.

So Anwar, make sure you become PM by 16th September. else just forget it lah. by next year if you keep on saying that u have enough numbers but you don't nobody gonna believe you anymore. Pak Lah could save the boat if he steps down now and hand it over to anyone but Najib and don't beat Anwar because you are hurting more. Try Muhyidin or Kuli. PKR will go down if Anwar is gone. But if he becomes PM, he could grow more leaders to be like him. Tun felt Anwar betrayed him last time then he forgot to groom anyone else. we have a lot in PAS like husam musa for instance, but quite hard for them to convince non-malay. Basically we are OUT OF STOCK.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

suke sama suke

Just came to office and did some routine stuff and checked on malaysian news.

Anwar dituduh mengikut Seksyen 377B Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman penjara sehingga 20 tahun dan sebat.

seksyen 377B adalah kes luar tabie suke sama suke. Tapi yang kena dakwa seorang saja.
saiful yang suka itu pula di beri protection oleh Kerajaan Malaysia???

erkkk. awal awal dah fishy...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

a lil bit on politics....

I just couldn't hold it.....

A lil bit about politic. Now there is another repeat of 1998 case. If you read main stream news you tend to believe that Anwar did it. Then if you use your conscience by checking the fact revealed by Malaysia today especially, you have no doubt they want to kill him politically. Read this

It shows the SD from the first doctor checking on Saiful. It pretty strange isn't it? Then what happened to Bala SD? in less than 24 hours, he changed everything and all najib's name had been taken out. then this guy has been missing. It scares me indeed. I rather selling noodle from being opposition politician.

How are you going to believe in UMNO, if they start bickering just to fight for the post of ketua cawangan. you read from the main stream, it told us there was money politic involved. I lost my trust in Pak Lah, so does Najib to lead our country.

Now we heard of malay unity. UMNO would never gave a glance to PAS if they won the election handsomely . To Malay malaysian if you have doubt in PKR, why don't you support PAS. UMNO is no longer relevant.

Let's wait for the court begins. and more will be revealed and let's see if they manage to convince people like me that "He did it again" :P

Sunday, 3 August 2008

mom-to-be gonna be home soon.

The check up went well yesterday. We glad to see the baby is active and keeps on jumping. Everything is fully formed, moving very well and the heart beat shows that he is healthy. But his mom doesn't look well. eat less and nauseate all day long. At this moment we are not sure either boy or girl, but we refer it as "he" first ;-). After 6 years of waiting, we just pray that Allah will give us the best zuriat to us. As of yesterday, he's exactly at 13 weeks and 4 days. ( 3 months ++ ). Mel's weigh is loosing. it started at 49 then slowly decrease to 47 and yesterday it was 44.5 . According to our gyne, it's normal for the first trimester, and hopefully her all-day-long morning sickness will be over soon. Mel kept on asking the doctor. "so the baby is healthy?" ."you see, he's jumping" We spent for quite sometime checking the baby on ultra sound. The doctor has been nice too, explaining the fully formed baby to us. It's miracle because the size of the baby just 2++ inches.
Then after the check-up, the doctor advice Mel to take more water because she looks dehydrated by looking at her dry lips. I pity mel because it's very hard to get malaysian food. I tried to cook but it didn't taste good and Mel said "tak payah masak dah abang. tak sedap".
So far I'm OK with all comments from her :P. Luckily i don't have to sleep outside, we just need to have some border and I'm trying my best not to cross the border. She conquered all the pillow and left one with me. Once in a while she will push my face aside because she smells garlic?? Huh !!. HeHe. Sometimes it's funny looking at her. Some friends reminded me, it will be 9 months of hell for you. HaHaHa. No lah. when we played card, she wanted me to lose, and would stop the game if i won. We have a board game that we used to play every weekend with our friends here, and I will remind her not to play if her intention is to win. else everybody could see your pregnancy emotions. Not everybody has the empathy feeling. So be carefull !! ;-)
Then, the next question from Mel."am I safe to fly now? I want to fly back in two weeks times". "OK you are safe to fly now. 2 weeks times should be fine because you just passing the first trimester. Take aspirin on the day of flying. stop folic acid and start taking materna. you may get all the lab report and bring it home. I'll be taking leave too." Ok mom-to-be gonna be home!!.
Once home (rumah kat sini laa), I got Mel's year end ticket and her "no-show" ticket to bahrain and went to Qatar Airways. I checked the price from the internet first and 16th august is the best date to fly. HeHe because the price is a bit low ;-) i save a bit because i just need to top-up the difference by canceling the year end ticket and getting some refund from "no-show" ticket. She will be flying on 16th August at 2.20 pm and InshaAllah will be arriving at KLIA on 17th August at 3.00 am.
I believe every parents-to-be would have a plan what "title" to be called. Mel has been planning for years to be called Mommy :P and I insisted to be called "Ayah" only. But every single day now, Mel is calling me "daddy". "Daddy, nak air.. baby nak air" How am going to turn over him soon :P. It would be funny if the baby address me "Daddy, nak ayaq" HaHaHa. It's a long way to go, let's see who will win the battle.

Just couldn't imagine, back to Padang jeri and my baby call me "daddy, lapaaa laaa" Hahahaha. At this moment let the mommy wins because that is the best for her. Seeing her happy is the best thing in life. It just that, since she got pregnant, Mel no longer dress up like she used to be. No make up, and simply clad any "indon" tudung when going out. for the next 6 months everything is OK for you lah ;-). Once baby born, don't look "slebet" anymore :P

Here, I would like to thanks to everybody for praying for us, and keeps on praying and hopefully we will be having a healthy baby and the best zuriat from Allah. To our families, we have no intention to hide but we have our own reason to do so. Although we are very happy now, we still couldn't get rid of butterflies from our tummy until the baby is born. Let's pray together....