Sunday, 27 July 2008

dah rasa malas balik?

The first month being here, i felt going home. After 6 months, i decided to go home, and nearly end of the contract, i signed a new one after they raised up the price a bit. Same goes to this year. I said 2 years would be enough and just lead the normal life in Malaysia next year. Then, 2.70 came up and political instability that directly impact on Malaysian economy, I decided not to return home so soon. Tip said, i just gave an excuse because politic has nothing to do with me :P
Last month, my boss from Dubai came, and we discussed my plan for next year. He prefers me to be here, and I had no objection on the proposal. I kinda like the place. Really?? That's clearly an excuse. The fact is people be here just because of money. It is true that money is not everything to some people. But for me, i still need more money as I have a lot of things to do in life. But I should have plan B as well, if things do not go as planned. I rejected customer offer last year and most likely I'm going to apply again this year. Then What IF, they reject me for turning down their offer last time :P. What is plan C then?
The worst case, i have to pack and return home in January 2009 and goes to Bukit Jalil every morning. Does it sounds worst?

Monday, 21 July 2008

menyihatkan badan

After 2 months of “hibernating” I forced myself to be at Qel sport club to play badminton again. I was exhausted in the first game and seemed not enough air to breathe in that hall. As usual, I would win the game if I pair up with Din, and win and lose some with others. The victory here is I managed to be back to the club. Once home, Mel asked for dinner. Goshh.. I tot our lunch at 4.30 pm would do for dinner as well :P . So I picked up my phone. “Hello… I would like to order, satu roti telur and tiga roti canai. I will come in 10 minutes. Bungkus OK” . Sounds in Malaysia isn’t it. It means you will never miss roti canai here. There is one restaurant selling Malaysian mamak’s food. Some of them could speak malay because they worked in Malaysia before. It’s a bit pricey compared to KL but still the cheapest in Doha. 2 roti telur and 2 roti canai will cost us QAR 10. For the past few days I have been “feeding” mel with roti canai/telur only :D.

What’s for lunch today?? Fenin fenin…

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Musim durian

I did promise b4 that i wouldn't write about politics. Hopefully, the previous one would be the last entry for it as I'm getting fed up with malaysian politics. Donno whom to believe anymore :P

Since politics could mess up people relationship, let's forget and forgive and just pray for better Malaysia.

Apparently, for the past one month, i keep on calling my Ayah and Umie and updated them our lives here. Last 2 days, called them again and it happened my eldest brother was there. My sis in law picked up the phone and with her kegedikan (jgn mare), telling me about durian next to mak's room. I haven't tasted for the past 3-4 years i guess. it just started to grow back since last year. Everybody has their preferences and that one is the best of them all. I don't like manggis (mangosteen), - i donno how to spell :P, much, but i started to have concern over it just because my other half just love it so much. We will miss it again this year.

I bought a durian last year, and it cost me around RM60, but it disappointed me very much. The isi sungguh keras macam batu and mel started teasing me. "ada orang nak menangis rindu kampung la tuh". Yes yes i was so sad that time :P HaHa. If nasi can jadi bubur, so does Durian.
The taste of bubur durian was good anyway. I saw durian a couple of times at carefour, but i will never ever buy it again here. I don't swear OK :P

And, for the past one month, I still get butterflies, and it's very hard to make it go away. I hope things will go well, and will update more next month. InshaAllah.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Butterflies in my tummy

I wrote below entry a month ago.......

I'm having a mixed feeling now. I still get butterflies and it's hard to make it go away. Of course we were so happy when we came to know that Mel is pregnant. We have been married for 6 years and this is our first experience. It was too early and we are not ready to tell anybody but our parents. Somehow, we need some advice after the doctor said Mel is having subchorionic hematoma. I started googling and found out in lament term it calls "threaten abortion". It scares me and Mel. Mel has been on "duphaston " for the past 2 weeks and has been on bed rest since then. We went to another doctor to get second opinion. He didn't tell much but just giving us the same drugs with more dosage. Mel visa was expired. Since the 1st doctor did not allow her to fly, we just forfeit our ticket to Bahrain, and asking help from Malaysian Embassy. I had a hard time to get her visa extension. I felt very sad and almost crying there when that stupid officer could say. "I donno. if she's pregnant why she comes here" To make it short, the embassy staff managed to get one week extension and now we are in the process to get 6 months visa without flying out of the country.
This morning we went for third check up and the baby (fetus) looks fine. It is 9 weeks and 4 days. We could hear the heart beat very well, and the doctor explain the formation of head and hand. Still a small clot still there. Mel still has to be on duphaston but with less dosage. 2 times a day with one tablet each. Flying still forbidden until next check up. Hopefully thing goes well and she could fly back to KL and continue the check up at HUKM as planned.

It has been 6 years. It's not easy to be us. I haven't told my brother in Penang. May be he will find out later from my dad. The only reason we called them first because we wanted them to pray for us.
Anyway, thanks to everybody that pray for us and keep on praying for the mommy and baby.
Doakan kami dapat zuriat yang terbaik dari Allah s.w.t