Wednesday, 7 November 2007

PM Speech

Key points raised by Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Opening of the 58th Umno General Assembly
Strengthening Islam
Umno is committed to strengthening Islam and will not apologise for doing so. Islam promotes moderation. During the general assembly in 2004, I laid out the 10 principles of Islam Hadhari, an approach that was understood and supported by component parties of Barisan Nasional.

Federal Constitution
Calls to return to the spirit of the Federal Constitution should be viewed in a positive light, interpreted with wisdom and without prejudice. The Constitution must be viewed as a whole, and selected clauses cannot be interpreted in isolation or out of context.

Racial and religious tolerance
We give assurance that Umno will not endorse a narrow interpretation of Islam. Umno opposes the culture of violence, we oppose a political culture that can disrupt the daily lives and commercial affairs of the ummah. Umno believes that Islam will not grow, nor will it be respected if it is confined to rituals. If we fight for Islam, armed only with slogans and rhetoric, we will not achieve excellence.

Islam and non-Muslims
The application of Islam through the prism of shallow minds and narrow interpretations can cause discomfort not only among non-Muslims but among Muslims themselves. Overzealous enforcement can give Islam a negative image. Failure to understand the needs of adherents of other religions and denying them the rights runs counter to the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

Auditor-General’s Report and ACA
I am happy with the quick action taken by the Anti-Corruption Agency and I am certain that many public servants support these actions, which protect the dignity and integrity of their profession.

The corridors of growth
When our plans succeed, it will transform the face of Malaysia. Development will not just be concentrated in major urban areas but will instead be spread to every area of our nation. This is our noble ambition.

Malays - self-confidence and the future
Worry, fear and a sense of being under threat occurs when Malays are insufficiently prepared. For as long as Malays remain unambitious, they will fear meritocracy. The feelings of inferiority, nervousness and insufficiency are poisons that have been injected into the Malay mentality since colonial times. These poisons must be removed. Malays, when given the proper guidance and fair opportunity, are prepared to compete.

Crime and security
It is caused, among others, by social problems and in some cases as a result of the influx of illegal immigrants. Media reports of crimes have heightened the public’s awareness, but the dramatic manner in which the news is presented gives the impression that this country is no longer safe.

The Government is aware of the problem and in both the Ninth Malaysia Plan and the 2008 Budget, a large allocation has been granted to the police. It should be understood that the large personnel increases required by the police could not be filled overnight. It takes time to hire and train new police personnel. While this is happening, the country and society must be supportive of the police and refrain from undermining the public’s confidence in the force.

The keris and Umno
The act of unsheathing and kissing a keris is part of our cultural heritage, but its meaning has been twisted to spread fear among non-Malays, and the image of Umno and Malaysia has been smeared overseas. On behalf of Umno’s leaders and members, I give assurance that Umno will never breach the spirit of the understanding that has been agreed with other communities at the time of Merdeka. Opportunities are available to all. There is a future for every Malaysian in this country.

The new media and press freedom
Information is now distributed through multiple channels. In this context, we must intelligently balance the need for media freedom with the basis for political stability that we have enjoyed. The Government wishes to see the media industry grow into an industry that is progressive and open, an industry that can carry out its responsibilities with integrity and responsibility.

Power sharing and Merdeka
A country that celebrates 50 years of independence must be populated with a free people – a people who have the belief and confidence in their future. Its people must shoulder the responsibility of defending its freedom; a people who live in harmony between communities and religions; a people who are broad minded and big hearted.

The National Mission
The National Mission has five main thrusts – moving the economy up the value chain; developing first class human capital; addressing persistent socio-economic imbalances; improving quality of life; and strengthening institutional capacity – all of which are universal, constant requirements for national building. The strength of our human capital will determine the success of the Mission. It will determine whether we achieve developed nation status and progress further.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Harga Tepung Naik Lagi!!!

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd (MMHB) managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin looks at increasing prices differently.

“Undoubtedly, prices for almost everything are going up, but is anything wrong with that?”

He believes that if prices globally are increasing, there has to be a pass-through mechanism implemented by the Government.

“We cannot live in an isolated world. In this globalised economy, we cannot have a protected economy.

“We can live with it temporarily to obtain a balance, but currently we can see the Malaysian economy becoming increasingly distorted because of the millions of ringgit going into subsidies of petroleum, flour or rice, for example.”

He said the country did not have deep-enough pockets to maintain this indefinitely.

He said the wages of Malaysians had also been artificially kept low.

Citing the example of his starting salary 26 years ago at RM1,400, Ameer Ali said: “Now, I am employing graduates at the same salary. There is something wrong here. In every other developed country, the minimum wage has increased by at least 100%.”...... ( The Star )

OK, I read "The Star" today and above excerpt really disturbing me. The fact, it is indeed true. 26 years back with 1400 they could buy a lot of things. They could drive in a nice imported car, and living contentedly in a decent terrace house. What do you expect much from fresh graduate earning 1400 nowadays? Those need to send money back to help their needy parents, in Kampung, they have to have tight budget living in KL. They have desire to buy new car too. Proton must be their dream car, (although Kancil only suit them) and could you imagine how much they left in their pocket?

Ok fine, our PM asking us to think out of box, and try to do something else. Back to reality, do you expect everybody to do business or at least be part of MLM system? On paper Malaysia has prosper a lot, but I bet a lot of people in KL having a hectic life and tight budget every month. We are suffering and being capitalized because our government has not done enough. The gas and toll price keeps on increasing and the car price never been cheap. Satu lagi harga tepung pun naik lagi :P

Public transport and public road not properly planned. The LRT inter-change looks funny. For instance, KL Monorail. Yea, they told us the end station is KL Sentral. But the truth it is 200m away from KL Sentral. As of last year, if we want to change "Star" to "Putra", we have to buy different ticket, that means at the transit station, you have to queue again, unless you have monthly pass :P

Even the India High Commission in Malaysia set their maid price at 1400. Pinoy maid cost around 800 - 1000 and Indonesian could cost up to 450. When you live in KL, and you are married and start having kids, you started to think to hire maid. For young parents, they will opt for Indonesian maid, but how much you could save after paying them and spending on groceries etc.

OK, my father used to say this to me. Last time I earned 400 and while your mom still tapping of rubber trees, our household income was around 550, and we could raise 7 children. But 26-30 years back, with 600 you could buy a lot of things. If we dig the price fact, we would know how cheap was the gas, chicken etc. Compared to this day, those things hiking significantly, and it is unbelievable the fresh grad price remains the same!!!

It is so sad to think about this. I know some of you are lucky enough, if your first job is with MNC like Motorola. They could pay you 2400 and 2700 if you have first class degree. Telekom still competitive in this sense.

It is annoyed to see those having a degree being paid below 2000 and it is more saddened to see those guys not having any job. When people have no choice, they will do whatever they could, and don't expect them to be loyal to you if you couldn't pay them enough.

I’m thinking too much on Fresh Grad. I will be paranoid, if I think about “Tukang Kebung”, org kerja kilang, Supermarket promoter etc.

Then, let's look at our "Wakil Rakyat". To be precise, look at our BN wakil rakyat. I bet they are having a good life. Do they present us well? Do they really fight for you? Look at you, your family, and people around you. If for the past 3 decades you have been casting your vote for them, and you might try their opponent this time??