Saturday, 28 June 2008

apa nak jadi dgn malaysia

I just couldn't believe what gonna happen to anwar. will it be worse than 1998?
arghh betapa bencinya aku dgn ahli politik malaysia. They are so evil.
apa kita nak buat? org mcm kita nak buat apa?? mampu doa sajalah.
porak peranda bikin malaysia. Havoc. dari satu issue ke satu issue. penuh dgn kekecewaan.
kecewa, geram.. tensen. huh

Aku hanya mampu doa, semoga DSAI berada di pihak yang benar dan berdoa pada Illahi membuktikan segalanya..... Amin.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

it's true

"Repetitive self-suggestion can help to successfully instill in you positive thoughts."It's true hehe.

Everything was decided at the very last minute. from ticket to backup and to get exit permit. Lufthansa code shared fully taken, they got to buy QA seat and lufthansa separately that would make it very pricey. Here i am.. in Helsinki.
I spent a few hours riding on their trams. I guess it is a quiet town, and most people enjoying their evening by riding on bicycles. It is summer now, but the weather just like what we had back in Doha during winter :P . They have very long sunny day. You could tell, by checking Helsinki prayer time. Maghrib at 11.00 pm and Ishak at 12.26 am, then Subuh at 2.33 am. I just couldn't imagine, if ramadhan falls in summer. Sunrise at 4.08 am and mahgrib at 11.00 pm?? In this sense we are blessed to be in Malaysia. Oppss!! We'll talk about 78 sen hike later. at this point i just want to congratulate all BN staunch supporters for raising up the price indirectly :P
I left mel alone in Doha and that 1M is all yours for this week ;-)