Monday, 25 February 2008

Mari Kita menafikan 2/3 majoriti BN

To all my families and friends,
let us vote for Opposition this time. This is our last hope. We have been manipulated by BN for the past 50 years. They have been fighting for their own benefit, and put a little for their Rakyat.

If we could deny 2/3 majority that they have been enjoying for the past 50 years, we could make something different.

Those living in KL, you will be damn happy, if they do not increase this shit

1. Toll
2. Gas

If you remember correctly, when PAS won Terengganu in 1999, they abolished toll, and BN won it back in 2004 but they had no reason to bring back this shit. A simple thing happened but benefited us a lot.

If you keep on voting for BN, "Jangan buat bising" if the toll and gas price keeps on hiking.
Bila tol naik bising, bila minyak naik bising. marah2 tapi still pangkah BN.

We must have a good opposition in the parliament to "check and balance" for Rakyat.

If you vote for BN, is like giving them a new gift, new mercedes, new BMW, or Big Bangalow for them :P, what did you get in return?

VOTE For Barisan RAKYAT!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Shooter :-)

What I did yesterday?

It cost me QAR 50 only for this. I had 50 bullets to shoot. and no license required ;-)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Biar mati anak Jgn Mati BMW :P

Aku dapat email ini dr cousin aku nama Faizal/Iron/Jem. 3 nama tapi org yang sama.

[forwarded email]
Ini adalah sketsa keluarga seperti yang dilaporkan oleh wife aku tadi.
Berlaku hari ini (1 Feb 2008). Masa rehat jumaat tadi, wife aku pegi Shah
Alam Mall.
Setelah lunch kat situ dengan member dia, depa berjalan menuju ke car
Car park yang mengadap DEMC tu..
Kelihatan lebih kurang 50 orang manusia sedang mengerumuni sebuah BMW.
Kelihatan di sebelah BMW seorang perempuan sedang menangis...alahai
Wife aku mendekati kumpulan orang ramai dan mendapati ada seorang budak
lelaki berumur 1 tahun sedang menangis meronta-ronta dalam car seat kat
belakang (dalam BMW tu).
Perempuan yang menangis di tepi kereta adalah mak budak tu. Depa laki bini
terkunci anak dalam kereta rupanya ...
Terdengar orang sekeliling sedang memarahi perempuan tu...
Pompuan A:
umpil aje la pintu kereta ni
Mak Budak tu:
tak boleh ...(sambil menangis)... nanti suami saya on the way balik ambil
kunci spare...
Pompuan C
: Isk tengok tu, sengsaranya baby tu menangis, u sanggup biar anak u mati
Mak budak tu:
(sambil menangis)... nanti suami saya marah...
Pakcik B:
isk kalau saya punya anak, kalau tertinggal kunci, saya takkan patah balik
rumah, saya pecahkan aje cermin kereta ni...
Pakcik C:
"Mana bapaknya???"
Mak Budak tu:
"Dia balik Meru ambil kunci"
Semua orang:
"Apa! Meru!!!"
Suasana menjadi kelam kabut sebab orang ramai menjerit-jerit memaksa untuk
pecahkan cermin kereta tu. suasana gamat macam perhimpunan haram...
Tapi mak budak tu tak berani buat keputusan. Dia asyik kata..."saya takut
suami saya marah" "Tunggu suami saya datang"...Tetiba ade sorang akak
tampil dan jerit: pegi ambil kapak, pecahkan cermin kereta ni... biar saya
yang jawab dengan suami awak. Awak tak sayang nyawa anak ke?
Sambil beberapa orang pergi mencari tools utk pecahkan cermin keta,
beberapa orang pengawal keselamatan sibuk ambil beberapa baldi air dan
menyiram kereta BMW tu kerana kasihankan anak yang sedang kepanasan dan
kelemasan dalam kereta tu...
Seorang mekanik cina dari bengkel berdekatan dipanggil untuk umpil pintu.
Cina mekanik memberi komen " aiya ini keleta tak boleh umpil, kena kasik
picah cermin juga baru boleh masuk!"
Tak lama kemudian seorang mamat tiba dengan kapak keselamatan, maka
dikapak cermin tepi sebelah pemandu...praannng. ...!!!! Selesai masalah...
Tak lama selepas itu baby tersebut berjaya dikeluarkan. ..kesian baby
tu..berpeluh- peluh dengan kulit pun pucat dah naik biru....
Seorang lagi lelaki menjerit "biar saya periksa dia.... saya doktor". Si
doktor mendukung bayi dan bergegas ke DEMC untuk memeriksa bayi tu...
Sehingga bayi tersebut dibawa ke DEMC...bapak dia masih tak muncul-muncul la Meru tu kan jauh.... mungkin bapak dia singgah makan sate kambing

P/S:pasangan tersebut adalah pasangan Melayu.

Selamat Mengundi

My leave has been approved, and i'm gonna buy the ticket today :-). I know it's about 2 months to go but i'm worry Doha-KL route will be fully booked. HiHi

Our general election is around the corner, and most likely it will be held in March, and for sure i can't cast my vote. Hopefully, the vote different is not "1", so i won't feel guilty :P
Since Mel is going to be in KL in March; she could cast her vote. I remember in 2004, a day before election day, she got sort of reminder from her mom. "Nor, ingat nak tanda apa. Jangan lupa". Back to my house, i reminded her "tak payah nak ingat2. ikut jer cakap abg" What she did? one for her mom and one for me :P. My in law is die hard supporter of BN. Just say what you want, name any bad minister in cabinet, but they will remain "dulu kini dan selamanya". But a good thing about them, they are very close to their PAS supporter neighbor. They close to each other like one family but when it comes to vote everybody has their own stand. What to say. They subscribe ASTRO but most of her time, watching RTM only ekekeke. Mati aku depa baca nih. Lupa plak, mak tiri aku pun, BN die hard fan jugak. in 2004 she was a wanita head at her kampung. then after the election she kept on calling her colleague to ask the vote status. Then alas she said... "Alhamdulillah... menang beso" :P
Then everybody in the house teased her "Rafidah Aziz tak call umie ke". she just gave us a happy smile and I guess that was her happy day.

This year election, most probably... and i'm quite confident that Mel will vote for "me". We live in democracy country, so it is everybody choice. jadi jgn gaduh nak cerai2 yer pasal nak mengundi nanti ;-). If my in-law read this, they will remind her again :P

Haaaa. last Thursday we joined our friends for BBQ, which we intended to cancel :P , I met a few new guys and one of them happened to be Faizan's brother. my ex-colleague at MOT. About 30 people were there but the food seemed for 100 ppl ;-)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

TGI Thursday

Thank God. It's Thursday again :-). welcome WEEKEND!!
Just completed a simple script to refresh "autossh tunneling" as a work around solution. at least i could be in bed in peace.

I don't have any interesting story lah to tell. Last night i went to FFC, and bought 16 enerygy saver lights. Once home i called our "watchman" to replace all "yellow" dimmed light. it cost me QR10 each and I found that OSRAM brand was made in Malaysia. Then I bought a new heater fan for Mel, because the one we bought at souq was broken and the oil heater wasn't able to keep her warm.

apa lagi? we have one invitation today but we don't feel like going. There will be BBQ and I guess they will have karaoke session. Those guys are nice friend to be with but we don't click enough. Let's see lah this evening! I might SMS them, that we couldn't make it. Anyway, in life we could not please everybody. we just a normal human being and would like to stop being pretentious in anything we do.

Mel starts counting down number of days, as she will be flying back to KL on 1st march. So I will be alone for a month before flying back to KL on 3rd of April. My sis in law is getting married on 6th. and most likely my sister is getting engaged too. I asked her to make it on 13th April, so everybody could be home at that time. I chatted with my eldest brother and telling her "sacred" intention :P. Then I asked my sister to speak to him or sms him personally as she has to get blessing from him. You know, it is a norm in our family, the eldest should be informed first, else they will screw up the things :P HeHe.

I guess she got mr hamimi's consent already and I'm excited to attend the event as well. Most probably my father also getting excited because his first daughter is getting engaged. And this gonna be his first time to host such event. I can't wait to be in Grik.

We have one little problem. We haven't decided where should we leave our car. It has been in Ampang for the past one year, and there is parking problem there as everybody is having a car. They are busy too to take care of the car. I'm thinking to let it be at Padang Jeri. The only problem, we have been servicing the car at Honda, and there is no Honda service in Grik. may be just go to normal workshop. Anyway, that almost 4 years old car is quite OK to be serviced there isn't it? I wish i could let my second brother taking care of that car. But looking at his wira, I have no faith in him. My old wira is older than his, but mine still looking new. Sorry.. it was mine but now belongs to Pak Din. Pak Din is indeed a snappy guy and i inherited a lot from him. But he knows how to keeps his stuff well. Very well!! i would say. Then i was thinking to ask my cousins, jusoh, zack or jem to take care of that car. As of last year Jusoh or Zack is better in taking care of stuff. Sorry jem :P. But it will not be fair for my brothers and sisters right?? So let Pak Din takes care of it then everybody will be happy :-)

I'm working now. GTG