Wednesday, 17 December 2008

update lerr

Mel text me just now and asking me to update my blog. It almost a month from my last entry. I had one interview which i guess i didn't make it. Then I failed to get what I want in KL. I dont have much choice left. There are rumors KL will be badly hit next year. Since we live in state of speculation it could be true. It used to be true at least.
Most likely I'll still be here. I just agreed to be here and my superior in Dubai promised me something new for my career. To good to be true but let's see how it goes. Let me cool down for a while, so I could sort things properly. Mel is expecting by end of January, my sister and brother in law are getting married. I need to be back and most importantly I have to be by Mel's side. Mel keeps on talking to our baby to wait for me. Mel went to Pantai Cheras last week to see 3d ultra sound. Prof at HUKM too busy to get that fancy machine. Anyhow we still prefer him as he knows details of Mel. She went there just to see Amyrah. The doctor said the baby would be a girl ;-). It doesn't matter as long the baby is healthy and cukup sifat semua. InshaAllah. Mel started to buy everything in pink. I bought a couple of stuff at Carter's sale last week.
Once decided to be here, I called my ayah, to get his restu to continue my life here. he keeps on insisting me to be back. He seemed not happy at the beginning, then I called him again to cheer him up. I used to do that to my late mom. sob sob sob. We chatted for quite sometime; talking on kakak's wedding preparation, living cost at Grik as the price of rubber is going down hell. It reached RM4 ++ once, now it is arond RM1. Then he passed the phone to my adik, and we just rambling. she convinced me to pass over her sister allowance to her instead. This little girl is like a princess in the family. Everybody in the family knows her well. There will be special entry for her later HaHaHa. i cannot tease her much, else she will scream loudly and the last resort she will use the father.
After many times having teething problem with Mel on our parents to be status, we finally agreed to be called ABI and MOMMY. no change on mommy side as mel insisted to be called that way. She wanted me to be called DADDY which i rejected it for some reason. the reason coming from Padang Jeri I guess ;-), Then Ayah, Abah, Papa wasn't endorsed by Mel, and suddenly Zapri came into picture. His daughters called him Abi. at first i didnt know what supposed to mean. HaHa. Hey studying or living in arab country doesn't make u any better in arabic LOL. Anyway Abi and Mommy is kind of match. Deal closed!!
will update u more if i have something in store :P