Wednesday, 29 April 2009

update on ameerah

sudah pastu tgh tika ini sepupu2 aku dan pakcik2 aku tgh sibuk tgh MU lwn arsenal. donno much about the game though, but will be nice to hear if gunner wins the game :P
dok tahu la bila nak kelik kapung. plan raya, tapi tiket dok beli pun lagi.

tadi baru kawan mai melawat ameerah. so ameerah dapat baju lagi. thanks to aunty dila, diba, and sha and the CO.

Here are the pictures of ameerah on her 2 months old ++
untuk tatapan semua terutama keluarga. che pakcik dan opah cik di pandan, mak2 dan bapak2 sedara ameerah di merata2 tempat. atok dan nenek ampang selalu skype. atok dan opah padang jeri susah nak kenal ni. since ameerah blom balik padang jeri lagi, hopefully we can make it this raya. apa2 pun hanya mampu merancang.

ameerah dah cukur...

aktiviti minggu lepas

ini group bujang. so semua isteri kena tinggal. kami pi inland sea dan tangkap kupang.
balik masak sedap..

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

what a bad day...

2 hari berturut2 ni agac hectic lah. rasa mcm dah tak sesuai dah aku nak kerja2 malam.
woke up at 2.30 am and did the testing and went to work by 6.10 am. back from work, we had a group of visitors, which is our good friend indeed and off to bed at 12.00 am. then by 2.30 am again woke up heading to airport, off to dubai. surprisingly i was denied to enter dubai, and was asked to get the copy of visa from the visa section which i followed bluntly and was told no visa required for malaysian. so i chose different lane and went through without a problem. i had my breakfast at the airport, then made a move around 7 am. I was second in the office, which i only knew a few. of course i am, since i live in the isolated island. the workshop was quite short and had a plenty of time to mobile. had a discussion with my VP and manager on my family visa, and no firm decision being made. then got a cab all the way to mall of emirates to do window shopping . buat muka konfiden sikit :P ada 500 dirham ja nak beli apo. then i was damn sleepy like zombie. so drop by at coffee bean for mocha and unconciuosly slept there for 30 mins. i couldn't hold anymore so got a cab to airport. tried to change to early flight and was advised to check at the boarding gate. i was the 1st in the queue and quite confident to get the seat then suddenly 3 man in white robe came in. f***!! they got the seat so i got to stay on my orig flight. then found out the flight was delayed. so here i am, writing this .
dubai and doha just pretty the same because we live in hierachy system. ya ya ada hukum kasta

Thursday, 9 April 2009


yesterday, mommy and nenek went shopping while me and ameerah stayed home. like before i wish she wouldn't poo poo, or at least she could hold it until they came back. my prediction was wrong. Suddenly while watching cartoon she started to cry, and i gave her bottled milk, which she refused at first. i persuaded her and she suck it slowly and kept on making noise. Ok ek ok ek. once done she continued merengek. She must be baking then. goshhh. I put her on bed and had to change her diaper. I was a bit panick haha looking at that spoilt cake and with the smell. erkk. I took a bowl of water which ended up pouring on my bed, and decided to wash her in the toilet. Then sudddenly, ding dong, ding dong, the doorbell was ringging. Thank God mommy's home. So the job had been taken over. hehehe.. will try again next time :P

Monday, 6 April 2009

Wee wee and poo poo

OK, now everybody is here. mommy, ameerah and mama. Ameerah is 2 months 3 days now. she is growing well and so manja la. she cries for milk but they way she cries will melt you. sounds manja or benyek hahaha. I love to tease her and let her be especially in the morning. kiss her until she cries before left for work.
the beauty of living here, you have so much time to spend with your family and it means not much job at work HeHe. Although i find it pretty bored at work, it changes me once home. Cuddling Ameerah and do baby talking with her such a lovely thing to do now.
I can change her "huggies" if she wee wee only for the time being and never tried when she poo poo. HaHa. Later lah mommy. The color so yellow now HaHaHa.
I just received SMS from abg jan and my parents safely return from Umrah. Alhamdulillah.
if you want to see the collection of photos mom at Doha, just check at Mel's facebook. a picture says a thousand words, but there a lot of pictures, so millions of words are there ;-)