Sunday, 28 June 2009


most ppl call it tepung pelita. but our family call it limas. we decided to give a try so mel asked the recipe from Kakak and i prepared the "sampan" keh keh keh.
not bad for 1st attempt. the taste quite nice but the texture a bit hard. we'll try again tomorrow.
i'm quite good though in making the sampan compared to mel
1st row done by me and second row.. who else. mommy did it. keh keh keh

no worries mommy. i believe after a few hands on, u'll beat Kakak soon...
go mommy go!!

this kuih reminded me my late mom. this is my fav besides ikan bilis and telur when i was a kid. the day where i never shared glass/cup or plate with anybody. keh keh keh.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

New update ngeh ngeh ngeh

It has been a while. a couple of times writing a few notes but did not able to upload or i purposely deleted it. I checked the shoutbox, could see the message from cik kim asking me alive or not. anyway i do open and read my uncles and cousins blog frequnetly. somehow u stuck with the idea what shall you pen down here.

My working life is a bit change lately as I'm busier than used to be. a lot of migration need to be completed in june as everybody plan for summer leave starting from july. personal side, i kinda like it and i would say living in KL is more hectic. Ameerah, Alhamdulillah growing well. she bubles a lot and her shirt easily get wet. she knows how to face down and trying hard to crawl. she's making noise every now and then and behavin well when we go out to the mall. probably it was due to her mommy window shopping habit during pregnancy.

I called kampung 2 days ago, and umi complained the same thing too. i haven't called them for quite sometime. Like Adik said, we probably busy playing with Ameerah HeHe. Seriously we miss everything and all families back home. ayah and umi sounds OK and happy to know they have no problem with health. Umi updated me that Adik went to Sabah to visit her beloved sister there. I came to know that she is a blogger too and at least we know they are happy there. Anyway to keep on blogging and updating any issue is not an easy way. Mine still survive till this date ;-) although it looks like i'm no longer frequent writer.

Doha is having sale since last 2 weeks. Most wanted stuff by Doha mommies on 50% sale . poyos.. june and december is the best way to be out of doha so u won't spend much on those. the fact is human is human; the temptation is hard to resist. Mel gone wild by spending all her special gift for bringing Ameerah to this world. Shall she thanks to Ameerah :P

Yesterday was June 19, and it was mel's birthday. I kept on wishing it 3 days before and i believe she wouldn't expect any as she got her birthday gift in advance. I was busy at the office too doing load testing and suddenly shambeng asking me to be in leo's place. I told him that i couldnt go anywhere as it was mel's birthday. Then he suggested to make surprise birthday party for Mel. I was quite reluctant to do it because i never done it before. So i just passed the money to him to buy the cake and coordinate the event. At home before heading to leo's I was quite good in acting HaHa. Being sarcastic to anything that her doing would do a job well. She nagged me all the way to leo's. Reverse physcology by saying "yang mesti perasan kan, kot kot lah depa tuh buat surprise party kat yang". i really pissed her off. HaHa.

Once we arrived there, the plan was not so well. one of our collegue had punctured tyre and some of them had to go out and rescue her. The guys had to hide the cake first. A few minutes later, everybody home. I went to the kitchen, and lights off and everybody singing Happy besday while I carried the cake to Mel. keh keh keh. Sebenatnya gua pun malu2 jugak since i never done before and it all well planned by our friends here. Mel was blushing and as usual, she couldn't react and stunned with the event. she was clueless. I knew deep inside her, she must be happy then. Then the party began.......... well nothing much. we just had makan2 and borak2 while kids playing all around the house.

yeahh Opera Cake



Mommy, abi and Ameerah :-)