Monday, 2 July 2012

back for good

after 5 1/2 years we decided to be back for good. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can adapt well in the home country InshaAllah. many good things happened while we've been away. Ameerah and Arissa the best gift we've had so far. Alhamdulillah. Hello Malaysia!! Bye Bye Dubai. See you again InchaAllah

Sunday, 1 January 2012

hello 2012

hello 2012. today is Jan 1, 2012. yes i should write something here. The End :-)

let's rambling a bit lah. it's fun to see double tasneem growing. we got to be careful when talking because ameerah can simply reuse the words. she knows how to show rebellious now. "i dont want to be friend with u" and "all by myself" could simply comes out from her sweet mouth :p Arissa on the other hand seems pretty good in gaining attention by pretending choking. i do hope she does. else we'd be in trouble :p

we spent our new year countdown at home only. we were thinking to go to burj khalifa to enjoy the firework but we didn't want to stuck there until 4 am like we faced last year. surely we didnt enjoy much watching on TV. we just had movie marathon, started with "what's your number" followed by "abduction" and closed the 2011 with moneyball. i guess we just watched moneyball half-way only as everybody felt asleep in front of tv :-)

we woke up a bit late in the morning, after breakfast we decided to go to the paid Jumeirah Beach Park. i spent a good time making castle with ameerah at the beach while mommy and arissa enjoying the park. the beach and park were very nice. we didn't have something like this back home. something we gonna miss soon :-)
after maghrib we made a move and drop by Lulu to do some groceries shopping before heading back home. everyone was tired. Double tasneem cont napping. mommy started to cook her meal and me enjoying the cream cracker with tea :p I had enough late lunch already :-)

we're blessed with 2 kids now. actually it's not easy to handle two small kids without maid HaHaHa. we're so different from our old generation. we have so many things ahead. thinking of their education and the future. Deep inside i don't want my kid easily gets what they want, the reality is i can simply give what she wants now. i have to let her mom be the bad guy then HaHaHa. mommy always remind me on this ;-)

2012 resolution? this year i'm not specifically write on paper. most likely we'll be back for good in Q3 2012. bak kata ombak rindu saya pasrah keh keh keh.

Friday, 23 September 2011


thursday morning wasn't so good. the sales guy wants the new proposal. arghh it's your KPI for having more sales and the reality you dont care much on the services. i don't trust this mat salleh at all. after all they invaded our country although our so-called historian (is this the right word) claimed we never been colonized by them :p rest of the day was history. malas nak cerita pasal kerja. tak best..

anyway once back home i just had hlaf plate of spagheti.. and just stick myself in front of tv. i was so sleepy so i decided to pary ishak first and return to tv. cont chatiing and didnt realize i was felt asleep. i woke up at 12.30 am to change to my sleepwear and landed myself on bed. towards subuh i had a nightmare :p; am not interested to share that stupid dream and after all towards subuh; there must be shaitan hehehe. after subuh i felt so fresh hehe. it happened just once in a while, i wish i could do it every single day. dream on bebeh!! i checked my fb and update my status that i wanted to jog at the beach to watch the sunrise and the moment of one of good friend "like" my status i decided to have a GO. I changed to my nike dry fit and running shoes and not to forget my short :p i straight away running towards the beach. i couldnt believe there are quite many people already enjoying the beach. some of them lying down reading the books, some groups having a boot camp and some slowly strolling along the beach. some having a nice body tone and some dont haha. after 10 minutes relaxing my eyes there i continued my journey towards end of jumeirah walk and ruinning along marina walk towards home. i finished it in an hour!!

back home i squeezed all remaining orange for my drinks. it's fresh orange jucie with no sugar. what a healthy morning i had today. now i'm in front of mel's public computer updating my blog.

gooooodddd.. things so easy when u update things that just happened for the last hour! Happy weekend everybody. love all and hate none

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

2.22 am from dubai ;-)

Raya was over. i had a good one week trip in malaysia. Most importantly i could spent a quality time with my adorable princess Ameerah Tasneem. Indeed she's everything to me now. as usual don't expect i could write well as i always don't know exactly what to share tonight. what made me writing this, I just felt a bit warm after accidentally listening to the "sorry seems to be the hardest word". easy and nice song to hear at this hour when you alone. the perfect word we could say i'm in jiwang mode now. Yeah... it's better than surfing porn isn't it?
i ate a lot during raya and i just realized i've been gaining weight. I've to stop it. surely i dont want to be as big as my two eldest brothers. Ha Ha. let them be, they no longer can be saved kah kah kah. anyway they pretty happy with their life. i was 56kg before marriage and after 9 years i'm at 66-68kg now. the best I could drop was 63 and i started to enjoy the food again. Now i've been trying again to lose 5kg in in 5 weeks. I've been doing good exercise for the past 2 weeks; i've been running and walking at least 5km a day and stop taking rice. i take oat in the morning followed by an apple in the afternoon and a 1/2 plate of spaghethi for dinner. grapes and oranges always in the fridge now. i'm pretty good in discipline myself. of course i'm concern about all the jeans and shirts that i have haha. BUT.. Sha was depressed in the office and asked me out for dinner tonight where i was about to have 1/2 plate of my spagheti. She picked me up and we headed to Chime. we ordered sontam, a bowl of crab fried rice and a plate of char keow teow. It's very big portion! Seriously i was so full and bloated with the food, and started to lend my ear to her. Office politic is normal and everywhere. I believe it's part of the ongoing phase that we have to endure while working with people. She believe in that too. It just that sharing and throwing out what u kept for the whole day was good to release your stress. She's doing great in her career and my eyes wide open when she told me that she just bought a cartier watch for her father and was the price of Mi-V. WALAWOW!! I did buy watches for Ayah and Umi and it cost less than 2k for both of them :-) The expensive watch that I bought so far is the one that I'm wearing now which cost around 3k only after 8 years of working. I repeat after 8 years. It's not that expensive compared to most malaysian lifestyle that love the gadgets. Just tell me how many phones, lappy, ipad, BB etc have you changed? it cost more that my watch. How many phone that I bought so far since I landed myself in this corporate world. Only 3. Siemens, Nokia 8210 and Bold 1 Blackberry. I have extra now but it's a company phone. My Sony Ericsson was a birthday gift from my pretty Mel. I don't fancy gadgets. Thanks, so i dont spend much on this. I'm a bit lost in my story now hehe. What i wanted to share tonight; i felt guilty to myself after bloating myself with food with Cik Sha today. I was about to jog or take a brisk walk for 10km just now. Then suddenly aftter reaching home i was on BBM with Mel and stuck in front of the computer too checking the FB. Browsing all the pictures of my friends. I'm happy to see how we change and transform ourselves. simply say no calories burnt at all. the only thing i want to do and sleep a bit late to ensure the food would be processes and digested in a good way. I dont care much about tomorrow training; just make myself available before 10 am should be fine. Customer projects? so-so it goes pretty well and i've to put more trust on my team as i can't afford to follow up every details. Shouting? I don't bother much. I just let them bombarding me and I'll reply with my smiling face. I've to keep on putting all positive elements into me to face; I dont want to die stress HaHa. Yes we are in telco-IT industry but as a vendor we are part of service industry and I'm answerable to them, although I've no answer and look stupid when I'm lost. Yes they have the right to shout and now I don't care much because my philosophy become simpler. We are all humans and everybody will die someday. Let's enjoy life and live well

Well done; i managed to deliver my first point; I felt guilty after heavy meal :-)

Let's talk about life. If you want to do anything do it at young age before you have any commitment. That is the best. Just try out what you love to do especially when you are in early 20s. Let them explore the world and encourage them what they love. This is something that we've to instill in our next generation. Don't limit them to be a doctor, lawyer? unless they really love it. Most people including me I had no clear direction what I wanted to do. I was so afraid doing the thing that I wanted to do and ended up I just follwed and took the opportunity what came to me. i would say I'm lucky because besides my So So or not So-good college degree I had a good job. Then came the opprotunity to come to the middle east which i took the chance and planning to be here for 5 years at least. for the record by end of this year it would be 5 years inchaAllah. The reality i never liked what i was doing. i just worked for the sake of money and to support my families. That's reality. I managed to grow myself in the industry and i'm in the phase sometimes LIKE and DONT LIKE what I'm doing. I've to be realistic to myself too; I dont dare to jump myself into business and by taking myself out of Malaysia i can earn more. Still... I'm working on salary and being abroad you always dream to be back home for good someday. Now I have Ameerah and inchaAllah next month new kid on the on the block would be arriving into this world. I've more responsibility. Surely I love this responsibility because they mean a lot to me. They keep my momentum going. I'm happy with what I am and i can't deny the fact of having strong support from my beloved wife. She's stronger than me. She made a brave decision when she quit from oil and gas company and landed herself in unit trust industry. She did pretty well but she didn't have a good support probably - from me :-) anyway that was history; she tried and i believe she could could succeed more if she wanted to but that industry not her business. it didnt suit her personality. she's the eldest in the family and meeting me is a perfect match lah. Ha Ha. "Behind every successful man is a woman" is true atau still a man behind it if he's having gay partner keh keh keh.

when u were young u were very calculative during raya day.. but now abi tak kesah as long by the time i'm in kampung i can see my parents and all my siblings. that matter me most. Let's pray Mel is going to do well in 2nd baby delivery. Aminn.

Ameerah came to us on Feb 3, 2009 after our marriage on 31st Oct 2002. Can you imagine how long we'd been waiting for that. Those people never experienced it let me tell you one thing. DON'T PRETEND that YOU UNDERSTAND. you wouldn't and NEVER. The only person that I respect most is my Ayah only. Not even a word he asked me about it. I know that he's been praying for me. (berair sikit air mata gua cerita pasal ayah kat sini). As a normal human being I can forgive but I coudn't forget. It hurts indeed. This is normal questions.

These what was shooted to me directly: It still crystal clear on my ear.

1. Hangpa ni tamau anak ka?
2. Depa dua dua ni mandul
3. Itu la orang suruh ada anak
4. Ambil anak aku ni; ko memang takkan dapat anak punya. (Yes this one I was stumbled and i was crying like a small kid while Mel watching me)

From third party: (I shouldn't count on this. Come on i'm normal human being. and i feel to share at this hour now)
1. depa tu ada duit tapi kesian tadak anak.

Now what's the latest came to my ear recently:
1. anak perempuan kena usaha lagi, tadak waris...

Did i do anything wrong to you? Stop meddling in my personal life. To friends and families please do understand, all rational pepole who were married want kids. But that gift is from Allah. Remember that.
I don't believe in Bomoh and i never visited any bomoh. I have my faith in Allah and I'm Ok with the doctors. we visited Ampang Puteri and ended up Mel banned the doctor. we visitied the HUKM, Prof Zainol back in 2006 still no luck.
I decided to perform Umrah and pray in front of Kaabah during Ramadan in 2007. Alhamdulillah Mel was pregnant in June 2008 and Ameerah was born in Feb 3, 2009. InchaAllah.. if we still don't get what can we do. there's a very good reason why Allah doesn't grant it.
we decided to keep the same doctor until now and that's the reason we visit the HUKM back.

if we have other family members or friends that facing this situation we shall support them. please think before you say.

Let's go to the fun story now; Money can change people life somehow. As long as you remember roots and never forget your mak bapak inchaAllah selamat. I still remember the day that Mel made a statement that "yang takkan beli lah beg ribu2 mcm tu. baik yang buat benda lain". The reality is when she got her first LV, she started adding Gucci, Prada and Burbery into her collection. She's so kind :p and start letting out her Guess and ninewest to sisters. I guess is normal when you love your wife and you can afford at that particular time you don't mind of buying her such gifts. The 5 years plan is going to be over and she always have a good reason to do that because she has a very good projection because she wont get it once we back for good. Since we moved to Dubai a year ago mel didn't add new collection. Bag jer byk dalam ada 5 hengget! :p What;s the reality here? That's the reality of Doha expat's wife. you must have a Gucci at least :p we're in Dubai now and start counting down to be back for good.....when exactly? only God knows

I'm running of idea now and my heavy dinner had been digested well. Off to bed now.
2.19 am Dubai

Friday, 22 July 2011

lazy friday with ameerah

mommy is becoming abaya tokey lately. she has been updating her blog and uploaded all colourful abaya at her fb and blogs. i could see this her one time business since she's gonna fly back home in 2 weeks time to deliver the baby in malaysia. i got to remind her to return the capital to ensure that she's really doing business :p haha. anyway good luck for her.
Sha has been spending time with us for couple of days since her new house is yet to be ready. ameerah is kinda happy to have her as well. mommy too as she could gossiping at home :p
anyway today sha went out with her bff and mommy left us at home for souq naif again. seriously nothing much i could do when both of us alone; ameerah would be all the time around me and forcing me to play with her haha. i tried to ask her playing in the bedroom in hoping she would fall asleep :p but it didn't help. probably this could be her revenge after 3 days missing in action to doha; so i decided to bring her out and heading to the jumeirah walk. it was great indeed; we run chaisng each other until we reached the beach. time to watch sunset and time for abi to cleanse the eyes keh keh keh. we stroll along the beach together while watching people having fun in the water. i checked the price for banana boat and it was very pricey. 65 dirham for each person is too much compared to what we had in PD. no intention to ride ameerah; it just so happened we met the place while strolling the beach. the water seemed nice too; it's warm which i could think of bring her again and we could swim together. as if i would be rajin after this. the sunset was over so we decided to go home; arghh i tot to drop by juice stall but they just accepted cash and i had 20 dirham in the pocket haha. we changed the plan by heading home and drop by Starbucks to have mocha frappucino and whice choc cheese cake. ameerah just had mineral water only. hehe. after spending 15 minutes there and suddenly said cheers and hit her glass with mine. one emirati was smiling and said "aaa cheerss... not good for her" deep inside i was a bit malu la; tapi i guess that guy must thought we were pinoy haha so i just asked ameerah to go home. hey don't blame me about that cheers ; it was her aunty sha Ok.
back home i let her playing with the bubbles in the tub while i was cleaning the shoes that has been dirt with sands. i joined her to wash... i need to have dinner for a while.. will conmt later

Monday, 18 July 2011


hello.. i woke up at the wee hours for isyak prayer. 2.45 am to be exact. we were forced to sleep to ensure ameerah went to bed before 9 pm. she had a very long nap in the day time and it was hard for her to go to sleep again. she was singing, rolling all over over and once in a while kissing us to melt us in hoping that we would play with her. the only reason she has to go to play school today at 8 am. if we keep her awake there's no way show would be fresh and excited to be in school. this lil princess is very talkative and everything she does at home basically would melt my heart. forget about how she flies and sweeping on the floor at the shopping malls. that really irritates me :p ; i just presume that her normal growth process HaHa that hunger for attention when she couldn't get what she wants.
She talks a lot although most of the words only she herself could understand it. seriously when she does something to us and says " say thank u ameeyah" and definitely we'll do so and promptly she replied "u're welcome" is a big thing to us. pretending crying in front of her; she'll pat you and says "no worry" abi would make me "cry"ing more just to tease her. she loves to imitate her mommy when she plays with her "katie" and "baby".. "clean up everything" she orders them :-) She does love music. she knows very well to dance to the music. her tokwan in grik would be shock HaHa looking at her dancing the no wonders number "nobody but you".
she's more than 2 years now. she's the best thing happening in front of my eyes now. Soon she'll be having adik. can't wait to see what's gonna happen next.

what about me? honestly nothing interesting in my job. i love this city. yes dubai is fantastic. everyone has changed their expat contract to local here, and that doesn't excite me. for now i've no plan to renew once expires. by end of this year I'll reach my target to be away for 5 years. i believe i should stick to my original 5 years plan. let's pray subuh now, and i have to take some sleep again :-)

Friday, 19 November 2010

i'm writing

i'm writing.. let's see how it goes. we went back for Raya holiday on the last day of ramadhan. i managed to to get air tebu at least. 1st raya in kl, and followed by malacca on the second day. Ameerah was not comforatble at the beginning. she kind of refused to get close to any of families and she was being cranky all the time, probably due to jet lag. we headed back to kg and spent the whole week in padang jeri. the whole week was very relaxing and i'm pretty lazy to describe those feeling haHa.
Back to KL, just a normal routine. hang out with siblings and we managed to escape 4D3N to Krabi while leaving Ameerah with her atok + nenek. the last day was disturbing when nenek called and said ameerah was cring and calling abiii abiii abii. i felt like going to the airport and get the instant flight. unfortunately the flight just once a day, so we got to wait till tomorrow. i could felt the moment ameerah was running towards me when looking at me at the airport. I miss that moment. I guess i'm not going to share anythings on vacation day. I just miss my Ameerah pretty badly. Mel used to leave me alone for 6 months when she was pregnant. Ameerah just been away for 2 months now. i cant wait to hug her on 23rd next week. I'll be traveling to Doha from 21-23, and would be meeting them at the airport. I purposely cut short of Doha trip. my story ends :-) Sorry to bore u guys.