Thursday, 31 December 2009

another year

we tend to abandon the blog once all the update could be done via facebook. fb is the in-thing now where we could get connected to our friends and families. Now with having bb in your hands u could always update on the move. yes people are buying technology. to recall back, i started to use cellphone in my first year job.

anyway, once u abroad it's kinda hard to be back unless u r forced to at least too bad to be true for me. I keep on saying to finish off till the year end and decide to be back. the fact is, i'm still alive and kicking in this foreign land.

We just moved to a new place and pretty happy to be here for the last 2 days :P
will plan for next vacation later. plan to be back during raya too. perhaps before that, we'll travel somewhere.

i would like to wish happy new year to all my friends and families Happy twenty ten !!

Friday, 4 December 2009

safely back in DOH - fr istanbul

Now i have something to jot down here. nothing much. just simply to update that we just safely back in doha from our short vacation to istanbul. 5D4N was not enough to cover the whole istanbul. Our free and easy trip seemed to be hectic, and we almost canceled bospharus trip due to ameerah's condition. she had a very bad fever and me and mel took turn to check on her. paracetamol for every 4 hours in 12 hours time seemed did not bring down her body temperature. after checking with the reception the nearest clinic in town that could speak english, ameerah was getting better. we made a consencus decision for bosphorus trip and alhamdulillah we made it. The rest of the trips, i believe Mel will update it later in her FB. check it out ;-)
I would say, Istanbul is really a great city to visit which u'll never regret it. One thing u probably didn't like when it comes to bargain on the price of taxi fare or things that u wanted to buy at the bazaar. They might be sarcastic with their words towards you ;-)
although i reminded mel that we would go there for sight-seeing but as usual, we would not be able to change back the money that we bought it before :P all gone until at the very last minute ..
..lupa plak.. we went there with asyraf + zura and their 2 lovely kids.