Thursday, 8 January 2009


If i remember correctly i never got any fever since i came to doha since january 2007. it has been 2 years anyway, and i never claim insurance on my name. I was fasting yesterday and got back home early and prepared my meal. I had sup tulang and the fried rice. I invited Khai to join me for bukak puasa. Then i just be in front of my notebook and kept on browsing while chatting with Mel and stop once we started word fighting. so bad isn't it? Then i decided to sleep at 10pm as i planned to wake up early this morning which i did. However i was shivering at 4.30 am; not because the temperature was very cold but i was having fever. I went to toilet for a while and back to bed again. Then i woke up at 6 for Subuh and looking for Actifast panadol, which I failed to locate it. I called Mel and being sissy to her by telling that i was having fever. She just said, it could be god punishment ;-) which i guess very true for a few things I did. I apologized to her and praying to God to get better. I had my shower and stopped by at pharmacy while on my way to work. I had my nasi lemak too at taste of asia. 2 tablets of Actifast for me and i'm hoping getting better. I bought 3 nasi lemak for my malaysian friend as well as a repentance. Poyo ja.

I was second to reach this room today, and started my daily routine. Usually it just last for a few minutes and I had nothing much for the rest of the day... No more to update because I have nothing interesting to share today.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

sudah sejuk..

yesterday, i started my day quite late. I settled 2 months in advance of my tida (latio), handed over the house contract and browsing doha looking for pet shop. The first shop was closed so i decided to google at home. I read a few review about the pet shop and none of them recommended any. I really dont care as my intention was looking for tortoise to replace the dead one. It wasn't mine. it belongs to my friend's daughter and they asked me to take care of it while there were on holiday. It survived for 4 days in my hands, and perhaps it was fated that it just had a short life :-)
I buried him peacefully crossing over of my parking lot. So I managed to get replacement today before their return on 10th. HaHa. I will tell them later ;-) or they manage to find out by looking at it.
The weather was nice and my favorite sweater could not be used anymore as the temperature getting colder. It is around 11-12 degrees now and i should be thankful because "own" left one due to excessive luggage that he had last week. He asked me to bring it back which I will but let me use it first. For ladies, it could be good time for them to look fancy and funky with your winter jacket now :P Surprisingly the guy sits next to me just have T-Shirt over him. Me my self starts thinking of having glove. HaHa