Sunday, 1 January 2012

hello 2012

hello 2012. today is Jan 1, 2012. yes i should write something here. The End :-)

let's rambling a bit lah. it's fun to see double tasneem growing. we got to be careful when talking because ameerah can simply reuse the words. she knows how to show rebellious now. "i dont want to be friend with u" and "all by myself" could simply comes out from her sweet mouth :p Arissa on the other hand seems pretty good in gaining attention by pretending choking. i do hope she does. else we'd be in trouble :p

we spent our new year countdown at home only. we were thinking to go to burj khalifa to enjoy the firework but we didn't want to stuck there until 4 am like we faced last year. surely we didnt enjoy much watching on TV. we just had movie marathon, started with "what's your number" followed by "abduction" and closed the 2011 with moneyball. i guess we just watched moneyball half-way only as everybody felt asleep in front of tv :-)

we woke up a bit late in the morning, after breakfast we decided to go to the paid Jumeirah Beach Park. i spent a good time making castle with ameerah at the beach while mommy and arissa enjoying the park. the beach and park were very nice. we didn't have something like this back home. something we gonna miss soon :-)
after maghrib we made a move and drop by Lulu to do some groceries shopping before heading back home. everyone was tired. Double tasneem cont napping. mommy started to cook her meal and me enjoying the cream cracker with tea :p I had enough late lunch already :-)

we're blessed with 2 kids now. actually it's not easy to handle two small kids without maid HaHaHa. we're so different from our old generation. we have so many things ahead. thinking of their education and the future. Deep inside i don't want my kid easily gets what they want, the reality is i can simply give what she wants now. i have to let her mom be the bad guy then HaHaHa. mommy always remind me on this ;-)

2012 resolution? this year i'm not specifically write on paper. most likely we'll be back for good in Q3 2012. bak kata ombak rindu saya pasrah keh keh keh.

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