Friday, 23 September 2011


thursday morning wasn't so good. the sales guy wants the new proposal. arghh it's your KPI for having more sales and the reality you dont care much on the services. i don't trust this mat salleh at all. after all they invaded our country although our so-called historian (is this the right word) claimed we never been colonized by them :p rest of the day was history. malas nak cerita pasal kerja. tak best..

anyway once back home i just had hlaf plate of spagheti.. and just stick myself in front of tv. i was so sleepy so i decided to pary ishak first and return to tv. cont chatiing and didnt realize i was felt asleep. i woke up at 12.30 am to change to my sleepwear and landed myself on bed. towards subuh i had a nightmare :p; am not interested to share that stupid dream and after all towards subuh; there must be shaitan hehehe. after subuh i felt so fresh hehe. it happened just once in a while, i wish i could do it every single day. dream on bebeh!! i checked my fb and update my status that i wanted to jog at the beach to watch the sunrise and the moment of one of good friend "like" my status i decided to have a GO. I changed to my nike dry fit and running shoes and not to forget my short :p i straight away running towards the beach. i couldnt believe there are quite many people already enjoying the beach. some of them lying down reading the books, some groups having a boot camp and some slowly strolling along the beach. some having a nice body tone and some dont haha. after 10 minutes relaxing my eyes there i continued my journey towards end of jumeirah walk and ruinning along marina walk towards home. i finished it in an hour!!

back home i squeezed all remaining orange for my drinks. it's fresh orange jucie with no sugar. what a healthy morning i had today. now i'm in front of mel's public computer updating my blog.

gooooodddd.. things so easy when u update things that just happened for the last hour! Happy weekend everybody. love all and hate none

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