Friday, 19 November 2010

i'm writing

i'm writing.. let's see how it goes. we went back for Raya holiday on the last day of ramadhan. i managed to to get air tebu at least. 1st raya in kl, and followed by malacca on the second day. Ameerah was not comforatble at the beginning. she kind of refused to get close to any of families and she was being cranky all the time, probably due to jet lag. we headed back to kg and spent the whole week in padang jeri. the whole week was very relaxing and i'm pretty lazy to describe those feeling haHa.
Back to KL, just a normal routine. hang out with siblings and we managed to escape 4D3N to Krabi while leaving Ameerah with her atok + nenek. the last day was disturbing when nenek called and said ameerah was cring and calling abiii abiii abii. i felt like going to the airport and get the instant flight. unfortunately the flight just once a day, so we got to wait till tomorrow. i could felt the moment ameerah was running towards me when looking at me at the airport. I miss that moment. I guess i'm not going to share anythings on vacation day. I just miss my Ameerah pretty badly. Mel used to leave me alone for 6 months when she was pregnant. Ameerah just been away for 2 months now. i cant wait to hug her on 23rd next week. I'll be traveling to Doha from 21-23, and would be meeting them at the airport. I purposely cut short of Doha trip. my story ends :-) Sorry to bore u guys.

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